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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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1 Intro | having been asked to become bishop of Antioch, refused the 2 Intro | of the links between the bishop and his church. Structures 3 Intro | Milash, who later became Bishop of Dalmatia;28 this work 4 Intro | was vicar of Baling, later Bishop of St. Asaph (1704), this 5 Intro | professor at Tubingen and later bishop of Rottenburg, was the author 6 1”,3 | forbidden generally any Bishop or Presbyter or Deacon, 7 1”,3 | has entirely forbidden any bishop or presbyter or deacon or 8 1”,3 | as a clergyman.” But if a bishop lives with a woman at all, 9 1”,4 | It is most fitting that a Bishop should be installed by all 10 1”,4 | present Canon decrees that a bishop ought to be ordained by 11 1”,4 | has actually been made a bishop. There hence appear to be 12 1”,5 | such disgustfulness of the Bishop. In order, therefore, that 13 1”,5 | admittedly clashed with the Bishop would seem to be reasonably 14 1”,5 | grudge on the part of the bishop. Hence, in order that this 15 1”,5 | been sinning against the bishop and who have been rightly 16 1”,6 | Pentapolis, to allow the bishop of Alexandria to have authority 17 1”,6 | usually accorded to the bishop of Rome. Likewise with reference 18 1”,6 | which anyone has been made a bishop without the Metropolitan’ 19 1”,6 | such a person must not be a Bishop. If, however, to the common 20 1”,6 | Patriarch (whom it calls a Bishop here, owing to the fact 21 1”,6 | that if anyone is made a bishop without the approval of 22 1”,6 | decreed, he is not to be a bishop, because in spite of the 23 1”,6 | of bishops voted for the bishop, the ratification of the 24 1”,6 | Metropolitan had to be made a bishop (and see the footnote to 25 1”,6 | of the honor of (being) a bishop. Read also the Interpretation 26 1”,7 | ancient tradition, for the Bishop in Aelia to be honored, 27 1”,7 | custom has prevailed for the Bishop of Aelia (i.e., of Jerusalem)[ 28 1”,7 | such honors, in that the bishop of Rome came first, the 29 1”,7 | of Rome came first, the bishop of Alexandria second, the 30 1”,7 | of Alexandria second, the bishop of Antioch third, so did 31 1”,7 | the churches, and not the bishop of Caesarea, ordained Dion 32 1”,7 | Caesarea, ordained Dion bishop of Jerusalem when Narcissus 33 1”,7 | not by the Brother, or the bishop of Caesarea. Narcissus, 34 1”,7 | held. Secondly, because the Bishop of Jerusalem was the first 35 1”,7 | following others. But the Bishop of Jerusalem always comes 36 1”,8 | But wherever there is a Bishop of the catholic Church, 37 1”,8 | is obvious that, as the Bishop of the Church will keep 38 1”,8 | will keep the dignity of bishop, the one called a bishop 39 1”,8 | bishop, the one called a bishop among the so-called Puritans 40 1”,8 | should seem better to the Bishop that he should share in 41 1”,8 | ordained: that is to say, a bishop shall remain a bishop; a 42 1”,8 | a bishop shall remain a bishop; a presbyter, a presbyter; 43 1”,8 | deacon, a deacon. However, a bishop shall remain a bishop where 44 1”,8 | a bishop shall remain a bishop where there is no Orthodox 45 1”,8 | where there is no Orthodox bishop of the catholic Church. 46 1”,8 | there is also an Orthodox bishop, the latter shall have the 47 1”,8 | business, and the name of bishop, while the bishop formerly 48 1”,8 | name of bishop, while the bishop formerly a Novatian shall 49 1”,8 | and the nominal title of bishop,[14] but he shall not perform 50 1”,8 | perform any priestly act as a bishop, in order to avoid having 51 1”,8 | arrangement, the Orthodox bishop must allow him to have a 52 1”,9 | St. Paul commands that a bishop should be, by saying: “A 53 1”,9 | should be, by saying: “A bishop then must be irreproachable” ( 54 1”,11| other direction comes the Bishop running and he too likewise 55 1”,11| copious tears. Afterwards the Bishop is the first to lift himself 56 1”,12| concession of a right to the Bishop to devise some more philanthropic ( 57 1”,13| of the Eucharist, let the Bishop impart to him the oblation 58 1”,13| and common canon, let the Bishop, or even the spiritual father, 59 1”,15| as riot to allow either a Bishop or a Presbyter or a Deacon 60 1”,15| the church in which the Bishop or Presbyter[30] in question 61 1”,15| is to say, not to allow a Bishop or Presbyter or Deacon to 62 1”,15| invalid without fail; and the Bishop or Presbyter or Deacon shall 63 1”,16| without the consent of his Bishop, from whom the one covered 64 1”,16| interdicted. But if any Bishop should dare to grab a strange 65 1”,16| own church, without the Bishop of that clergyman being 66 1”,18| they are servants of the Bishop, and that they are inferior 67 1”,18| Presbyters, with either the Bishop or the Presbyters administering 68 1”,18| they are servants of the Bishop, as is indicated also by 69 1”,18| partaken thereof, letting the Bishop administer it to them, or 70 1”,18| a presbyter (in case the Bishop is not present). But neither 71 1”,19| let them be ordained by a Bishop of the catholic Church. 