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guides 6
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guilt 17
guilty 4
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h 1
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17 flock
17 follow
17 fourth
17 guilt
17 hast
17 impossible
17 instruction
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 II, 5,3| themselves, only in-creased their guilt. In Adam's replies to God 2 II, 5,3| and an attempt to hide his guilt, the untruth in his saying 3 II, 5,3| the desire to transfer his~guilt to another, his wife. Blessed 4 II, 5,3| consists of the fact that the guilt before God of~Adam and Eve 5 II, 5,3| this means to remove the guilt of mankind and the punishment 6 II, 5,3| Augustinian notion of “original guilt" — that is, that~all men 7 II, 5,3| all men have inherited the guilt of Adam's sin — and others, 8 II, 5,3| we have not inherited the guilt of Adam's personal sin.~ 9 II, 5,3| often includes original guilt, which so clouds the divine 10 II, 5,3| course, no notion of original guilt in Orthodoxy. The~Western 11 II, 5,3| he does not share Adam's guilt. Many Orthodox, however, 12 II, 6,4| deprivation of grace” and of the guilt of the sin of Adam. And 13 II, 6,5| received in Himself the guilt of all men. He is the Lamb 14 II, 6,6| to pay. This~feeling of guilt in its purest form was present 15 II, 6,6| satisfaction in order that the guilt might be removed and God 16 II, 8,6| Holy Spirit, “even this guilt will be remitted to those~ 17 II, 8,6| punishment due to sin, the guilt of which has been forgiven.” “

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