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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | strictly applied the rule which says that the lawmaker always “ 2 1 | his letter "Ad Afros" he says explicitly 318. This figure 3 1”,1 | the present Canon, which says: Whoever has been made a 4 1”,2 | letter, too, is plain which says, “not a novice, lest being 5 1”,2 | c. LXXX ordains. For it says: Since in times past many 6 1”,2 | worthiness. For the Apostle says to Timothy: “Let not a novice ( 7 1”,3 | is Justinian Novel 123, says as follows: “We too forbid, 8 1”,3 | them? For Basil the Great says (in his discussion of virginity) 9 1”,3 | bodies, in defiance, he says, of every right reasoning 10 1”,6 | Canon XIII of Carthage says that if any one of those 11 1”,7 | metropolis are both Josephus, who says, in his book VII on the 12 1”,7 | the Jews; and Philo, who says that it was the metropolis, 13 1”,9 | holy orders. Because, it says, the catholic Church demands 14 1”,9 | Canon III of Theophilus says that if anyone has been 15 1”,10| account the present Canon says that as many persons as 16 1”,11| being forced to do so. It says in effect: As for those 17 1”,11| Translator. — The original saystwo,” apparently by mistake) 18 1”,11| LXXXI of the same saint it says that those who without any 19 1”,11| is given by Sozomen, who says (Book VII, ch. 16): “In 20 1”,11| deeds . . .” And again he says: “In the church of the Romans 21 1”,12| c. XXVIII of Nicephorus says that if a secular person 22 1”,13| communion. But Balsamon says that such a person as this 23 1”,14| Basil the Great in his c. XX says: “And in general the events 24 1”,14| accordingly, whatever the law says to them, it is speaking 25 1”,17| the Psalm of David which says that the chosen man is one “ 26 1”,18| disregard of due order. For it says that it has come to the 27 1”,18| superior, as the Apostle says, and not the opposite way 28 1”,18| But even c. XX of Laodicea says that a deacon must not sit 29 1”,19| thereto.~ Canon XCV of the 6th says in identically the same 30 1”,19| XL of the same council says the same thing); but it 31 1”,19| Photius, Title VIII, ch. 14) says that a deaconess ought not 32 2”,2 | persecutions, and, as Theodoret says, blessed Eusebius of Samosata 33 2”,2 | which the present Council says to the effect that the synod 34 2”,3 | Constantinople specially, and says that he is to share the 35 2”,3 | Chalcedon in its letter to Leo says that he held such authority 36 2”,5 | and particular one. For it says that, just as the Fathers 37 2”,6 | What the present Canon says may be stated as follows. 38 2”,6 | Carthage, on the other hand, says that any bishop or presbyter 39 2”,7 | portion of the saved. It says that, as for Arians and 40 2”,7 | 6th. Canon XLVII of Basil says for Encratites, and Saccophori, 41 2”,7 | Canon V of the same saint says for us to accept those heretics 42 3 | of its own (as Dositheus says, and as is made manifest 43 3 | I learn. The same Cyril says the following: To become 44 3”,2 | too, like the first one, says that in case any bishops 45 3”,8 | that the God-inspired Bible says, “Do everything heedfully” ( 46 3”,8 | been embarrassed, as he says, by some persons, and having 47 3”,8 | In addition the Council says to the bishops of Pamphylia, 48 4”,9 | Canon LXXXVII of the same C. says that if clergymen charged 49 4”,9 | Canon CXV of the same C. says that if a clergyman quarreling 50 4”,12| the First Ec. C., which says that one who has not been 51 4”,14| from what the present Canon says that this was not permitted 52 4”,14| or chrism), as Zonaras says (though it would be more 53 4”,15| Armenopoulos, moreover, says (Book VI, Title III) that 54 4”,16| Gregory the Theologian says, how great indeed is the 55 4”,17| old. In addition, c. CXXX says that in case anyone deems 56 4”,18| 23:21) wherein the latter says: “more than forty men who 57 4”,22| the death of their bishop, says the present Canon, clergymen 58 4”,26| Interpretation.