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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 II, 3,5| throne” (Apoc. 1:4).~The ministry of the Angels.~What, finally, 2 II, 6,5| significance~of the earthly ministry of Christ; there is no measuring-stick 3 II, 6,7| The triple ministry of the Lord~The systems 4 II, 6,7| as: a) the High Priestly ministry of the Lord, b) His Prophetic~ 5 II, 6,7| the Lord, b) His Prophetic~ministry, and c) His Royal ministry. 6 II, 6,7| ministry, and c) His Royal ministry. These three aspects are 7 II, 6,7| aspects are called the triple ministry of the Lord.~The common 8 II, 6,7| expressed His High-Priestly ministry on earth in its highest 9 II, 6,7| interprets the High-Priestly ministry of Christ in his Epistle 10 II, 6,7| juxtaposes the High-Priestly ministry of Christ with the ministry~ 11 II, 6,7| ministry of Christ with the ministry~of the Old Testament high 12 II, 6,7| Evangelizer (His prophetic ministry).~The evangelistic, or instructive, 13 II, 6,7| instructive, or prophetic ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ 14 II, 6,7| the whole human~race. This ministry was performed immediately 15 II, 6,7| of the world (His royal ministry).~The Son of God, the Creator 16 II, 6,7| God-Manhood, both in His earthly ministry until His~death on the Cross, 17 II, 6,7| Kingdom” (Is. 9:6-7).The Royal Ministry of the Lord before His Resurrection 18 II, 7,5| the work of His earthly ministry and death on the Cross;~ 19 II, 7,5| of the whole grace-given ministry of the church hierarchy, 20 II, 7,6| ministries. The highest ministry in the Church as an organization 21 II, 7,6| saints,~for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the 22 II, 7,6| himself the hierarchical ministry, but only one who is~called 23 II, 7,6| fulfill the hierarchical ministry without a special consecration. 24 II, 7,6| Christ during His earthly ministry chose from among His followers 25 II, 7,6| to fulfill the Apostolic ministry, as well as the pastoral~ 26 II, 7,6| as well as the pastoral~ministry that follows after it. The 27 II, 7,6| Saviour indicates the triple ministry~of the Apostles in their 28 II, 7,6| were called to the highest ministry in~the Church by the Lord 29 II, 7,6| the book of Acts, for the ministry of deacon there were chosen 30 II, 7,6| grace-given hierarchical ministry,~helpers of the bishops.~ 31 II, 7,6| Eucharistic gifts.~Their ministry itself, therefore, was bound 32 II, 7,6| presbyters were given the ministry of the communities outside~ 33 II, 8,2| mind various forms of their~ministry and stewardship, as for 34 II, 8,2| important moments of grace-given ministry, the~series of sacred rites, 35 II, 8,7| Concerning the pastoral ministry in the Church we have spoken 36 II, 8,7| bishop-priest-deacon).~But the hierarchical ministry in the Church, especially 37 II, 8,7| and priest, is a special~ministry, an exceptional one: it 38 II, 8,7| exceptional one: it is a ministry of grace. Here we find the 39 II, 8,7| the Lord in His earthly ministry. “I am the~good shepherd, 40 II, 8,7| and responsible pastoral ministry~— entering upon it for one’ 41 II, 8,7| reception~of the gift of sacred ministry in the Mystery of Priesthood, 42 II, 8,7| gift, without which this ministry~cannot be fulfilled.~Cheirotonia 43 II, 8,7| certain~persons for the ministry of deacon and the laying 44 II, 8,7| indispensable for their ministry. It goes without saying

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