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conscience 9
conscious 7
consciously 3
consciousness 30
consecrated 3
consecrates 1
consecration 3
Frequency    [«  »]
30 activity
30 apoc
30 call
30 consciousness
30 fire
30 hierarchy
30 places
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

IntraText - Concordances


   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 Intro, A,3| whole, define the~“catholic consciousness” of the Church, a consciousness 2 Intro, A,3| consciousness” of the Church, a consciousness that is guided by the Holy 3 Intro, A,6| The catholic consciousness of the Church.~The orthodox 4 Intro, A,6| single and common catholic consciousness,~guided by the Holy Spirit; 5 Intro, A,6| Tradition. This catholic consciousness is always with the~Church, 6 Intro, A,6| more definite fashion, this consciousness is expressed in the Ecumenical 7 Intro, A,6| their decrees, the catholic consciousness of the Church was disturbed~ 8 Intro, A,6| by the Church's catholic~consciousness; false councils — those 9 Intro, A,6| rejected~by the same catholic consciousness. The Orthodox Church is 10 Intro, A,6| to the Church's catholic consciousness.) One must~remember that 11 Intro, A,8| contradicting the Church's~“catholic consciousness,” but St. Gregory himself 12 Intro, A,9| Divine services.~The Catholic consciousness of the Church, where it 13 Intro, C | the confirmation in the~consciousness of the faithful of the truths 14 I, 2,1 | His very Essence is wholly consciousness, thought, and self-awareness,~ 15 I, 2,4 | mind, will, and memory; (g) consciousness,~knowledge, and desire; 16 I, 2,9 | agreement with the~universal consciousness of the Church and had no 17 II, 6,3 | because in general oneness of consciousness~and self-awareness is dependent 18 II, 6,6 | are inseparable. In the consciousness of the Church this truth 19 II, 7,3 | to the universal Church consciousness~and tradition; it tears 20 II, 7,4 | services). In harmony~with the consciousness of the Church, the saints, 21 II, 7,5 | present only to the Christian~consciousness. In the ancient Symbols 22 II, 7,6 | himself by~the catholic consciousness of the Apostles, but not 23 II, 9,4 | in his hands, and in his consciousness there might be realized 24 App, 1 | thought is this: the Church's consciousness from the~Apostles down to 25 App, 1 | of the Church's dogmatic consciousness.~He argues thus: “The Body 26 App, 1 | awakening of a “new religious consciousness” on Orthodox soil.~The idea 27 App, 1 | guidance of the Church's consciousness.~It is given to us to know 28 App, 2 | of the other. The~Church consciousness welcomes sincere attempts 29 App, 3 | gradually revealed to the consciousness of man, and we must speak 30 App, 3 | a whole for the Orthodox~consciousness.~

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