~Since, says the present Canon, we have 59 4”,29| rank of presbyter; for, says he, it is not something 60 4”,29| more than sacred, because, says he, through the invocation 61 6 | For, as most wise Photius says, it was not within the ability 62 7 | or John Damascene), who says, “consult the definitions 63 7 | 4 of the Seventh Ec. C.) says in reference to this same 64 7”,1 | the Theologian,[128] which says that it is the best policy 65 7”,2 | eighty-five in all, which it says that the Fathers preceding 66 7”,3 | XXVII of St. Basil the Great says. All those Presbyters, again, 67 7”,7 | of St. Luke, wherein He says: “For he himself used to 68 7”,10| Interpretation.~As for any bishop (says the present Canon), or any 69 7”,12| For the divine Apostle says: “Do all for the glory of 70 7”,12| and Christians. Just as I, says he, try to please all persons 71 7”,13| utterance in the Gospel says unequivocally: Let no man 72 7”,14| about thirty years of age,” says Luke, 3:23). Certainly He 73 7”,14| c. XXI of Carthage also says. Nor can a woman become 74 7”,14| Justinian, who in his Novel 123 says: “We do not allow a man 75 7”,15| Interpretation.~As for a subdeacon (says the present Canon), let 76 7”,19| however, c. XIX of Laodicea says that the Bishop must first 77 7”,20| It is not permissible (says the present Canon) for any 78 7”,26| asserts in its c. XXI, which says: “We praise frugal and cheap 79 7”,26| matter. But the Lord also says: “Beware of those who want 80 7”,26| Six Days of Creation he says that if you see anyone clothed 81 7”,26| First Epistle to Timothy says: “Seest thou a human being 82 7”,26| from above and unsewed? says: “But who is ignorant of 83 7”,26| corsets.” And at the end he says: “If, then, you desire these 84 7”,29| them again. Nevertheless, says this Canon, we have given 85 7”,30| on the other hand, which says that neither bishops nor 86 7”,30| of houses, as this Canon says, but only in houses in general, 87 7”,31| and used wine, derived, he says, from the product of the 88 7”,34| Interpretation.~No Metropolitan, says the present Canon, has any 89 7”,39| sooner. But c. VI of Carthage says also that virgins ought 90 7”,39| LI of the same Council says that they ought to be provided 91 7”,42| XXV of Nicephorus, too, says that if anyone who is ill 92 7”,45| monastery without a blessing, he says for him to be deprived of 93 7”,53| as for what the Council says that Basil said, Basil asserts 94 7”,59| spirit with Him, as St. Paul says. Balsamon states that such 95 7”,60| darkness?” as the Apostle says; “or what agreement hath 96 7”,60| with the Devil, as St. Paul says? But we must note that the 97 7”,63| the same body, as St. Paul says, so and in like manner there 98 7”,63| order in discussions) he says that one person in the Church 99 7”,63| soldiers? Solomon, too, says: “Be not glib of speech 100 7”,63| declare. For they shall be, it says, all taught of God: in which 101 7”,64| disciples of the Gospel! It says that King Manasseh built 102 7”,67| It is not permissible, says the present Canon, for anyone 103 7”,68| Nicephorus, in his c. XV, says that nuns ought to enter 104 7”,68| according to what Balsamon says in his interpretation of 105 7”,69| churches of the saints,” says Paul the Apostle, “in the 106 7”,69| interpreter of the Canons, says.