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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 Intro, A,1| Peter in concluding his catholic epistle~(1 Peter 5:12). (“ 2 Intro, A,1| epistle~(1 Peter 5:12). (“Catholic,” meaninguniversal,” is 3 Intro, A,3| Fathers of the Church the “catholic~faith,” the “catholic teaching” 4 Intro, A,3| the “catholic~faith,” the “catholic teaching” of the Church. ( 5 Intro, A,3| In such phrases the wordcatholicmeansuniversal” as~referring 6 Intro, A,3| celebrated definition~of “catholic” in the early Church was 7 Intro, A,3| That is truly and properly 'catholic' as indicated by the force 8 Intro, A,3| edition, p. 270). The name of “catholic” has been~kept from early 9 Intro, A,3| early times in the “Roman Catholicchurch, but the teaching 10 Intro, A,3| be and still is calledcatholic.” In many places in this 11 Intro, A,3| Catholicism and the true catholic or Orthodox teaching.) The~ 12 Intro, A,3| single whole, define the~“catholic consciousness” of the Church, 13 Intro, A,4| these books. In the Roman Catholic Church since the 16th century 14 Intro, A,4| the Apostles; the Seven Catholic Epistles (one~of James, 15 Intro, A,4| Scripture~was confirmed by the catholic voice of the whole Church. 16 Intro, A,6| The catholic consciousness of the Church.~ 17 Intro, A,6| faith, a single and common catholic consciousness,~guided by 18 Intro, A,6| Apostolic Tradition. This catholic consciousness is always 19 Intro, A,6| expressed in their decrees, the catholic consciousness of the Church 20 Intro, A,6| accepted by the Church's catholic~consciousness; false councils — 21 Intro, A,6| are rejected~by the same catholic consciousness. The Orthodox 22 Intro, A,6| conform to the Church's catholic consciousness.) One must~ 23 Intro, A,6| Sacred Scripture and the catholic Tradition of the Church. 24 Intro, A,8| agreement with the general catholic faith of the Church,~and 25 Intro, A,8| contradicting the Church's~“catholic consciousness,” but St. 26 Intro, A,9| the Divine services.~The Catholic consciousness of the Church, 27 I, 2,4 | Tradition.”~Defending the catholic truth of the Holy Trinity 28 I, 2,7 | the present case, Roman Catholic theologians are either confusing 29 II, 3,6 | body's formation.~(Roman Catholic theology is decisively inclined 30 II, 5,3 | by Protestantism. Roman Catholic~theologians consider that 31 II, 5,3 | it is the (later) Roman Catholic point of view, which has 32 II, 5,3 | foundation of the Roman Catholic teaching lies in (a) an 33 II, 5,3 | the spiritual, as Roman Catholic theology teaches. Many sinful 34 II, 6,3 | introduced~into the Roman Catholic Church. Although the above-cited 35 II, 6,4 | the Virgin Mary was the catholic faith Therefore, the Apostolic 36 II, 6,4 | by Jesuits in the Roman Catholic world (Further on the Immaculate 37 II, 6,4 | in the sense of the Roman Catholic interpretation, although 38 II, 6,6 | Peter writes in his First Catholic Epistle: “Baptism doth also 39 II, 6,6 | which appears in the First~Catholic Epistle of the Apostle Peter 40 II, 6,6 | Amen.~A note on the Roman Catholic teaching.~The interpretation 41 II, 6,6 | accepted in medieval Roman Catholic theology in their literal 42 II, 6,7 | the Fathers of the Church~“Catholic,” that is, embracing all 43 II, 7,3 | title given in the Roman Catholic Church to the Bishop of~ 44 II, 7,4 | actual fact is, the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church, which 45 II, 7,4 | We~believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church,” These 46 II, 7,5 | that the members of the Catholic Church are all the faithful, 47 II, 7,5 | acknowledged as~members of the Catholic Church as long as they do 48 II, 7,5 | long as they~hold to the Catholic and Orthodox Faith.”~But 49 II, 7,5 | the Church~is calledcatholic” (in the Slavonic translation, 50 II, 7,5 | unfail-ingly with the definitioncatholic.” Thus, in the Jerusalem 51 II, 7,5 | read: “And in~one, holy, catholic Church;” in the Symbol of 52 II, 7,5 | Symbol of Rome: “In the holy, catholic Church, the communion~of 53 II, 7,5 | Christ is,~there is the catholic Church.” This term is constantly 54 II, 7,5 | civilization.~The Church is catholic. This corresponds to the 55 II, 7,5 | Why is the Church called catholic,~or which is the same thing, 56 II, 7,5 | mind that the Church was catholic even when it was composed 57 II, 7,5 | Symbol of Faith: “one, holy, catholic and apostolic,”~refer to 58 II, 7,5 | heavenly-earthly~holiness; it is catholic and apostolic by its unbroken 59 II, 7,6 | Christ is, there is the catholic Church” (Epistle to the 60 II, 7,6 | testing himself by~the catholic consciousness of the Apostles, 61 II, 8,6 | Councils, p.~408).~The Roman Catholic view.~From this is apparent 62 II, 8,6 | unacceptability of the Roman Catholic view of penances, which~ 63 II, 8,6 | supererogatory works (Roman Catholic theologians divide~good 64 II, 8,6 | above-mentionedtreasury” (See the Catholic Encyclopedia 1913 ed., article “ 65 II, 0,2 | not recognize the Roman Catholic~teaching of three conditions: 66 App, 5,1 | of saints? In the Holy, Catholic, Orthodox~Church the prayerful 67 App, 5,5 | of God be served in the catholic and apostolic church of

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