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natural 35
naturally 5
nature 136
natures 21
nazareth 1
near 18
neared 1
Frequency    [«  »]
21 laying
21 long
21 moscow
21 natures
21 necessary
21 oneself
21 parts
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 II, 3,6| wise that there are two~natures in man, and not three.”~ 2 II, 6,3| errors concerning the two natures of Jesus Christ.~The Church 3 II, 6,3| correct teaching of the two natures of the Lord~Jesus Christ, 4 II, 6,3| united within Himself two natures and two different persons, 5 II, 6,3| Ecumenical Councils.~The two natures in Jesus Christ.~At three 6 II, 6,3| Lord Jesus Christ in two~Natures, Divine and Human, and with 7 II, 6,3| union of these~distinct natures in one.”The Fourth Ecumenical 8 II, 6,3| of the union of the two Natures in the one Person of the~ 9 II, 6,3| be confessed to be in two natures, unconfusedly, immutably, 10 II, 6,3| manner of this union of the natures is expressed in the Chalcedonian 11 II, 6,3| immutably.” The Divine and Human Natures in Christ do not mingle~ 12 II, 6,3| Indivisibly, inseparably.” Both natures are forever united, not 13 II, 6,3| flesh for Himself). These~natures were also inseparable at 14 II, 6,3| of the union~of the two natures in the person of the Lord 15 II, 6,3| even after~the union the natures remained unmingled and their 16 II, 6,3| 317). The union~of the two natures in Christ is defined by 17 II, 6,3| of the union of the two natures in Christ, one must of course 18 II, 6,3| Christ the God-man of two natures, there remains in Him one 19 II, 6,3| precisely because both~natures are inseparably united in 20 II, 6,3| be~worshipped in His two natures, in the sense that he wishes 21 App, 3 | a restoration of the two natures. But this is not in accordance

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