~ The children of Israel 107 7”,71| be separated, as St. Paul says, and indeed even St. Basil’ 108 7”,72| the bondage of sin. Hence (says the present Canon) we ought 109 7”,74| David the prophet, too, says, “chant ye understandingly” ( 110 7”,74| Epitomized Definitions, No. 279) says: “Understanding the words 111 7”,74| Epitomized Def., No. 307) says that they should practice 112 7”,74| XXIII of the same Council says that psalts are not to wear 113 7”,76| only for the penance. It says, then, that those in major 114 7”,76| 32). And if, as Zonaras says, merely meeting a woman 115 7”,77| XLVI of Laodicea, which says that those who are getting 116 7”,77| same Council of Laodicea says that those who are baptized 117 7”,78| speaking against Collyridiani says that certain are wont to 118 7”,79| the Sardican Canon, which says that bishops must not leave 119 7”,79| etc., the Sardican Council says these words with regard 120 7”,79| whereas the present Council says them with regard also to 121 7”,84| slave: since the Holy Writ says that every word must be 122 7”,86| prophecy of Jeremiah, which says that “if a wife transfers 123 7”,86| from c. IX of Basil. It says in effect that any wife 124 7”,86| prophecy of Jeremiah which says in effect that if a wife 125 7”,86| Proverbs of Solomon, who says that any man is impious 126 7”,86| c. XXXV of St. Basil. It says: If, therefore, it should 127 7”,86| St. Basil the Great. It says: He, however, who (except 128 7”,86| the Lord’s decision, which says: “Whosoever shall put away 129 7”,87| testimony from Scripture, which says that the Sabbath was made 130 7”,90| Apology for Christians, says this very thing. See also 131 7”,93| excommunicated, as Balsamon says, not only these men, but 132 7”,93| in general. For the Lord says that we are not to swear 133 7”,93| the Great in his c. XXIX says that swearing an oath is 134 7”,93| Definitions, the same St. Basil says that it is ludicrous for 135 7”,94| it to the point where it says “and then we baptize them,” 136 7”,94| present Council’s own, which says that the Manicheans,[239] 137 7”,94| the Great, in his c. XL, says that Encratites,[244] and 138 7”,95| on Christ” (Gal. 3:27), says the great Apostle Paul. 139 7”,95| Aquila, on the other hand, says: “You shall not encircle 140 7”,98| So what the present Canon says is that this custom which 141 8”,1 | too, the beholder of God, says so in the following words: “ 142 8”,1 | 1 Pet. 1:12). And Paul says: “Though we, or an angel 143 8”,1 | the reason, too, why Moses says that no one is to add anything 144 8”,1 | Peter, exulting in them, says that the angels would like 145 8”,1 | vanquished enemies, as David says, we too joyfully embrace 146 8”,1 | have at hand, as St. Paul says, so too do we refrain from 147 8”,2 | be made a bishop; for God says through the prophet Hosea ( 148 8”,3 | accordance with the Canon which says: “If any bishop comes into 149 8”,4 | commodity. For the Apostle says: “The unrighteous shall 150 8”,5 | the Apostolic Canon which says: “If any bishop, or presbyter, 151 8”,5 | assembled in Chalcedon, which says: “If any bishop ordain anyone 152 8”,6 | actually is a Canon which says canonical discussions must 153 8”,7 | it more naively, since it says that the previous sins one 154 8”,15| ecclesiastics. For the Lord says that nobody can serve two 155 8”,15| own hands, as he himself says. So for a clergyman to be 156 8”,18| unoffending even to outsiders, says the Apostle (1 Cor. 10:32). 