72 1”,19| let them be ordained by a Bishop of the catholic and Orthodox 73 1”,19| other words, if any Orthodox Bishop has ordained any of the 74 1”,19| If when ordered by the Bishop to oust him from sharing 75 2 | notable were Nectarius the bishop of Constantinople, Timothy 76 2 | Constantinople, Timothy the bishop of Alexandria, Meletius 77 2 | Alexandria, Meletius the bishop of Antioch, Cyril the bishop 78 2 | bishop of Antioch, Cyril the bishop of Jerusalem, Gregory the 79 2 | number of 150. Not even one bishop from the West attended it; 80 2”,2 | with the Canons, let the Bishop of Alexandria administer 81 2”,2 | XXXIV and XXXV), that the bishop of Alexandria may manage 82 2”,2 | expressly mentioned the bishop of Alexandria because the 83 2”,2 | of Alexandria because the Bishop of Alexandria with his party 84 2”,2 | the prerogatives of the bishop of Antioch be duly respected, 85 2”,2 | to be ordained after the bishop of Constantinople). It commands, 86 2”,2 | the Nicene Council that no bishop shall be ordained without 87 2”,2 | necessary for some scholarly bishop to go there in order to 88 2”,3 | 3.~ Let the Bishop of Constantinople, however, 89 2”,3 | priorities of honor after the Bishop of Rome, because of its 90 2”,3 | view of the fact that the bishop of Alexandria is after the 91 2”,3 | Alexandria is after the bishop of Constantinople, and the 92 2”,3 | Constantinople, and the bishop of Antioch is after the 93 2”,3 | of Antioch is after the bishop of Alexandria, and the bishop 94 2”,3 | bishop of Alexandria, and the bishop of Jerusalem is after the 95 2”,3 | of Jerusalem is after the bishop of Antioch, according to 96 2”,3 | equal priorities to the Bishop of old Rome and to the Bishop 97 2”,3 | Bishop of old Rome and to the Bishop of new Rome; and in the 98 2”,3 | their c. XXXVI, say for the Bishop of Constantinople to enjoy 99 2”,3 | equal priorities with the Bishop of Rome. That it refers 100 2”,3 | the same Canons call the Bishop of Constantinople second 101 2”,3 | Constantinople second after the Bishop of Rome, not the second 102 2”,3 | Basilica, Title III, calls the Bishop of Rome first, and the Bishop 103 2”,3 | Bishop of Rome first, and the Bishop of Constantinople second, 104 2”,3 | he ascribed above to the Bishop of Constantinople with respect 105 2”,3 | grants only an honor to the Bishop of Constantinople, but that 106 2”,4 | neither became nor is a Bishop, and that neither are those 107 2”,4 | regarded as never having been a bishop at all nor as being one; 108 2”,6 | private complaint, against a Bishop, on the ground that he has 109 2”,6 | has been a victim of the Bishop’s greed or other unjust 110 2”,6 | then the conscience of the Bishop must be clear in every respect, 111 2”,6 | indictment brought against the Bishop be of an ecclesiastical 112 2”,6 | persons be allowed to accuse a Bishop until they have first cleared 113 2”,6 | be permitted to accuse a Bishop, or other clergymen, until 114 2”,6 | ecclesiastical nature against a Bishop, the holy Council bids these 115 2”,6 | the charges against the Bishop involved in the case. But 116 2”,6 | decide the case against the Bishop and make the correction 117 2”,6 | been slandering the accused Bishop. But if anyone, scorning 118 2”,6 | speaking, if anyone accuse a Bishop by complaining that he has 119 2”,6 | be permitted to accuse a Bishop or other clergymen until 120 2”,6 | criminal accusations against a bishop happen to be free from all 121 2”,6 | indictments of the accused bishop before the synod of all 122 2”,6 | truly and justly accused bishop would have to undergo, if 123 2”,6 | in case they leave their Bishop and resort to civil courts. 