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Alphabetical    [«  »]
grace 129
grace- 1
grace-given 21
grace-giving 19
graces 1
gradual 4
gradually 9
Frequency    [«  »]
19 ever
19 everyone
19 face
19 grace-giving
19 greater
19 growth
19 hebrew
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

IntraText - Concordances


   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 II, 6,4| even after its fall, of His~grace-giving gifts, as for example, the 2 II, 7,1| introduced~into humanity new grace-giving powers, a new life which 3 II, 7,5| Mysteries, in the~oneness of the grace-giving hierarchy, which comes in 4 II, 7,5| non-political sacramental acts were~grace-giving. This division led to the 5 II, 7,5| the Holy Spirit and His grace-giving gifts, communicated in the 6 II, 8,2| itself it is an authentic~grace-giving power) from the “effectiveness” 7 II, 8,2| Mystery is vouchsafed its grace-giving power). The Mysteries are “ 8 II, 8,3| The establishment of this grace-giving Mystery occurred after the 9 II, 8,4| that in certain cases the grace-giving actions of~the Mysteries 10 II, 8,4| them there had begun a~new grace-giving life.~In what way did the 11 II, 8,4| life.~In what way did the grace-giving laying on of hands become 12 II, 8,4| laying on of hands become the grace-giving anointment~with oil? Concerning 13 II, 8,5| they are one and the same grace-giving tree~of life planted by 14 II, 8,6| Mystery of Repentance is a grace-giving sacred rite in which, after 15 II, 8,6| enter the opened soul a grace-giving healing~which does not allow 16 II, 8,6| significance of a Mystery of a~grace-giving sacred action.~ 17 II, 8,7| indication~of ordination as a grace-giving sacred action through which 18 II, 8,7| beginning was a sacramental, grace-giving sacred action, and therefore 19 II, 8,9| opens~the way also for a grace-giving healing of his bodily infirmity

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