157 8”,19| that, as Basil the Great says, what is disreputable from 158 8”,19| works. So the present Canon says that inasmuch as these men 159 8”,20| even the prophet Zechariah says on this account for the 160 8”,21| the monk in question, it says, shall be neither a cleric 161 8”,23| drinking, the divine Apostle says, you are doing everything 162 8”,23| is condemned, in that He says: “Whosoever looketh on a 163 8”,23| desiderative faculty. Balsamon says that a psychical (or animal) 164 8”,23| concerning the City of God) says that the Devil is not a 165 8”,23| reveals this by what he says or does, and is exposed 166 8”,23| men; on which account he says:~“As for the subintroductors, 167 8”,23| fault with such persons and says: “They not only provide 168 8”,23| subintroductae, p. 214 of vol. vi) says the following: “There are 169 8”,23| Great (ascetic ordinance 4) says that even though we allow 170 8”,23| such young men. In fact he says verbatim:~ “Beware of every 171 8”,23| concerning renunciation, he says: If you are a young man 172 8”,23| young men (as the same Basil says in his discourse concerning 173 8”,23| women. “For when they gaze” (says the same Basil in the above 174 8”,23| History (Book I, ch. 9), says that “all the Fathers of 175 8”,23| corresponding with Theophilus says in a letter of his concerning 176 8”,23| present Canon in its Act XIII, says: “This Canon prescribes 177 8”,23| ecclesiastical action, as Epiphanius says in his Haer. 61. By exercising 178 8”,23| consequence of Ap. c. XXXIV, which says that the bishops of each 179 8”,23| what the catholic Church says about them. Dionysius, too, 180 8”,23| being presupposed, the Canon says: Let the ancient customs 181 8”,23| the Bishop of Rome,” it says. What treatment is that? 182 8”,23| made of the present Canon says the same thing. And the 183 8”,23| XXXV of Carthage expressly says this. For such a laying 184 8”,23| council held in Illyberia says that heretics are to be 185 8”,23| belonged. The same Canon also says that such a chorepiscopus 186 8”,23| Canon XIV of Neocaesarea says that chorepiscopi, being 187 8”,23| Moreover, c. XIV of the 7th says that it was an ancient custom 188 8”,23| Because, as divine Chrysostom says, “God does not ordain all 189 8”,23| arguments, among which he says these things too: “God’s 190 8”,23| Thessalonica (Reply 13) says: “in regard to ordination 191 8”,23| mysteries. Woe, however, (says the same Symeon ibidem) “ 192 8”,23| concerning holy orders) says: “A pastor ought not to 193 8”,23| penanced (or, as the original says, “canonized”) a soldier 194 8”,23| Epistle to the Corinthians, says: “I am not asking for a 195 8”,23| again in the same Homily he says that it is not the multitude 196 8”,23| Discourse on the Lights, says that “we ought not to accept 197 8”,23| by the name of Dionysius, says that if a person is still 198 8”,23| communion while dying, he says that if a priest absolves 199 8”,23| such persons should live, says he, thereafter, they must 200 8”,23| Dionysius the sacred martyr says, in chapter 3 of his Hist. 201 8”,23| why Symeon of Thessalonica says: “Deacons must not offer 202 8”,23| Divine Epiphanius, too, says the same thing in his Haer. 203 8”,23| reprehension is another (says divine Chrysostom in his 204 8”,23| of virtue were then rare, says to Titus: Appoint Bishops, 205 8”,23| because St. Paul expressly says, in his First Epistle to 206 8”,23| addition Epiphanius (Haer. 9) says concerning them that the 207 8”,23| it is true that Balsmon says, in reply to Question 35 208 8”,23| again in the same reply says that in Constantinople deaconesses 209 8”,23| Stromateus, in his Book III, says that the Apostles had women 210 8”,23| Revelation (v. 3 to 7), where it says that Satan was shut up and 211 8”,23| what St. Basil the Great says (letter 332), and from what 212 8”,23| from what the Theologian says (Discourse 51), and from 213 8”,23| 51), and from what Jerome says (Book 18 on Isaiah). On 214 8”,23| Nyssa, but as Dositheus says (p. 1028 of the Dodecabiblus) 215 8”,23| Socrates (in his book 5, ch. 8) says that the Second Council 216 8”,23| those interpreting Socrates, says, in regard to those whom 217 8”,23| faith that the present Canon says that the Council accepted ( 218 8”,23| made of this. The letter says verbatim: “The details respecting 