124 2”,6 | other hand, says that any bishop or presbyter or deacon or 125 2”,6 | deacon deposed by his own bishop, or if a bishop deposed 126 2”,6 | his own bishop, or if a bishop deposed by a synod or council, 127 3 | therein were St. Cyril, the bishop of Alexandria illustrious 128 3 | acting in the place of the bishop of Rome Celestine I at first, 129 3 | p. 436 thereof.) And the bishop of Cyzicus at that time 130 3”,1 | Antioch, of Theodoret the bishop of Cyrus, of Ibas the bishop 131 3”,1 | bishop of Cyrus, of Ibas the bishop of Edessa, and of the thirty 132 3”,7 | consequence, that is to say, the Bishop shall be deprived of his 133 3”,8 | 8.~ Our fellow Bishop Reginus, most beloved by 134 3”,8 | view of the fact that the Bishop of Antioch, far from following 135 3”,8 | it came to pass that the Bishop of Antioch, in imitation 136 3”,8 | else, to the end that no bishop be permitted to usurp and 137 3”,8 | godly brother and fellow Bishop Theodore to take care of 138 3”,8 | over to the said most godly Bishop Theodore, but begging for 139 3”,8 | for the honor and title of bishop he had been enjoying up 140 3”,8 | by the said most reverent Bishop Theodore. But since there 141 3”,8 | retain both the name of bishop and the honor and communion 142 3”,8 | by a brother and fellow bishop, in pursuance of affection 143 3”,8 | present letter speaks, was bishop of Pamphylia, a province 144 3”,8 | Synod there ordained another bishop in place of him. However, 145 3”,8 | the honor and name of a bishop. Feeling sorry for him and 146 3”,8 | upon him the mere name of bishop), but because of his faintheartedness 147 3”,8 | should have the title of bishop, or, in other words, the 148 3”,8 | right to call himself a bishop, and the honor, or, in other 149 3”,8 | permission of the local bishop. In addition the Council 150 3”,8 | of their appointing him bishop in some vacant province.[ 151 4 | and with these were also Bishop Julian, Maximus the Bishop 152 4 | Bishop Julian, Maximus the Bishop of Antioch, and Juvenal 153 4 | Antioch, and Juvenal the Bishop of Jerusalem, acting as 154 4 | legates of the most holy Leo, Bishop of Rome. They condemned 155 4 | Dioscorus, who had become the Bishop of Alexandria after Cyril. 156 4 | but the legates from the Bishop of Rome were not listened 157 4”,2 | 2.~ If any Bishop ordain anyone for money, 158 4”,2 | perform the ordination of a Bishop, Chorepiscopus, Presbyter, 159 4”,2 | Canon prescribes that if any bishop qualifies any of these or 160 4”,3 | Council decrees that no Bishop, Clergyman, or Monk shall 161 4”,3 | guardianship of minors, or the Bishop permit him to take care 162 4”,3 | decreed that henceforth no bishop or clergyman or monk shall 163 4”,3 | their age), and unless the bishop of the city should urge 164 4”,4 | consent and approval of the Bishop of the city; and that Monks 165 4”,4 | country be subject to the Bishop, and embrace quietude, and 166 4”,4 | permitted to do so by the Bishop of the city on account of 167 4”,4 | God be not blasphemed. The Bishop of the city, however, is 168 4”,4 | consent and approval of the bishop of the region in question.[ 169 4”,4 | to the authority of the bishop of the region in question, 170 4”,4 | appointed to do so by the bishop, after he has judged them 171 4”,4 | likewise commands that the bishop shall prohibit monks from 172 4”,4 | without the consent of the bishop, or after building one to 173 4”,6 | the ordination of every bishop. As for all those who have 174 4”,8 | under the authority of the bishop of the city in question, 175 4”,8 | disrespectfully desert their own Bishop, in accordance with the 176 4”,8 | refuse to submit to their own Bishop, in case they are clergymen 177 4”,8 | remain always subject to the bishop of the city in question, 178 4”,8 | the authority of their own bishop disrespectfully. All those 179 4”,8 | refuse to submit to their own bishop, in case they are in holy 180 4”,8 | reasonable by this same bishop of the region in question; 181 4”,9 | let him not leave his own Bishop and resort to secular courts, 182 4”,9 | submit his case to his own Bishop, or let it be tried by referees 183 4”,9 | parties and approved by the Bishop. Let anyone who acts contrary 184 4”,9 | has a dispute with his own Bishop, or with some other Bishop, 185 4”,9 | Bishop, or with some other Bishop, let it be tried by the 186 4”,9 | the province. But if any Bishop or Clergyman has a dispute 187 4”,9 | he must not leave his own bishop and present his case to 188 4”,9 | first present it to his bishop, or else, with the permission 189 4”,9 | permission and consent of his bishop, he may have his case tried 190 4”,9 | has a