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binds 4
bird 2
birds 2
birth 28
birth-giving 1
birthdays 1
birthgiver 2
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29 whether
28 aim
28 behold
28 birth
28 bodies
28 clearly
28 heavens
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 I, 1,6 | The Virgin now giveth birth to Him~Who is above all 2 II, 3,5| Holy Virgin Mary of the birth of the Savior and appeared 3 II, 3,5| the good tidings of~the birth of the Savior to the shepherds. 4 II, 5,3| ancient~death through his very birth, and he comes, therefore, 5 II, 6,2| conditions of the Saviour’s birth, of His spiritual-bodily 6 II, 6,3| separate; and after His birth He was Man, but not God.~ 7 II, 6,4| Ever-Virginity of the Theotokos.~The birth of the Lord Jesus Christ 8 II, 6,4| Virgin Mary as Theotokos (Birth giver of God). By this name 9 II, 6,4| truth that a woman gave birth to the Son of God b) “God 10 II, 6,4| Lord God.~Concerning the birth of God from a virgin the 11 II, 6,4| Word’s becoming man and~His birth of the Virgin Mary was the 12 II, 6,4| her life was holy from~her birth, consequently she received, 13 II, 6,4| sanctity, even before her birth, that is, at her conception. 14 II, 6,4| Lord Jesus Christ by His birth from her made to~be more 15 II, 6,6| Scriptures likewise a “new birth, adoption,~sanctification. 16 II, 8,1| the~Kingdom of grace, the birth into a new life “by water 17 II, 8,1| Church of Christ, which gives birth, gives life, perfects,~and 18 II, 8,1| act?~Both the spiritual birth and the further spiritual 19 II, 8,3| Saviour replied that the new birth would be accomplished by 20 II, 8,3| Scripture; Baptism is a “new birth,” and it is performed for 21 II, 8,3| Anna even before giving birth promised Samuel to God, 22 II, 8,3| Samuel to God, and~alter his birth she quickly dedicated him 23 II, 8,3| Orthodox Church, as a spiritual birth, if it has been~performed 24 II, 8,4| the Lord concerning the birth by~water and the Spirit, 25 II, 8,4| the Spirit, understood the birth by water to be Baptism in 26 II, 8,4| the strict sense, and the birth~by the Spirit to be Chrismation.~ 27 II, 9,6| the day of his martyric birth, and for the instruction 28 App, 4 | Hypostatic Life (“Thou hast given birth to the Hypostatic Life”~—

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