219 8”,23| his apology to the Emperor says the following: “My accusers 220 8”,23| bishops and clergymen he says: “For whether a metropolitan 221 8”,23| themselves with myron; for he says of them the following: “ 222 8”,23| Great, in his letter 72, says of the Arians: “If they 223 8”,23| believe the Lord when He says “the Spirit, which proceedeth 224 8”,23| belonged to the Son. For he says in the apology (i.e., answer) 225 8”,23| the Creed the same saint says: “The Spirit is effused, 226 8”,23| of his History, ch. 32) says that Origen himself while 227 8”,23| in writing to Nestorius, says that even Athanasius the 228 8”,23| on the birth of Christ, says: “The Theotoke never ceased 229 8”,23| first letter to Cledonius, says: “If there be anyone that 230 8”,23| addressing the Greeks, he says: “For where among your deities 231 8”,23| discourse on the Annunciation, says these following words: “ 232 8”,23| St. Epiphanius (Haer. 78) says: “Who, having said Mary, 233 8”,23| Council held in Florence says that heretics had composed 234 8”,23| Orthodox. For whatever the law says, the Council necessarily 235 8”,23| general, “to no one,” it says, “is this permissible,” 236 8”,23| writing to John of Antiocheia says verbatim: “We will under 237 8”,23| Seventh Ecumenical Council says: “We preserve intact the 238 8”,23| Nicaea. And divine Cyril says the same thing in his letter 239 8”,23| Constantinople Justinian himself says: “on account of the Scriptural 240 8”,23| his letter to Cledonius says: “We have never at any time 241 8”,23| confirming the present Canon, it says for the Bishop of Cyzicus 242 8”,23| 84 of the Syntagmation) says that Carthage was the first 243 8”,23| ought not to occur. For it says, in paraphrase, that “once 244 8”,23| thing had occurred; for it says, in paraphrase, “we do not 245 8”,23| the composer of it), who says in his c. III: “This thing 246 8”,23| correct even this. For it says for another bishop to be 247 8”,23| St. Gregory of Nyssa he says: “Not of Nazianzo, but of 248 8”,23| Philagrius, on the other hand, he says the following: “If it is 249 8”,23| from this letter. For it says, in paraphrase, that “Eustathius 250 8”,23| is why c. I of St. Cyril says that Bishop Peter “either 251 8”,23| and as divine Chrysostom says in his liturgies, in the 252 8”,23| this account, as Balsamon says in his commentary on c. 253 8”,23| self-condemned, whereas anyone that says that he is not worthy ought 254 8”,23| things are what Photius says in opposing the recusancy 255 8”,23| either because, as Leonius says, he did not anathematize 256 8”,23| Peter the Chartophylax says that monks must not become 257 8”,23| Nicephorus the Chartophylax also says that the Church mandatorily 258 8”,23| monasteries, as Balsamon says (comment on ch. 3 of Title 259 8”,23| chartophylax of the great Church says that a monk can neither 260 8”,23| penalty. For divine Chrysostom says the following: “For do not 261 8”,23| noted that the same Basil says for the head of the monastery 262 8”,23| the present Canon. For it says for no one to leave his 263 8”,23| dioceses,” just as, he says, the divine Bible often 264 8”,23| for instance, where it says “there went up a mist from 265 8”,23| earth.” And that the Canon says that anyone having a dispute 266 8”,23| subject to appeal, but merely says indefinitely that no appeal 267 8”,23| For Justinian Novel 123 says to let the Patriarch of 268 8”,23| title of his Legal Epitome says that the court of the Patriarch 269 8”,23| Ecclesiastical Compilation, says: “Let the competent Patriarch 270 8”,23| VI of the Second Ec. C. says, if anyone dishonors all 271 8”,23| from what the same Balsamon says, that in those times the 272 8”,23| many crosses, as Balsamon says, on page 447 of the Juris 273 8”,23| to mention it in what he says concerning disputes between 274 8”,23| That is why Zonaras too says that the Bishop of Constantinople 275 8”,23| Sardica the same authority says: “The Bishop of Constantinople 276 8”,23| Title XII and Title XIII, says that since ordinance One 277 8”,23| Title V, ordinance twelve, says that in case there is a 278 8”,23| eighteen of the same Title it says that if one of the parties 279 8”,23| according to what Balsamon says in his Thirty-third Reply. 