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Paul VI
Octogesima adveniens

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"Awakening the People of God"

51. It is in this regard too that Christian organizations, under their different forms, have a responsibility for collective action. Without putting themselves in the place of the institutions of civil society, they have to express, in their own way and rising above their particular nature, the concrete demands of the Christian faith for a just, and consequently necessary, transformation of society 38.

Today more than ever the World of God will be unable to be proclaimed and heard unless it is accompanied by the witness of the power of the Holy Spirit, working within the action of Christian in the service of their brothers, at the points in which their existence and their future are at stake.

52. In expressing these reflections to you, venerable brother, we are of course aware that we have not dealt with all the social problems that today face the man of faith and men of goodwill. Our recent declarations - to which has been added your message of a short time ago on the occasion of the launching of the Second Development Decade - particularly concerning the duties of the community of nations in the serious question of the integral and concerted development of man are still fresh in people's minds. We address these present reflections to you with the aim of offering to the Council of the Laity and the Pontifical Commission Justice and Peace some fresh contributions, as well as an encouragement, for the pursuit of their task of "awakening the People of the God to a full understanding of its role at the present time" and of "promoting the apostolate on the international level" 39.

It is with these sentiments, venerable brother, that we impart to you our Apostolic Blessing.

From the Vatican, 14 May 1971.



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39 Catholicam Christi Ecclesiam, AAS 59 (1967), Pp. 27 and 26.

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