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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 II, 6,4 | Council of Chalcedon, for relics of the Most Holy Virgin 2 II, 9,6 | The veneration of holy relics.~In giving veneration to 3 II, 9,6 | the same time honors the relics or bodies of the saints 4 II, 9,6 | has shown honor to holy relics.~This honor has been expressed: 5 II, 9,6 | and translation of holy relics; c) in the building~over 6 II, 9,6 | rule~of the Church to place relics of holy martyrs at the dedication 7 II, 9,6 | altars, or to place holy relics in~the holy antimension 8 II, 9,6 | honor given to the holy relics and other remains of the 9 II, 9,6 | at the~uncovering of the relics of Sts. Gervasius and Protasius: “ 10 II, 9,6 | there remain only~bones. The relics of St. Nectarios of Pentapolis ( 11 II, 9,6 | Slavonic word moshchi; “relics,” refers not only to the 12 II, 9,6 | we read “And taking the relics of the reposed, we go out 13 II, 9,6 | grave.” Revering holy relics, we believe not in the power 14 II, 9,6 | of the saints whose holy relics~before us arouse in our 15 App, 5,2| of the Apostles,~like the relics of the saints, because of 16 App, 5,3| how to act with such holy relics, we reply: Thy Holiness 17 App, 5,3| combined with the~uncovering of relics of the righteous one who 18 App, 5,3| The examination of the relics may be reckoned as one of 19 App, 5,3| the solemn removal~of the relics is usually one of the first 20 App, 5,3| With the removal of the relics and the enshrining of them 21 App, 5,3| However, the presence of relics and their actual uncovering 22 App, 5,3| to a glorification. The relics of many saints have not 23 App, 5,3| preserved. As regards~the relics of a considerable number 24 App, 5,4| mention the exhumation of the relics of the saints. In his Life 25 App, 5,4| the Great,~enshrined the relics of the Apostles Andrew, 26 App, 5,4| of the uncovering of his relics, or~both. For the celebration 27 App, 5,4| diaspora. The uncovering of his relics was performed~seven years 28 App, 5,4| pleasing to God that his~relics be uncovered. After the 29 App, 5,4| burial, they uncovered the relics of the venerable one, which 30 App, 5,4| of people, they bore the relics with~fitting honor to the 31 App, 5,5| also to construct over~his relics a sarcophagus and a holy 32 App, 5,5| locally, once generally. His relics were not uncovered and~have 33 App, 5,5| that took place through his relics, the~Holy Synod no longer 34 App, 5,5| wonder-working and healing relics of his body as a candle, 35 App, 5,5| his incorrupt body as holy relics.”~The resolution concerning 36 App, 5,5| was the uncovering of the relics of these saints of God. 37 App, 5,5| uncovering of~their holy relics. This shows that these two 38 App, 5,5| said, the uncovering of the relics was not an absolutely essential 39 App, 5,6| and the uncovering~of his relics do not constitute a single, 40 App, 5,6| Church always hymns and their relics it contains. They that are

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