dispute with his own bishop, let the case be tried before 191 4”,9 | province. When, again, a bishop or a clergyman has a dispute 192 4”,9 | districts, and let their own bishop try their case in conjunction 193 4”,9 | the case of a trial by the bishop alone. But as for the other 194 4”,9 | to be tried by the local bishop alone. But a single bishop 195 4”,9 | bishop alone. But a single bishop cannot decide the case of 196 4”,9 | cannot decide the case of any bishop or presbyter or deacon, 197 4”,9 | and refuses to accept the bishop’s decision, he shall be 198 4”,9 | first take his case to the bishop to whom the litigants in 199 4”,9 | are subject; and if the bishop decide the case to the satisfaction 200 4”,9 | sentence pronounced by the bishop. And in the same Novel, 201 4”,9 | if the accused one is a bishop, his Metropolitan shall 202 4”,9 | an abbot, or a monk, his bishop shall consider his case, 203 4”,12| therefore made it a rule that no Bishop shall hereafter be allowed 204 4”,12| honor, and likewise the Bishop who is administering its 205 4”,12| has made it a rule that no bishop shall dare henceforth to 206 4”,12| the same as touching the Bishop to whom they appertain. 207 4”,12| Metropolitan ordains the Bishop of the honorary metropolis, 208 4”,12| the Metropolitan is not a bishop. Read also Ap. c. XXXIV.~ ~ ~ 209 4”,13| recommendatory from their own Bishop.~(Ap. cc. XII, XV.)~ ~Interpretation.~ 210 4”,16| it a rule that the local Bishop is to have control of kindliness 211 4”,16| excommunicated. But let the local bishop have the power to treat 212 4”,17| the present C.), or to the Bishop of Constantinople, as previously 213 4”,17| hereafter, then the neighboring bishop shall not try to subject 214 4”,17| Carthage prescribes that if any bishop succeeds in converting any 215 4”,17| virtue of letters of the bishop possessing it, or at the 216 4”,19| each province, wherever the Bishop of the Metropolis designates, 217 4”,20| their own country. If any Bishop nevertheless admits a clergyman 218 4”,20| clergyman belonging to another Bishop, after promulgation of this 219 4”,20| Clergyman so admitted and the Bishop admitting him, are to be 220 4”,20| XVIII of the 6th). Any bishop, after the present Canon 221 4”,20| accepts a clergyman of another bishop, as well as the clergyman 222 4”,22| after the death of their own Bishop, shall not be allowed to 223 4”,22| Upon the death of their bishop, says the present Canon, 224 4”,23| permission by their own bishop, and in fact, sometimes 225 4”,23| hands, because their own bishop has not judged them worthy 226 4”,24| with the consent of the Bishop, they are to remain Monasteries 227 4”,24| permission and approval of the Bishop having jurisdiction of that 228 4”,25| after the death of the bishop who has passed away, they 229 4”,25| they must ordain another bishop for the vacant bishopric 230 4”,26| every church that has a Bishop should also have a Steward 231 4”,26| views and ideas of its own Bishop, so as to provide against 232 4”,26| appeared reasonable that the bishop of every church should have 233 4”,26| best judgment of the same bishop, so that there should be 234 4”,28| which decrees that the Bishop of Constantinople is to 235 4”,28| priorities of honor with the Bishop of Rome, seeing that it 236 4”,28| not to be ordained by the Bishop of Constantinople just as 237 4”,29| 29.~ For a Bishop to bear the rank of Presbyter 238 4”,29| Councils) that Photius, the Bishop of Tyre, called the attention 239 4”,29| fact that Eustathius, the Bishop of Beyrut (or, as others 240 4”,29| the Pope as well as the Bishop of Constantinople and the 241 4”,29| for anyone to degrade a bishop to the rank and position 242 4”,29| rightful position and be a bishop again. Zonaras, in fact, 243 4”,29| worse than sacrilege for a bishop to be unjustly reduced to 244 4”,29| position of presbyter any bishop that goes teaching beyond 245 4”,29| consent and approval of the bishop holding sway over the region 246 4”,30| the one who is to be the Bishop for the great city of the 247 4”,30| been accomodated with a bishop.~ ~Interpretation.~It has 248 5 | followed by Vigilius, the Bishop of Rome, who, though at 249 5 | so-called letter of Ibas, the Bishop of Edessa, to Mares the 250 5 | also Severus, and Peter the Bishop of Apameia, and Zooras.