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mysterion 2
mysterious 1
mystery 142
mystical 39
mystically 1
mysticalnames 1
mythological 1
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39 faithful
39 genesis
39 homily
39 mystical
39 original
39 seven
39 truths
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 I, 1,2 | soul.~Christian faith is a mystical revelation in the human 2 I, 1,4 | This testifies to the mystical character of Christian faith.~ 3 I, 1,7 | own inability to find a mystical and single~means of viewing 4 I, 1,18| in addition, the profound mystical~meaning of an insight into 5 I, 2,1 | Amen.”~Acknowledging the mystical nature of this dogma, the 6 I, 2,1 | indicates~the fullness of the mystical inward life in God, for 7 I, 2,1 | of God, we speak of~the mystical inward life hidden in the 8 I, 2,5 | from the Father shows the mystical inner relations of the Persons 9 II, 3,5| sleep (in the vision of the~mystical ladder, on the way to Mesopotamia; 10 II, 3,5| the celestial hierarchy a mystical~one. “How many ranks of 11 II, 3,5| Gregory the Theologian, “Mystical Hymns,” Homily 6). The angels “ 12 II, 4,2| Book of Genesis gives a mystical indication of the Tree of 13 II, 6,2| of the womanpossess a mystical significance: “And I will 14 II, 6,3| essence of this union to be mystical and inexplicable.~The definition 15 II, 6,3| this union, that is, the mystical~transfiguration of human 16 II, 6,6| Sunday also sing of the~mystical truth of the victory over 17 II, 6,6| draws the world near to the mystical day of the triumphant and 18 II, 7,1| incomparably deeper and more mystical meaning~which is difficult 19 II, 7,1| Church in its~essence is mystical; the course of its life 20 II, 7,2| grace-given conditions and the mystical, grace-given means furnished 21 II, 7,4| may be seen one of the mystical sides of the Church. “By 22 II, 7,5| is performed the inward mystical~life in sanctity of the 23 II, 7,5| are not nourished by that mystical table which leads up along 24 II, 8,1| it .acts in him with the mystical power of the Holy Spirit, 25 II, 8,1| Church is penetrated by the mystical actions of the Holy Spirit. “ 26 II, 8,2| inward life of the Church is mystical (or sacramental). (The word “ 27 II, 8,2| term. The adjectival formmystical,” used in the East, has 28 II, 8,2| life of the~Church is the mystical cooperation of Christ as 29 II, 8,2| the Apostles was full of mystical elements (mysterion). Among 30 II, 8,3| meaning of the Mystery.~The mystical grace-given aspect of Baptism 31 II, 8,4| apart from the profoundly mystical side of the sending down 32 II, 8,5| performance of this Mystery at the Mystical Supper (the Last Supper), 33 II, 8,5| words of the Saviour at the Mystical Supper, “This is My Body, 34 II, 8,5| Golgotha, but filling with its mystical branches the whole Church 35 II, 8,5| Apostles were given at the Mystical Supper, so also all the 36 II, 8,7| a special grace- giving mystical gift, without which this 37 II, 8,8| Apostle Paul compares the mystical character of the Church 38 II, 9,3| third heaven and~heard there mystical, unutterable words. All 39 App, 1 | of theology, whether on a~mystical or on a rational foundation,

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