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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 I, 1,17 | in the unceasing praise, glorification, and thanksgiving,~which 2 I, 2,1 | Holy Trinity end with a glorification~or doxology to all Three 3 II, 3,6 | participating with the soul in the~glorification of God. This is taught in 4 II, 4,1 | the way to the ceaseless glorification of~God.~No matter how much 5 II, 9,4 | also he must direct to the glorification of the Lord “Whether therefore 6 II, 9,5 | forms there is a place for a glorification in colors, in sacred images.~ 7 II, 9,6 | venerated with a special glorification after~death, there were 8 App, 5 | The glorification of Saints~ 9 App, 5,1| is the Church's formal glorification of saints? In the Holy, 10 App, 5,1| among the saints,” or of “glorification.” By this the Church gives 11 App, 5,1| the essence of the act of glorification itself. Nothing in the Church 12 App, 5,1| ecclesiastical resolution on their glorification confirms this commemoration~ 13 App, 5,1| has and does the Church's glorification of her great and glorious 14 App, 5,2| general basis of their glorification was and still is the working~ 15 App, 5,2| indication the sole basis for the glorification of ascetics in the history 16 App, 5,2| working].~The ancient Church's glorification of holy hierarchs should 17 App, 5,2| itself was the basis of their glorification, just as the martyrs' holy 18 App, 5,2| was also required for the glorification of ascetics.~In local Churches ( 19 App, 5,2| determined beforehand the~future glorification of ascetics, even while 20 App, 5,3| sufficient foundation for glorification, irrespective of the gift 21 App, 5,3| honored without official glorification were also intended in the 22 App, 5,3| that had to be met for the glorification of ascetics,~be they hierarchs 23 App, 5,3| obligatory as a basis for glorification, yet one may deem an ascetic 24 App, 5,3| Constantinople relating to the~glorification of the saints, which is 25 App, 5,3| oneself an idea as to how glorification~has been carried out.~From 26 App, 5,3| rendered unto~God fitting glorification. And in as much as Thy Holiness 27 App, 5,3| at his tomb, and 2) his glorification was performed by the Metropolitan 28 App, 5,3| inquiries of synods relative to glorification.~Thus, in a decree of Patriarch 29 App, 5,3| 1637-38) concerning the glorification of St. Gerasimus of Cephalonia, 30 App, 5,3| that precede the act of glorification, on par with the verification 31 App, 5,3| decision concerning the glorification. In our day, the solemn 32 App, 5,3| realization of the act of the glorification~which will take place. With 33 App, 5,3| absolutely~essential to a glorification. The relics of many saints 34 App, 5,4| 357.~In the matter of the glorification of saints, the Russian Church 35 App, 5,4| occasions of ecclesiastical~glorification, aside from the working 36 App, 5,4| patriarch; the right to~general glorification belongs to the head of the 37 App, 5,4| Church. The execution of the glorification~of the saints consisted 38 App, 5,4| testimonies. The essence of glorification of the saints lies in initiating 39 App, 5,4| times until the present, the glorification of the saints has been conducted 40 App, 5,4| the method by which the glorification~was carried out. Regardless 41 App, 5,4| Regardless of an official glorification, and in other cases before 42 App, 5,4| in other cases before the glorification,~there existed yet a “veneration” 43 App, 5,4| concerning~general ecclesiastical glorification, the following indication 44 App, 5,4| Pochaev, we know how the glorification of the venerable one came 45 App, 5,4| circumstances and dates of their~glorification, as the decisions for local 46 App, 5,5| from acts related to the glorification of saints “of all~Russia.”~ 47 App, 5,5| that the institution of the glorification of God's saints was~treated 48 App, 5,5| denied requests~for the glorification of the revered departed 49 App, 5,5| on~which to base such a glorification.~The words of synodal decrees 50 App, 5,5| synodal decrees concerning glorification of the saints clearly show 51 App, 5,5| official account of the glorification of the Holy Hierarch St. 52 App, 5,5| November 23.”~The decree on the glorification of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk 53 App, 5,5| resolution concerning the glorification of St. Seraphim of Sarov 54 App, 5,5| before Russia's~downfall, the glorification of saints of the Russian 55 App, 5,5| saints of God. Generally, the glorification~of Russian saints from the 56 App, 5,5| immediately after the act of glorification.~ 57 App, 5,6| to the principles of the glorification of saints, the glorification~ 58 App, 5,6| glorification of saints, the glorification~of saints has always been 59 App, 5,6| the pre-Petrine era. The glorification of the saints consisted 60 App, 5,6| whole Church, or upon the glorification of the saint of God by~instances 61 App, 5,6| lifetime or at his tomb. Glorification is usually an expression~ 62 App, 5,6| sanction of the Church.~The glorification of the saints is among the 63 App, 5,6| basic, elementary aspect, glorification consists of turning from 64 App, 5,6| God, and in his prayerful glorification by services from the general~ 65 App, 5,6| specially composed services. The glorification of a saint and the uncovering~ 66 App, 5,6| sees the will of God in the glorification of these strugglers. When 67 App, 5,6| will of God in their solemn glorification, as one of the resolutions~ 68 App, 5,6| to a certain request~for glorification: “If our Lord God, the Creator

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