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Alphabetical    [«  »]
presents 10
preservation 8
preserve 5
preserved 28
preserves 3
preserving 7
presided 2
Frequency    [«  »]
28 material
28 nothing
28 ordination
28 preserved
28 religious
28 sanctified
28 savior
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

IntraText - Concordances


   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 Intro, A,1| has always been carefully preserved in the history of the~Church, 2 Intro, A,3| the early Church has been preserved in the~Orthodox Church, 3 Intro, A,4| centuries of Christianity preserved a special caution in distinguishing 4 Intro, A,5| orally; and in what was preserved in secret was contained 5 Intro, A,5| to outsiders is no longer preserved to such a degree in the 6 Intro, A,5| Of the dogmas and sermons preserved in the Church, certain ones 7 Intro, A,5| teaching which our Fathers have preserved in a silence inaccessible 8 Intro, A,5| second, that it was carefully preserved and unanimously acknowledged 9 Intro, A,5| written form and is now preserved in the literature of the 10 Intro, A,5| Tradition which has been preserved and guarded by the Church, 11 I, 1,16 | any new, mixed nature, but preserved~Its Divine Nature unchanged.~ 12 I, 2,3 | manuscripts~that have been preserved and is present only in Western, 13 II, 3,6 | spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto~the coming 14 II, 4,2 | before the fall into sin and preserved them from physical~death. 15 II, 5,3 | and thus not a man. But he preserved that nature with~which he 16 II, 6,2 | led them out of slavery, preserved them in the desert, settled~ 17 II, 6,2 | the pagan world there were preserved — even though in a distorted 18 II, 6,2 | other people~also who had preserved faith in the One God, and 19 II, 6,4 | 49).~The Most Holy Virgin preserved in her memory and in her 20 II, 7,5 | personal faith.~The Apostles preserved and transmitted to the Church 21 II, 7,5 | Scriptures so that it might be~preserved, confessed, and lived.The 22 II, 7,6 | ancient Christian Churches preserved lists of their bishops in 23 II, 8,2 | grace, or else they have not preserved the gifts of God which they 24 II, 8,2 | the Holy Mysteries,~and preserved in the humble and trembling 25 II, 8,5 | the institution of it is preserved with the greatest care and 26 II, 8,8 | commanding that faithfulness be preserved in marriage and forbidding~ 27 II, 8,8 | marriage, commanding that it be preserved and advising that one not 28 App, 5,3 | many saints have not been preserved. As regards~the relics of

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