280 8”,23| Thessalonica (in Reply 47 says the same thing, adding that 281 8”,23| Theologian in his Epic Verses says that a chaste marriage is 282 8”,23| marriage; consequently, says he, one ought either to 283 8”,23| Jerusalem with Samaria. Thus he says these things in poetical 284 8”,23| even divine Epiphanius says (Haer. 61): “It is better, 285 8”,23| Church.” St. Chrysostom says in his letter to Theodore 286 8”,23| monk, on the other hand, he says that we must not even greet 287 8”,23| Divine Nicephorus, too, says the same things in his c. 288 8”,23| Nicephorus, in his c. XX, says: “If any nun be ravished 289 8”,23| 3rd. For while the latter says with reference to provinces 290 8”,23| Title 82, John of Antioch saysFellow Monastics,” instead 291 8”,23| Photius, in Title IX, ch. 37, says that the civil law punishes 292 8”,23| reference to the present Canon, says: “Do not assert that a conspiracy 293 8”,23| in Book XI, Title VII, says that when sacred things 294 8”,23| that which Basil the Great says (see his Ethic 30) is as 295 8”,23| Canon XXII of Basil also says the same thing; but if they 296 8”,23| capital of an empire. For, says the present Canon, “the 297 8”,23| Sacred Catechism, page 133, says, I know not on what grounds, 298 8”,23| as false, as the Apostle says. On the other hand it is 299 8”,23| dissertation wherein he says: “Being a single hypostasis 300 8”,23| Council; and Pope Innocent III says in reference to c. XXXII 301 8”,23| account of the distance, says Blastaris, from Rome to 302 8”,23| Demosthenes, in which that orator says: “I take it that anyone 303 8”,23| meant in what the Canon here says about the faith which has 304 8”,23| ranks), which the Canon says here was abolished by the 305 8”,23| of the Juris Graecorum), says that an Anagnost who receives 306 8”,23| That is why St. Chrysostom says in agreement herewith for 307 8”,23| Canon VI of the Apostles says this very same thing. And 308 8”,23| flocks, since, as St. Paul says, “he that is married careth 309 8”,23| which in speaking of bishops says: “If any be blameless, the 310 8”,23| one wife” (Titus 1:6) and says “It was on this account 311 8”,23| continue living, as the Council says, with their wives even after 312 8”,23| in the same Discourse) says: “Appoint bishops, if any 313 8”,23| is why divine Chrysostom says, in interpreting the above 314 8”,23| on the Lights, where he says: “Jesus was purified when 315 8”,23| 145] Note that Zonaras says in his interpretation of 316 8”,23| made a mistake where he says that ch. 57 of the second 317 8”,23| book of the Injunctions says for subdeacons to stand 318 8”,23| mystery of holy orders) says that they were given the 319 8”,23| 147] True, Sozomen says (in book VII, ch. 19) that 320 8”,23| for the Christians. For he says that on Sunday Christians 321 8”,23| Sanctuary). St. Chrysostom, too, says that they have the teaching 322 8”,23| writing to St. Augustine says, “I wish I had your halo”; 323 8”,23| interpreting c. XLIV of Basil, says that those who have been 324 8”,23| 13). Let the deacon, it says, hold the chalice, and, 325 8”,23| in his second Apology, says that deacons were also wont 326 8”,23| regular business, as St. Paul says, and being traffickers in 327 8”,23| which c. LXX of Carthage says to the effect that these 