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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 I, 2,7 | the~world and the human race. That the Holy Spirit is 2 II, 3,5| their service to the human~race. Mankind knew about their 3 II, 3,5| which are close to the human race are presented in Sacred 4 II, 3,6| of God towards the human race. For the great prophet~notes, 5 II, 3,6| Adam, God created the human race: “He hath made of one blood 6 II, 3,6| disseminated to the whole human race. Therefore all men are the~ 7 II, 5,1| sufferings of the human race began with the appearance 8 II, 5,1| spirits, and then in the human race, and was~reflected in the 9 II, 5,3| death entered into the human race. Man was created immortal 10 II, 6,2| Thus it was~with the human race also. “My soul thirsteth 11 II, 6,2| from the Flood, a single race for~the preservation of 12 II, 6,2| coming Saviour.~This was the race of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, 13 II, 6,2| coming Redeemer of the human~race and the expectation of His 14 II, 6,2| other words:• when the human race, following after Adam, had 15 II, 6,4| the First in the new human race; He is the “new Adam.” The 16 II, 6,5| and Saviour of the human race. All the preceding~history 17 II, 6,6| this fig tree, the human race was fruitless. Once already 18 II, 6,6| world, that is, the human race, would have been given over 19 II, 6,7| salvation of the whole human~race. This ministry was performed 20 II, 6,7| intimate way with the human race, and consequently united 21 II, 7,5| indicates that the whole human race is called to salvation,~ 22 App, 3 | order to “save the~human race.” Rather, He came so as

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