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Alphabetical    [«  »]
uninstructed 1
uninterrupted 3
uninterruptedness 1
union 27
unions 1
unit 2
unite 2
Frequency    [«  »]
27 taught
27 theological
27 took
27 union
27 writings
26 accepted
26 accomplished
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 II, 3,6| is thus a living, organic union of the earthly and the heavenly, 2 II, 3,6| and some of them refer its union with the body to the fortieth 3 II, 3,6| seeking and thirsting~for union with Him. This is specifically 4 II, 3,6| glorify~Him, to rejoice in union with Him, to live in Him. “ 5 II, 4,2| God and the most intimate union with Him.~Man's mind was 6 II, 6,3| unutterable and inexplicable union of these~distinct natures 7 II, 6,3| formulated the manner of the union of the two Natures in the 8 II, 6,3| the very essence of this union to be mystical and inexplicable.~ 9 II, 6,3| 265).~The manner of this union of the natures is expressed 10 II, 6,3| Damascene speaks thus of the union~of the two natures in the 11 II, 6,3| properties. For even after~the union the natures remained unmingled 12 II, 6,3| reason~of its most unalloyed union with the Word, that is to 13 II, 6,3| is to say, the hypostatic union, the Lord’s~flesh was enriched 14 II, 6,3| has acquired~it from its union with the fire” (Exact Exposition, 15 II, 6,3| Engl. tr., p. 316-317). The union~of the two natures in Christ 16 II, 6,3| Concerning the manner of the union of the two natures in Christ, 17 II, 6,3| the very essence of this union, that is, the mystical~transfiguration 18 II, 6,3| hypostasis of Christ.~With the union in Christ the God-man of 19 II, 6,4| sins, was the fruit of the union of her spiritual labor upon 20 II, 6,6| perfect man, in hypostatical~union with the Divinity” (Sermon 21 II, 6,7| Jesus Christ, through its union with the Divinity, participated~ 22 II, 7,3| single head Only then is union possible; only~then will 23 II, 8,4| confirmation or~seal of union; and b) the seal of the 24 II, 8,5| them for a most intimate union with Christ and eternal~ 25 II, 8,5| consequence of their inseparable union, therefore~also to the Holy 26 App, 1 | Soloviev, who supported the~union of Orthodoxy with the Roman 27 App, 2 | appears the possibility of a union of the two spheres of knowledge,

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