328 8”,23| Carthage in its c. XVII says that it is ever and always 329 8”,23| what St. Basil the Great says (see in extenso XX). No 330 8”,23| works. St. Chrysostom, too, says (Horn. 12 on the First Ep. 331 8”,23| And again the same saint says: “Frequenting theaters has 332 8”,23| Canons. So when the Canon says for such a priest not to 333 8”,23| other prerogatives which it says are to remain unaffected, 334 8”,23| regard to which the Canon says that they are to be retained 335 8”,23| Novel 79 of Leo the Wise says for presbyters, deacons, 336 8”,23| the fact remains that it says that this service is something 337 8”,23| of Thessalonica (ch. 94) says that priests must be very 338 8”,23| why c. LXXXIX of the 6th says for us to celebrate the 339 8”,23| because further above it says for the bread to be blessed, 340 8”,23| question. For divine Chrysostom says, in his Homily on the Great 341 8”,23| Monastery of the Pantocrator. It says, however, also this, that 342 8”,23| rush huts. Balsamon also says this same thing in his Reply 343 8”,23| regard for what Synesius says to the effect that that 344 8”,23| prayerhouse, just as Zonaras says, not that it is conflicting 345 8”,23| Nicephorus in his c. XIII says that a presbyter must not 346 8”,23| Thessalonica (Question 81) says that if they happen to be 347 8”,23| Thessalonica (Reply 83) says that if the priest happens 348 8”,23| Ecumenical Council accepts it, says nevertheless in Question 349 8”,23| rejoices in Thee,” which he says is to be chanted after the 350 8”,23| which the saint indeed says that he used to read, without, 351 8”,23| subject to Cyprus. But Zonaras says that whether the Bishop 352 8”,23| The Anonymous commentator says that after Cyprus was liberated 353 8”,23| hand, in the Canon in hand, says that it is attained in the 354 8”,23| Timothy in his c. XVIII says that sins of some persons 355 8”,23| Definition 15 in extenso) says that “after the perfect 356 8”,23| of Kitros, in his c. IV, says that male children ought 357 8”,23| come to be older. Hence God says that the Israelites could 358 8”,23| Carthage, on the other hand, says that virgins are to take 359 8”,23| Christians, as it itself says, but also for the acuter 360 8”,23| Definition 15 in extenso). “For,” says Jeremiah, “it is a good 361 8”,23| of the present 6th, which says that the wife of one destined 362 8”,23| with that which St. Paul says, to wit: “Having been damned 363 8”,23| Climax. God, by the way, says through Isaiah that shaving 364 8”,23| 12). And if, as St. Paul says, any man in general is ugly 365 8”,23| monk by the name of Paul says: “This is the great and 366 8”,23| of Thessalonica (ch. 20) says that just as baptism is 367 8”,23| of c. V of the lst-&-2nd) says that a person who has put 368 8”,23| is unwilling to do this, says Balsamon, he is to be punished 369 8”,23| to c. XVIII of Basil, who says there the same things as 370 8”,23| what Symeon of Thessalonica says (in ch. 360) to the effect 371 8”,23| addition be it noted that Job says that a plurality of monks 372 8”,23| like a worldling, Balsamon says that this concession is 373 8”,23| wearing the rason. For, it says, they would take and put 374 8”,23| discourse concerning virginity says, “let thy coat be black, 375 8”,23| discourse concerning virginity, says that “virginity does not 376 8”,23| wrapper”). And when Abba Isaac says, “wrap up your pallium,” 377 8”,23| Thessalonica. For that authority says (in ch. 273) “last, as comprehensive 378 8”,23| brought out by what the priest says, to wit: “Our brother so-and-so 379 8”,23| agreement. And the Lord says: “What therefore God hath 380 8”,23| and agreement, as St. Paul says; and, if so, they must be 381 8”,23| writing to Armentarius, says that one party cannot become 382 8”,23| Epistle to the Corinthians) says that since because of continence 383 8”,23| Book of Numbers. For it says that if a wife make any 384 8”,23| when c. XXIV of the 4th says this expressly? For that 385 8”,23| in the East, as St. Basil says in his letter to Patricia 386 8”,23| the West, as St. Jerome says in his letter to Pammachius, 387 8”,23| and that is what Argentes says. See also the Footnote to 388 8”,23| chapter 5 of stich. 