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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 Intro, A,2| Dogmas.~So as to guard the right 2 Intro, A,2| the days of the Apostles, dogmas. In the Acts of the Apostles 3 Intro, A,2| Christian understanding, “dogmas” are the opposite of “opinions,” 4 Intro, A,3| The sources of dogmas.~On what are dogmas founded? 5 Intro, A,3| sources of dogmas.~On what are dogmas founded? It is clear that 6 Intro, A,3| founded? It is clear that dogmas are not founded on the rational 7 Intro, A,5| Apostolic~Tradition: “Of the dogmas and sermons preserved in 8 Intro, A,7| Dogmas and canons.~In ecclesiastical 9 Intro, A,7| ecclesiastical terminology dogmas are the truths of Christian 10 Intro, A,8| not to be confused with dogmas,~in the precise meaning 11 Intro, A,9| of the Apostles and the~dogmas of the Fathers have imprinted 12 Intro, B,2| Historical Exposition of the Dogmas, five volumes), by Archpriest 13 Intro, C | truths, or new~aspects of the dogmas handed down to us, or a 14 Intro, C | gives a complete view of the dogmas of~the Faith and the fullness 15 Intro, C | theological exposition of dogmas must take an unalterable 16 I, 2,1 | whole series of the great dogmas of the Church are~founded 17 I, 2,1 | important of all Christian dogmas, it~is the most difficult 18 I, 2,7 | theory of the “development of dogmas”) is concealed~in the Orthodox 19 I, 2,7 | are either confusing two dogmas — that is,~the dogma of 20 II, 5,3 | a whole series of other dogmas.~The word of God teaches 21 II, 6,4 | Dogmas concerning the Holy Virgin 22 II, 6,4 | the Holy Virgin Mary~Two dogmas concerning the Mother of 23 II, 6,4 | The declaration of both dogmas corresponds to the Roman 24 II, 6,4 | theory of the “development of~dogmas.” The Orthodox Church does 25 II, 6,4 | the fundamental truths~or dogmas of the Christian faith.~ 26 II, 6,7 | Brief Exposition of Divine Dogmas”).~The law of the Gospel 27 II, 7,5 | corrupted the fundamental dogmas of the faith;~schismatics 28 II, 8,8 | Gospel, and preserving the dogmas, the Divine services, and~ 29 App, 1 | idea of the development of dogmas?~In the majority of cases 30 App, 1 | the Church to “developdogmas,~meaning by this the right 31 App, 1 | principle of the~creation of new dogmas which have not been handed 32 App, 1 | change traditional Christian dogmas and expressions.)~Thus, 33 App, 1 | lifeless collection of separate~dogmas?~With all assurance one 34 App, 1 | shows that the quantity of dogmas, in the narrow sense of 35 App, 1 | increased. It is not that dogmas have developed, but that 36 App, 2 | with faithfulness to the dogmas and the whole teaching of

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