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Alphabetical    [«  »]
writes 62
writing 3
writings 27
written 32
wrong 2
wrote 14
wroth 1
Frequency    [«  »]
32 seen
32 sufferings
32 usually
32 written
31 art
31 children
31 could
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 Intro, A,1| Theologian (3 John 4). “I have written briefly, exhorting and testifying 2 Intro, A,4| be understood those books written by the holy Prophets and~ 3 Intro, A,4| canon~because they were written after the closing of the 4 Intro, A,4| of David” were actually written by the Prophet David). For 5 Intro, A,4| of the New Testament were written in various years of the 6 Intro, A,4| faith, because they were written and transmitted by~the very 7 Intro, A,5| of the services was not written down, but was only~transmitted 8 Intro, A,5| certain ones we have~from written instruction, and certain 9 Intro, A,5| of the saints left us in~written form the words of invocation 10 Intro, A,5| tradition? And what more? What written word~has taught us this 11 Intro, A,5| tradition in general~received a written form and is now preserved 12 Intro, B,2| of dogmatic theology were written in~the nineteenth century 13 Intro, C,1| theology. “But these are written, that ye~might believe that 14 I, 1,12 | the creation of the world, written by such Fathers as Sts. 15 I, 2,1 | private~confessions of faith written on various occasions by 16 I, 2,9 | first centuries;~4) The written testimonies of men who were 17 II, 3,5 | unimaginable~numbers? And it is written, thousand thousands ministered 18 II, 5,1 | and the moral law which is written in the~human conscience. 19 II, 6,3 | his Gospel “But~these are written, that ye might believe that 20 II, 6,4 | had ascended to heaven. Written church testimonies~on this 21 II, 6,8 | Church of the first-born written in~heaven.”~And thus the 22 II, 7,4 | the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the 23 II, 9,3 | the firstborn, which are written in~heaven, and to God the 24 Add, 0,4 | generations found in the written word of God also relate 25 Add, 0,4 | the~first-born, which are written in heaven, and the God the 26 Add, 0,4 | are the prayers of saints,~written down by them, which came 27 Add, 0,7 | whosoever was not found written in the book of life was 28 Add, 0,7 | pass the saving that is written, Death is swallowed up in 29 App, 5,4 | is required, as well as a written~“life.” The ecclesiastical 30 App, 5,4 | life of St. Job of Pochaev, written by his disciple and assistant 31 App, 5,5 | and found the life to be written “according~to the image 32 App, 5,6 | their names that~could be written.”~

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