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Alphabetical    [«  »]
candlestick 3
cannot 60
canon 48
canonical 21
canonization 9
canons 37
canticle 4
Frequency    [«  »]
21 ask
21 awareness
21 beyond
21 canonical
21 centuries
21 decrees
21 false
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 Intro, A,4| Hebrew alphabet. (The 22canonicalbooks of the Old Testament 2 Intro, A,4| Hebrew canon, are~calledcanonical.” (The word “canonical” 3 Intro, A,4| canonical.” (The wordcanonical” here has a specialized 4 Intro, A,4| councils. In the latter sense, “canonical”~means “in accordance with 5 Intro, A,4| former, restricted sense, “canonicalmeans only “included~in 6 Intro, A,4| together at the end of the canonical books; but in older printings~ 7 Intro, A,4| distinction made between the canonical and non-canonical books, 8 Intro, A,4| Bible together with the canonical~books. As a source of the 9 Intro, A,4| them as an appendix to the canonical books. Certain of them are 10 Intro, A,4| Apostolic Canon lists the canonical books of the Old~and New 11 Intro, A,4| numbered together with the canonical books, and, concerning all 12 Intro, A,4| distinction between the canonical and non-canonical books 13 Intro, A,4| recognizes twenty-seven canonical books of the New Testament. ( 14 Intro, A,4| number and names of the canonical books of the New Testament. 15 Intro, A,6| the text of St. Gregory's “Canonical Epistle,” see the~Eerdmans 16 I, 2,7 | also performed a serious~canonical violation.~But when Roman 17 II, 3,5 | are two~such names in the canonical books: Michael (which means “ 18 II, 7,5 | Apostles, in the oneness~of canonical order.~The Church on earth 19 II, 7,5 | established the beginning of the canonical structure of the Church20 II, 8,3 | not approve, as~being not canonical.~The immersion in water 21 App, 5,2 | were heretics or for one canonical reason or another were deposed,

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