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however 109
human 110
humanbody 1
humanity 29
humble 4
humbled 3
humbling 1
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29 eyes
29 help
29 highest
29 humanity
29 marriage
29 purpose
29 rational
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 I, 1,17| His Divinity, but in His humanity.~God is the source of blessedness. 2 I, 2,8 | in Himself Divinity with humanity, united the earthly with~ 3 I, 2,9 | expressions~can be referred to His humanity; b) that in addition, He, 4 II, 3,6| one man, or one tree of humanity. From this there follows 5 II, 4,1| God.~No matter how much humanity violates its purpose in 6 II, 6,2| although smallest, part of humanity had an especially great 7 II, 6,2| of~the civilized part of humanity had been united under the 8 II, 6,3| encounter a need to prove His humanity to anyone. He~experienced 9 II, 6,3| denial or lessening of His Humanity.~A. As was already mentioned 10 II, 6,3| denying or lessening the humanity of Jesus Christ. The first~ 11 II, 6,3| incorrectly~concerning the humanity of the Saviour. Although 12 II, 6,3| Christ, he affirmed that His humanity was incomplete: affirming 13 II, 6,3| heresy which lessened the humanity of Christ: that of the~Monophysites: 14 II, 6,3| fact that “the Divinity and Humanity composed a single~Hypostasis 15 II, 6,3| Divinity and according to Humanity, precisely because both~ 16 II, 6,3| of the Divinity and the Humanity of the Saviour, it~still 17 II, 6,6| Incarnation, and because humanity must be~sanctified by the 18 II, 6,6| must be~sanctified by the Humanity of God, that He might deliver 19 II, 6,7| Him.~The deification of humanity in Christ.~The human nature 20 II, 6,7| through Him and in Him our humanity also is~deified, for “He 21 II, 6,7| the body of the Church is humanity reborn in~Christ. In itself 22 II, 6,7| reborn in~Christ. In itself humanity in general, and likewise 23 II, 6,7| consisting of Divinity and~humanity, Who remains in Divinity 24 II, 6,7| remains in Divinity and humanity, the same being perfect 25 II, 7,1| Resurrection, introduced~into humanity new grace-giving powers, 26 II, 8,1| worthy life in all ages of~humanity, and particularly to the 27 II, 8,5| inseparably united to His humanity.~2. Although, further, the 28 II, 8,5| to His Divinity and His humanity, as a consequence of their 29 App, 3 | composed of both Divinity and humanity,” apart from Jesus Christ.~

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