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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 Intro, A,1| epoch before the Ecumenical Councils, then in the terminology 2 Intro, A,1| terminology of the Ecumenical~Councils themselves, and in the Fathers 3 Intro, A,4| laws proclaimed at church councils. In the latter sense, “canonical”~ 4 Intro, A,4| approved at the Ecumenical~Councils, beginning with the First 5 Intro, A,4| Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils, pp. 594-600. The 85th Apostolic 6 Intro, A,5| beginning of the Ecumenical~Councils.~Although St. Basil has 7 Intro, A,6| expressed in the Ecumenical Councils~of the Church. From profound 8 Intro, A,6| Christian antiquity, local councils of separate Orthodox~Churches 9 Intro, A,6| of the Church there were councils of regional bishops representing 10 Intro, A,6| individual Churches and, finally, councils of bishops of the whole 11 Intro, A,6| and West. Such Ecumenical Councils the Church recognizes as 12 Intro, A,6| in~number. The Ecumenical Councils formulated precisely and 13 Intro, A,6| heretics. The Ecumenical Councils likewise formulated numerous 14 Intro, A,6| Finally, the Ecumenical Councils~confirmed the dogmatic decrees 15 Intro, A,6| decrees of a number of local councils, and also the dogmatic statements~ 16 Intro, A,6| Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils, p. 602.), the canons of 17 Intro, A,6| Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils, pp. 604-611.), and so forth.~ 18 Intro, A,6| Church it happened that councils of bishops permitted heretical~ 19 Intro, A,6| of another~council. (True councils — those which express Orthodox 20 Intro, A,6| catholic~consciousness; false councils — those which teach heresy 21 Intro, A,6| Church is the Church, not of “councils” as such, but only~of the 22 Intro, A,6| such, but only~of the true councils, inspired by the Holy Spirit, 23 Intro, A,6| One must~remember that the councils of the Church made their 24 Intro, A,6| this way the decrees of the councils concerning faith express~ 25 Intro, A,6| are no specific~decrees of councils. Other truths, however, 26 Intro, A,6| however, were confirmed by councils.~Among all the dogmatic 27 Intro, A,6| the dogmatic decrees of councils, the Ecumenical Councils 28 Intro, A,6| councils, the Ecumenical Councils themselves acknowledge~as 29 Intro, A,6| Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Councils).~The decrees regarding 30 Intro, A,6| made by a number of local councils, and also certain~expositions 31 Intro, A,6| Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils, p. 361, and the canons 32 Intro, A,6| the canons of the local councils~and Holy Fathers which were 33 Intro, A,9| Fathers of the Ecumenical Councils: “The preaching of the Apostles 34 Intro, B,1| Holy Local and Ecumenical Councils, and the Holy~Fathers. The 35 Intro, B,1| and corrected at two local councils, that of Kiev in 1640 and 36 I, 2,7 | and subsequent Ecumenical Councils (4th to 7th centuries), 37 I, 2,9 | Samosata was accused by two councils of Antioch in the~same century.~ 38 I, 2,9 | details at several local councils and~in the works of the 39 I, 2,9 | which were composed at the councils or in the name of a~council 40 I, 2,10 | first in a series of local councils and finally at the Second~ 41 II, 3,5 | Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils, p. 361).), in Sts. Ignatius 42 II, 5,3 | regeneration” (The Seven Ecumenical Councils,~Eerdmans ed., p. 497).)~ 43 II, 6,3 | who was denounced~by two councils of Antioch. Slightly different 44 II, 6,3 | the time of the Ecumenical Councils Apollinaris, Bishop of Laodicea, 45 II, 6,3 | decrees~of the Ecumenical Councils.~The two natures in Jesus 46 II, 6,3 | Christ.~At three Ecumenical Councils — the Third (of Ephesus, 47 II, 6,3 | Eerdmans, Seven Ecumenical Councils, pp. 264-265).~The manner 48 II, 6,3 | Eerdmans, Seven Ecumenical Councils, p. 345).~The human nature — 49 II, 6,3 | course have in~mind that the Councils and Church Fathers had only 50 II, 6,3 | Eerdmans, Seven Ecumenical Councils, p.~314).~On the Latin cult 51 II, 6,4 | Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils,~p. 206).~Blessed Theodoret 52 II, 7,3 | active in~the Ecumenical Councils.~The Second Ecumenical Council 53 II, 7,5 | from the Holy Ecumenical~Councils), even though certain of 54 II, 7,5 | Acts of all the Ecumenical~Councils. In the direct translation 55 II, 7,5 | not mixed The Ecumenical Councils received the title Oikoumenike~ 56 II, 7,5 | Church at her Ecumenical Councils.~In these numerous branches 57 II, 7,6 | Apostles-the bishops.~The councils of the Church.~When among 58 II, 8,1 | Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils, p.~497Canons 111 and 59 II, 8,6 | Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils. pp. 24-27.).~Penances are 60 II, 8,6 | The canons of the holy Councils and the Holy Fathers affirm 61 II, 8,6 | Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils, p.~408).~The Roman Catholic 62 II, 8,7 | Eerdmans~Seven Ecumenical Councils. p. 594). Here also is established 63 II, 8,8 | of the Fourth and Sixth Councils), and likewise with those 64 II, 8,8 | Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils,~pp. 278-9 and 397). The 65 II, 9,1 | the canons or rules of~councils, but the canons, usually 66 II, 9,5 | Eerdmans Seven Ecumenical Councils, p. 550). (This distinction 67 II, 9,6 | intercession before God. The Church Councils many times (for example,~ 68 App, 1 | meaning by this the right of Councils to establish and sanction 69 App, 1 | the decrees the Ecumenical Councils, and the teachings of the 70 App, 1 | formulation at the Ecumenical Councils, or in general have been 71 App, 1 | confirmed by~Ecumenical Councils. The work of the Church 72 App, 5,1 | Fathers of the Ecumenical Councils, and, finally,~the general 73 App, 5,3 | great men or any general councils to proclaim him [a saint], 74 App, 5,4 | whole Russian Church. The~Councils of 1547 and 1549, convoked 75 App, 5,4 | sixty-one. Between these councils and the establishment of

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