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creature-like 1
creatureliness 1
creaturely 1
creatures 34
creed 9
crestwood 1
crete 5
Frequency    [«  »]
35 whose
35 years
34 account
34 creatures
34 development
34 different
34 free
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 I, 1,7 | righteous, the Creator of all creatures, the Almighty~Pantocrator, 2 I, 1,11| Homily 23).~God gives to His creatures as many good things as each 3 I, 1,12| violate the~free will of creatures, just as the freedom of 4 I, 1,16| unchangeability~of God. Only creatures in their limitations lose 5 I, 1,17| good thing; from Him all creatures~derive their sufficiency.~ 6 I, 1,17| from~Him and in Him, His creatures derive their blessedness. 7 I, 2,7 | Holy Spirit is given to~creatures through the Son, that He 8 II, 3,5| And inasmuch~as the first creatures were pleasing to Him, He 9 II, 3,6| this way: “After all the creatures of the earth had been~created, 10 II, 3,6| the creation of the other creatures~of the earth, clearly speaks 11 II, 3,6| the creation of the other creatures,~but by His own direct action. 12 II, 3,6| being surpassing all other creatures from the very beginning 13 II, 3,6| of the lowest irrational~creatures. What can be worse than 14 II, 3,6| God created all the other creatures by His word,~while man He 15 II, 3,6| for man than for the other creatures” (quoted in~the Dogmatic 16 II, 3,6| of all~existing visible creatures in himself, he might through 17 II, 3,6| the whole chain of earthly creatures in a harmonious bond and 18 II, 4,1| but also over the smallest creatures, birds, grasses, flowers,~ 19 II, 4,1| creature separately and all creatures together, He gives~life 20 II, 4,1| Further, to~the rational creatures of God, this goodness opens 21 II, 4,2| God brought all living creatures to man so that he~might 22 II, 4,2| superiority over~all the other creatures of earth.~Understandably, 23 II, 5,1| sufferings for sensible creatures and~for man; but one can 24 II, 5,1| elemental powers and~organic creatures, which collide with each 25 II, 5,1| rather, it proceeds from creatures themselves, for they have~ 26 II, 5,2| Possessing, like~all rational creatures, the freedom which was given 27 II, 5,3| crown of all the earthly creatures? To~this question one must 28 II, 5,3| have been no king over the creatures of the earth, no rational~ 29 II, 5,3| became like the irrational creatures. That is,~he became darkened 30 II, 9,2| accordance with the nature of creatures, then just imagine~that 31 II, 9,2| you are the first of the creatures of God.”~In praying for 32 II, 9,5| distinguish him from other creatures is the gift of art~or of 33 App, 1 | but does not deprive His creatures of~freedom; it speaks of 34 App, 3 | incommensurable with~earthly creatures and can have a practical

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