[ 251 6 | Theodore who had served as Bishop of Faran, according to Zonaras 252 7 | Constantinople,[125] Basil the Bishop of Gortyna, a province in 253 7 | province in Crete, a certain Bishop of Ravenna who acted as 254 7 | Seventh Ec. C. Peter the Bishop of Nicomedeia stated, though, 255 7”,1 | cite by name Theodore the Bishop of Faran, Cyrus (the Patriarch) 256 7”,1 | Macarius who became the Bishop of the Antiochians, Stephanus 257 7”,2 | Miracle-worker) who became Bishop of Neocaesarea, of Athanasius 258 7”,3 | concubine, “cannot become a Bishop, or a Presbyter, or a Deacon, 259 7”,3 | decree that he cannot be a Bishop, or a Presbyter, or a Deacon, 260 7”,4 | 4.~ If any Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon, 261 7”,8 | year, in whatever place the Bishop of the Metropolis may designate. 262 7”,8 | in the locality which the Bishop of the Metropolis, as we 263 7”,10| 10.~ Let any Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon 264 7”,10| Interpretation.~As for any bishop (says the present Canon), 265 7”,12| which excommunicates any bishop who on the pretext of reverence 266 7”,12| St. Chrysostom, since a bishop also takes the name of elder, 267 7”,12| say, when he adds “For a bishop must be blameless,” etc.): 268 7”,15| in order to be ordained a bishop, see the Interpretation 269 7”,15| course both an Anagnost and a Bishop when ordained before the 270 7”,16| though there had been no Bishop, but only Apostles. Hence, 271 7”,17| the consent of their own Bishop have had themselves enrolled 272 7”,17| written dimissory of his own Bishop, to be enrolled in a different 273 7”,17| dimissory letter of their own bishop, because this results in 274 7”,18| same rule apply also to the Bishop who is keeping him.~(Ap. 275 7”,18| excommunicated, as well as the bishop who is keeping him in his 276 7”,19| of Laodicea says that the Bishop must first give a didache ( 277 7”,20| 20.~ Let not any Bishop teach publicly in another 278 7”,20| deposed from the office of Bishop and perform the functions 279 7”,20| the present Canon) for any bishop to teach openly and publicly 280 7”,20| is to say, of the local bishop, since this public teaching 281 7”,20| removed from the office of bishop, and let him perform only 282 7”,20| definitely that a strange bishop may not teach publicly, 283 7”,22| rule that no one, whether a Bishop, or a Presbyter, or a Deacon, 284 7”,22| present Canon decrees that no bishop, or presbyter, or deacon[ 285 7”,28| and wrote in his letter to Bishop Kyriakos: “If it is true 286 7”,30| the consent of the local Bishop to do this, we decree that 287 7”,30| and consent of the local bishop: because this would amount 288 7”,30| appointed and permitted by a bishop is to be deposed, and laymen 289 7”,31| Jerusalemites, and Basil the Bishop of the Caesareans and one 290 7”,31| water. If, therefore, any Bishop, or Presbyter, fail to follow 291 7”,31| verbatim, do so too. So if any bishop or priest in the divine 292 7”,32| with the formality of the bishop’s laying his hands on them. 293 7”,32| imposition of the hands, from the bishop. Canon XXII of Carthage, 294 7”,34| the Metropolitans, when a Bishop dies who is under his throne, 295 7”,34| installation of another Bishop, unless there be no Clergymen 296 7”,34| all of them over to the Bishop who is to be ordained.~( 297 7”,34| or permission, when any bishop dies, to plunder and appropriate 298 7”,34| episcopate until another bishop has been installed. But 299 7”,34| can turn them over to the bishop who is going to be ordained. 300 7”,35| with the privileges of the Bishop of Constantinople, prescribing 301 7”,35| point of order, while the Bishop of Alexandria is third, 302 7”,36| everything that pertains to a Bishop, we, being determined to 303 7”,38| and the most God-beloved Bishop appointed over it shall 304 7”,38| are to be continued, the Bishop of the city of the Cyzicenians 305 7”,38| if the need arises, the Bishop of the same city of the 306 7”,38| privileges conferred upon the Bishop of Cyprus by c. VIII of 307 7”,38| provinces became subject to the Bishop of Constantinople, as we 308 7”,39| it be in the power of the bishop to try him out and to increase 309 7”,39| consecrated to God by only the bishop; and c. LI of the same Council 310 7”,40| the blessing of the local Bishop. But apart from the said 311 7”,40| must be examined by the bishop and confess that of their 312 7”,40| permission of the local bishop. But if without having any 313 7”,45| and diligent care of the bishop neither monks nor nuns ought 314 7”,47| from the home city of the Bishop, and let her be taken care 315 7”,47| be taken care of by the Bishop. But if she also appears 316 7”,47| who is about to become a bishop must first divorce by common 317 7”,48| consent and approval of a Bishop shall remain Monasteries 318 7”,57| Mysteries to himself, when a Bishop, or a Presbyter, or a Deacon 319 7”,57| need of doing so (when a Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon, 320 7”,69| purpose of trying Paul the bishop of Samosat, who was rather 321 7”,69| sophist and magician than a bishop and who, in addition to 322 7”,77| Thursday must recite to the Bishop or to the Presbyter.