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Alphabetical    [«  »]
presanctified 2
presbyter 7
presbyterians 1
presbyters 33
presbytery 4
prescribed 1
prescribes 1
Frequency    [«  »]
33 head
33 moses
33 patriarch
33 presbyters
33 principle
33 symbol
33 understood
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 II, 7,6| that are wanting and ordain presbyters in every city, as I~had 2 II, 7,6| right to give awards to presbyters:~“Let the presbyters that 3 II, 7,6| to presbyters:~“Let the presbyters that rule well be counted 4 II, 7,6| examine accusations against presbyters: “Against a presbyter receive 5 II, 7,6| successors and continuers,~and presbyters as their own helpers and 6 II, 7,6| matter of the ordination of presbyters with the Bishops.~Presbyters ( 7 II, 7,6| presbyters with the Bishops.~Presbyters (priests).~Presbyters (literally “ 8 II, 7,6| Bishops.~Presbyters (priests).~Presbyters (literallyelders”) were 9 II, 7,6| Antioch and Iconium, ordained presbyters in each~Church (Acts 14: 10 II, 7,6| to the Apostles and the presbyters at Jerusalem. (Acts 15:2). 11 II, 7,6| Council of the~Apostles, the presbyters occupy a place together 12 II, 7,6| him call for the elders~(presbyters) of the Church, and let 13 II, 7,6| Apostle James we see that 1) presbyters perform~the Church’s sacred 14 II, 7,6| Church there could be several presbyters in each~community, whereas 15 II, 7,6| the Apostle James, all the presbyters~came, signifying that they 16 II, 7,6| himself in Miletus the~“presbyters of the Church” from Ephesus ( 17 II, 7,6| named without mention of presbyters,~apparently in view of the 18 II, 7,6| in the cities, while the presbyters were given the ministry 19 II, 7,6| God the Father, and the presbyters as the assembly of God, 20 II, 7,6| hierarchy, which rules over presbyters~and deacons, is dictated 21 II, 7,6| Cor. 4:1-4).~“The elders (presbyters) which are among you I exhort, 22 II, 8,4| had always been given to presbyters~also.~With the extraordinary 23 II, 8,4| sanctified chrism was left to~presbyters. Chrism (myrrh) and no other 24 II, 8,4| Council of Carthage forbids presbyters only to sanctify the Chrism.~ 25 II, 8,7| sacred act by means of which presbyters also were ordained in the 26 II, 8,7| cheirotonisantes) for~them elders (presbyters) in every church, and had 27 II, 8,7| to all, by means of which presbyters were ordained for one church 28 II, 8,7| farewell conversation~with the presbyters of the Church of Ephesus 29 II, 8,7| have supervision over those presbyters who were in his jurisdiction ( 30 II, 8,7| One must follow those presbyters (in the~sense of the “eldest” 31 II, 8,9| performed by a gathering of presbyters, ideally seven in number;~ 32 II, 8,9| him call for the elders (presbyters) of the Church, and let~ 33 II, 8,9| performance~of it by the presbyters of the Church, prayers,

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