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ministry 44
minor 2
miracle 4
miracles 37
miraculous 3
mischievous 1
misfortune 2
Frequency    [«  »]
37 gave
37 high
37 mary
37 miracles
37 much
37 precisely
37 put
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 I, 1,4 | Christ is~filled with the miracles of the saints of all ages. 2 I, 1,4 | saints of all ages. However, miracles are not performed by faith 3 I, 2,10 | knowledge, faith, healings, miracles, the discerning~of spirits, 4 II, 3,5 | the will of God, perform miracles: “Blessed is the Lord, the~ 5 II, 6,5 | fallen and for sinners in miracles, in healings, and~finally, 6 II, 6,7 | was expressed a) in His miracles, in~His authority over nature; 7 II, 8,5 | of the Incarnation, the miracles recorded in the holy books, 8 II, 9,3 | of the reposed~person by miracles after his death when he 9 II, 9,6 | by innumerable~signs and miracles — something for which there 10 II, 9,6 | hearers and readers of the~miracles occurring from the remains 11 II, 9,6 | of their~infirmities. The miracles of antiquity have been renewed 12 Add, 0,5| of the truth and perform~miracles, and when they finish their 13 App, 5,2| still is the working~of miracles. This is because supernatural 14 App, 5,2| with the gift of working miracles. They were~numbered among 15 App, 5,2| irrefutable evidence of their miracles, as was also required for 16 App, 5,3| irrespective of the gift of working miracles,~although miracles did have 17 App, 5,3| working miracles,~although miracles did have a place in many 18 App, 5,3| was the gift of working miracles. Patriarch Nectarius of~ 19 App, 5,3| when abuses in reporting miracles and virtues were~common 20 App, 5,3| Also, the gift of working miracles~can hardly be considered 21 App, 5,3| favorites, and that great miracles are worked by him and every 22 App, 5,3| after an account of ten miracles performed at the saint's 23 App, 5,3| owing to the fact that many miracles had taken place at the Archbishop' 24 App, 5,3| the saints because of the miracles performed~at his tomb, and 25 App, 5,3| Lord hath glorified with miracles... having assembled in the 26 App, 5,3| verification of the accounts of his miracles.~Then follows the synodal 27 App, 5,4| was the gift of working miracles, either during his lifetime, 28 App, 5,4| aside from the working of miracles were but rare exceptions.~ 29 App, 5,4| of receiving accounts of miracles and of a corresponding verification~ 30 App, 5,4| well as an account of the miracles performed~at the Lavra and 31 App, 5,5| that, in view of the~many miracles which had occurred at the 32 App, 5,5| of Vologda concerning the miracles of St. Cornelius and received 33 App, 5,5| Wonderworker many ineffable miracles~take place, and it is well 34 App, 5,5| it is well known that the miracles worked by him are not false.” 35 App, 5,6| for canonization).~In the miracles worked through the prayers 36 App, 5,6| His people through many miracles, then the miracles of this 37 App, 5,6| many miracles, then the miracles of this person become~clearly

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