~ ~Interpretation.~ 323 7”,77| recite them by heart to the bishop, or to the presbyters who 324 7”,79| 80.~ In case any Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon, 325 7”,79| present Canon decrees that any bishop, presbyter, or deacon, or 326 7”,79| hand, the statement that a bishop under no graver necessity 327 7”,79| would have it that even a bishop who is living on his real 328 8”,2 | promoted to the rank of bishop shall by all means know 329 8”,2 | who intends to become a bishop must without fail be acquainted 330 8”,2 | too, let him not be made a bishop; for God says through the 331 8”,2 | those who intend to ordain a bishop, or a clergyman, must first 332 8”,3 | Every appointment of a bishop, or of a presbyter, or of 333 8”,3 | Canon which says: “If any bishop comes into possession of 334 8”,3 | It is most fitting that a bishop should be installed by all 335 8”,3 | appointment or election of a bishop, or of a presbyter, or of 336 8”,4 | disciples of His, decree that no bishop shall devise or think of 337 8”,4 | commands that no prelate or bishop shall seek to extort gold 338 8”,4 | to their children. So any bishop who is found suspending 339 8”,4 | excommunicated, if he is a bishop by his Metropolitan, or 340 8”,5 | Canon which says: “If any bishop, or presbyter, or deacon 341 8”,5 | Chalcedon, which says: “If any bishop ordain anyone for money, 342 8”,5 | perform the ordination of a Bishop, Auxiliary Bishop, Presbyter, 343 8”,5 | ordination of a Bishop, Auxiliary Bishop, Presbyter, Deacon, or anyone 344 8”,6 | among the chattels which a Bishop takes along with him. But 345 8”,6 | permission to demand of any bishop of his any animal or any 346 8”,6 | nevertheless do so, he must pay the bishop the fourfold amount of its 347 8”,9 | hiding these, if he be a Bishop, a Presbyter, or a Deacon, 348 8”,9 | others to read, if he be a bishop, a presbyter, or a deacon, 349 8”,10| permission of their own bishop and of that of Constantinople. 350 8”,10| permission both of their own bishop, from whom they have gone 351 8”,11| and good; but if not the Bishop of Constantinople is given 352 8”,11| permission and approval of the bishop, therefore the present Canon, 353 8”,11| will not do this, by the bishop, or if he will not appoint 354 8”,12| 12.~ If any Bishop or any Abbot be found disposing 355 8”,12| Apostolic Canon saying: “Let the Bishop have the care of all ecclesiastical 356 8”,12| case may be, and let the Bishop, or the Abbot, respectively, 357 8”,12| this be driven out — the Bishop out of the Bishopric, and 358 8”,12| should alienate them, as bishop from the bishopric, or an 359 8”,12| it should happen that the bishop or abbot alleges that such 360 8”,12| invalid and void, while the bishop who has sold the property 361 8”,14| same Abbot himself by a Bishop to enable him to have the 362 8”,14| with the permission of the Bishop appoint Anagnosts (with 363 8”,14| act as Readers without a bishop’s seal, but so are monks 364 8”,17| be prevented by the local bishop. But if he has the needments 365 8”,17| persons be prevented by the bishop from engaging in such an 366 8”,18| suburbs there are women, and a Bishop, or an Abbot, wants to go 367 8”,18| to go to there, while the Bishop or Abbot is present, let 368 8”,18| different place until the Bishop takes his departure, to 369 8”,19| doing this, in case he is a Bishop, or an Abbot, or anyone 370 8”,19| inefficient and bad. If any bishop, or abbot in holy orders, 371 8”,21| laity themselves with that bishop who has admitted him from 372 8”,21| allowed to do so by the bishop for a necess 373 8”,23| they were baptized by the bishop in one city of France (Socrates, 374 8”,23| witchlike being. So if a bishop falls into the passion of 375 8”,23| ought to be ratified by the Bishop of Alexandria, voting along 376 8”,23| who was about to be made a bishop, that the most important 377 8”,23| of Pentapolis to have the bishop of