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Alphabetical    [«  »]
ordering 1
orderly 4
ordinary 9
ordination 28
organ 2
organic 4
organism 8
Frequency    [«  »]
28 joined
28 material
28 nothing
28 ordination
28 preserved
28 religious
28 sanctified
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 I, 1,5 | of Nyssa, “Homily On~His Ordination,” from his works in Russian, 2 II, 7,5| Christ, of baptism, and of ordination.~The Apostles established 3 II, 7,6| placed through the Mystery of Ordination. “No man taketh this honor 4 II, 7,6| successors for themselves through ordination.~These successors were the 5 II, 7,6| the further matter of the ordination of presbyters with the Bishops.~ 6 II, 7,6| blessing of God through the ordination of a bishop.~All three degrees 7 II, 8,2| the Holy Spirit through ordination, d) the strengthening of 8 II, 8,2| degrees of the hierarchy, or ordination, which~gives the indispensable 9 II, 8,7| clear from this that this ordination~was not merely a rite or 10 II, 8,7| apostolic laying~on of hands or ordination is evident from the above 11 II, 8,7| and clear indication~of ordination as a grace-giving sacred 12 II, 8,7| nothing else than episcopal ordination is entirely confirmed by 13 II, 8,7| 3:15).~“Election’’ and “Ordination” in the Ancient Church.~ 14 II, 8,7| degrees there was established ordination, which communicates to them 15 II, 8,7| by the Apostles: that is, ordination~through laying on of hands, 16 II, 8,7| Although in the early Church ordination to the rank of priesthood 17 II, 8,7| the local church, this “ordination” itself~was an act totally 18 II, 8,7| grace received through their ordination. The same idea may be~found 19 II, 8,7| at all what is given by ordination through the laying on of~ 20 II, 8,7| not the same~thing as the “ordination” which the Apostles subsequently 21 II, 8,7| the work of men but the~ordination of them is not the work 22 II, 8,7| unrepeatability of the~cheirotonia (ordination): “If any bishop, presbyter, 23 II, 8,7| receive from anyone a second~ordination, let both the ordained and 24 II, 8,7| be proved that~he had his ordination from heretics” (68th Canon; 25 II, 8,7| Mystery of Cheirotonia is ordination by prayer to the lower ranks 26 II, 8,7| clergy, after receiving ordination, to enter into marriage, 27 II, 8,7| before, are hindrances to ordination. In the Roman Church in 28 II, 8,7| justification the opinion that ordination~to the priesthood began

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