Alexandria as their chief, 378 8”,23| the sacred martyr, who was Bishop of Alexandria, deposed Meletius, 379 8”,23| Alexandria, deposed Meletius, a Bishop of Lycopolis in Thebais, 380 8”,23| First Council was held the Bishop of Alexandria enjoyed Patriarchal 381 8”,23| had been deposed by the Bishop of Alexandria, he attempted 382 8”,23| ratified the rule giving the Bishop of Alexandria authority 383 8”,23| Nyssa, being subject to the Bishop of Caesarea. These prelates 384 8”,23| of Antioch, against the Bishop of Caesarea who had treated 385 8”,23| treated him scornfully, the Bishop of Nyssa said: “If the dignity 386 8”,23| Antioch in writing to the Bishop of Aquileia said that he 387 8”,23| Timothy Ailourus called the Bishop of Ephesus a Patriarch, 388 8”,23| historian also called the Bishop of Thessalonica a Patriarch, 389 8”,23| corrupting it, asserted that the Bishop of Rome possessed sovereign 390 8”,23| trespassed upon the rights of the Bishop of Alexandria, as we have 391 8”,23| Pentapolis, so that the Bishop in Alexandria will enjoy 392 8”,23| privilege is allowed also to the Bishop in Rome. At this point note 393 8”,23| usually accorded to the Bishop of Rome,” it says. What 394 8”,23| jurisdiction. For just as the Bishop of Rome possesses this customary 395 8”,23| customary privilege like the Bishop of Alexandria, in like manner 396 8”,23| as it said concerning the Bishop of Alexandria, it would 397 8”,23| life with the mere name of bishop; and thenceforth to ordain 398 8”,23| And (Pope) Cornelius, the bishop of Rome, in writing to Phanius 399 8”,23| in writing to Phanius the bishop of Antioch, accuses Novatian 400 8”,23| actually making himself, a bishop of Rome, when as a matter 401 8”,23| Cornelius himself was the lawful bishop in that city. “How, then, 402 8”,23| that there can be but one bishop in one church, and not two?”~ ~ [ 403 8”,23| presbyter, to enthrone a bishop, lest the name of bishop 404 8”,23| bishop, lest the name of bishop be thus brought into disgrace, 405 8”,23| chorepiscopus was appointed by the bishop of that city to which he 406 8”,23| without the consent of the bishop in the city, even though 407 8”,23| imposition of hands of a bishop. Canon VIII of the same 408 8”,23| authorization of a real bishop chorepiscopi have no right 409 8”,23| anagnosts at the behest of the bishop. That is what c. LXXXIX 410 8”,23| imposition of hands of a bishop, as may be inferred from 411 8”,23| considerable difference between a bishop and a chorepiscopus. For 412 8”,23| of only one district; a bishop is the overseer of many 413 8”,23| chorepiscopus is appointed by the bishop to whom he is subject, whereas 414 8”,23| is subject, whereas the bishop is appointed by the metropolitan. 415 8”,23| written permission from his bishop for every ordination that 416 8”,23| time of Patriarch Luke one Bishop who had penanced (or, as 417 8”,23| concession he had made. The Bishop, on his part, offered in 418 8”,23| hand, and chastised the Bishop, on the other hand, with 419 8”,23| not because he served as Bishop of Samosata, as Balsamon, 420 8”,23| Balsamon, and was also made Bishop of Antioch after the death 421 8”,23| Demetrianus, the previous Bishop of Antioch, in A.D. 260; 422 8”,23| as to Timothy, saying: "A bishop, then, must be irreproachable" ( 423 8”,23| baptized, whom, after the Bishop anointed their head with 424 8”,23| That is why Leontius the bishop of Antioch, who made himself 425 8”,23| the leader was Papias the bishop of Hierapolis (in Euseb. 426 8”,23| idolaters. So that Lucius the bishop of Alexandria, who shared 427 8”,23| by Eunomius the Gaul, the bishop of Cyzicus, who was wont 428 8”,23| and had ordained Eunomius bishop of Cyzicus.~ ~ [45] Others 429 8”,23| Their leader was Basil the bishop of Ancyra. Being one of 430 8”,23| Lydia and had served as a bishop of Ptolemais in Pentapolis, 431 8”,23| Sirmium and had served as bishop of Sirmium, entertained 432 8”,23| Apollinaris, who became a bishop of Laodicea, Syria, embraced 433 8”,23| held A.D. 449) seated the Bishop of Constantinople St. Flavian 434 8”,23| sent money to Peter the Bishop of Alexandria, and the latter 435 8”,23| men and they ordained him Bishop of Constantinople in the 436 8”,23| and installed Maximus as Bishop of Constantinople. But the 437 8”,23| Maximus that Sisinius, the Bishop of the Novatians, together 438 8”,23| episcopate and bishopric of each bishop at any time, according to 439 8”,23| synod tries the case of a bishop or clergyman” (which is 440 8”,23| judge to try the case of a bishop or of any clergymen in general, 441 8”,23| instance, but before his bishop. If he has a suspicion against 442 8”,23| a suspicion against the bishop, let him bring his case 443 8”,23| from Constantinople to the bishop of Antioch Martyrius, containing 444 8”,23| presbyter by Marcianus the bishop of the Novatians in Constantinople. 445 8”,23| time when, as Macarius the bishop of Ancyra said in ch. 67, 446 8”,23| the emperor by a certain bishop of Nisibis named Barsoumas, 447 8”,23| Theotoke, and Amman the Bishop of Adrianoupolis concurred, 448 8”,23| mean, in his letter to the Bishop of Melitine elucidates precisely, 449 8”,23| thing in his letter to the Bishop of Antioch. Besides, even 450 8”,23| Antioch. Besides, even the Bishop of Constantinople John, 451 8”,23| especially those to Acacius the Bishop of Melitine goes to great 452 8”,23| it came to pass that the bishop of Amochostos named Anthemitus 453 8”,23| molestations attempted by the bishop of Antioch, according to 454 8”,23| present Canon, it says for the Bishop of Cyzicus to preside over 455 8”,23| too, and to ordain its bishop. But Chrysanthus (p. 84 456 8”,23| and commands that another bishop be ordained in his stead, 457 8”,23| in the place of a living bishop unless the latter voluntarily 458 8”,23| For it says for another bishop to be ordained after the 459 8”,23| Before being installed as a bishop, a bishop lives for himself; 460 8”,23| installed as a bishop, a bishop lives for himself; but after 461 8”,23| to retain the honor of a bishop and the name and activity, 462 8”,23| for the honor and title of bishop. But if he is begging for 463 8”,23| justly so.” For the name bishop is not absolute, but relative. 464 8”,23| absolute, but relative. For a bishop must be the bishop of an 465 8”,23| For a bishop must be the bishop of an episcopate. Whoever, 466 8”,23| not even to be called a bishop (unless it be with the modification “ 467 8”,23| not to bear the name of bishop, much more ought he not 468 8”,23| honor or the activity of a bishop. For the honor and activity 469 8”,23| honor and activity of the bishop are bestowed as a prize 470 8”,23| I of St. Cyril says that Bishop Peter “either ought to have 471 8”,23| have the functions of a bishop, or, if he is not worthy 472 8”,23| honored with the name of bishop.” But what am I saying that 473 8”,23| have the honor and title of bishop? Why, they ought even to 474 8”,23| title and activity of a bishop at all, we answer that it 475 8”,23| letter to the effect that Bishop Theodore (whose bishopric 476 8”,23| who was a monk and became Bishop of Antioch. From these heretics 477 8”,23| the heresy of Julian, a bishop of Halicarnassus, by whom 478 8”,23| whom he was also ordained Bishop of Alexandria. These heretics 479 8”,23| accordance with the ideas of the bishop, according to c. X of Theophilus, 480 8”,23| about it first with the bishop, and must agree to give 481 8”,23| the future; and then the bishop shall make the matter known 482 8”,23| shall be obliged by the bishop and the stewards and the 483 8”,23| exaggeration. Hence Macarius the bishop of Ancyra understands by “ 484 8”,23| History, and by Nicholas the bishop of Methone in writing against 485 8”,23| authorities and concede that the Bishop of Constantinople is chief 486 8”,23| judge over all, because the Bishop of Rome is chief even of 487 8”,23| Rome is chief even of the Bishop of Constantinople according 488 8”,23| according to the Canons. So the Bishop, or Pope, of Rome is the 489 8”,23| the Canon as meaning the Bishop of Rome by the phraseExarch 490 8”,23| Diocese, that is to say, the Bishop of Rome, though by concession 491 8”,23| may be tried before the Bishop of Constantinople. All these 492 8”,23| truth. For the fact that the Bishop of Constantinople has no 493 8”,23| Council held in Chalcedon the Bishop of Constantinople named 494 8”,23| and taking Tyre from its Bishop, namely, Photius, and handing 495 8”,23| it over to Eusebius, the Bishop of Berytus, and for deposing 496 8”,23| Tyre. That is why Isaac the Bishop of Ephesus told Michael, 497 8”,23| the Palaeologi, that the Bishop of Constantinople does not 498 8”,23| judgment and decision of the Bishop of Constantinople is not 499 8”,23| Council, had intended the Bishop of Constantinople to entertain 500 8”,23| foregoing Papists that the Bishop ot Constantinople can judge

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