300, says: “Just as soldiers at war, 389 8”,23| as Symeon of Thessalonica says (Reply 41), to keep presanctified 390 8”,23| completely forbidden. But, he says, the priests must be persons 391 8”,23| enchanters divine Chrysostom says that even though they name 392 8”,23| in his Sermon on Statues says: “Are you not ashamed, O 393 8”,23| Chrysostom (Homily 3 on 1 Thess.) says “Those who fall sick and 394 8”,23| against Jews (Discourse 5) he says thus: “And you, if you firmly 395 8”,23| 65 of Leo the Wise, too, says that “whoever appears with 396 8”,23| conjuring ventriloquists God says that they are to be stoned ( 397 8”,23| just as the present Canon says.~ ~ [196] These same things 398 8”,23| as concerning whom God says that “a woman shall not 399 8”,23| and bonfires, as Blastaris says (ch. 3 of stich. 5); just 400 8”,23| according to custom. For, says Theodoret, after offering 401 8”,23| Thessalonica, on the other hand, says (ch. 143) that an emperor 402 8”,23| why divine Chrysostom also says: “Woman taught once (i.e., 403 8”,23| silent must she remain,” he says, “that not merely as regarding 404 8”,23| Cross divine Chrysostom says: “let us hang it (sc. the 405 8”,23| Morals of the Italians, says that the Latins used to 406 8”,23| Gregory the Theologian says against Julian: “He resorts 407 8”,23| fears are dissolved.” He says these things about Julian 408 8”,23| on St. Matt., Chrysostorn says: “Like a halo, thus do we 409 8”,23| divine Mysteries, as Zonaras says, and as St. Chrysostom does 410 8”,23| by Constantine, Eusebius says that they were called thus 411 8”,23| meaningless utterances); and he says that these things are natural, 412 8”,23| Pegas, a very learned man, says in his third discourse concerning 413 8”,23| volume of the Octateuch) says that “even the Jews will 414 8”,23| the bishop of Photica, says (in ch. 52 of his Philocal., 415 8”,23| Psalm of David wherein he says: “My soul hath thirsted 416 8”,23| Son, as St. John Damascene says (in Book III, ch. 57), but 417 8”,23| 905 of the second volume) says for the Lady Theotoke to 418 8”,23| any sin.~ ~ [221] Zonaras says that although the expression “ 419 8”,23| John of Citrus expressly says for bodies of dead persons 420 8”,23| in Title XIII, ch. 21, says that the term whoremonger 421 8”,23| agreement with this Canon says: “All peoples pass the six 422 8”,23| after midnight. Balsamon says that in those days the Christians 423 8”,23| recorded by Curopalates, who says: “The Emperor sits on the 424 8”,23| man named Gazes Paisius, says that when the Jews exclaimed “ 425 8”,23| celebrated. This miracle, he says, has come down to us through 426 8”,23| why Nicetas of Heracleia says: “If a man departs from 427 8”,23| again.”~ ~ [234] Blastaris says that these Fathers decreed 428 8”,23| want to have oaths taken, says (Hom. 8 on statues): “Well, 429 8”,23| to keep it.” And again he says (Catechism I for those about 430 8”,23| oaths, show me where He says this, and I will be persuaded. 431 8”,23| meant the Devil), since He says “for whatsoever is more 432 8”,23| Definitions in Extenso) says that it is a great piece 433 8”,23| and whatever else St. Paul says in connection with the name 434 8”,23| oath, as St. Chrysostom says. (It may be that St. Paul 435 8”,23| which Athanasius the Great says with respect to the third 436 8”,23| Ecum. C. in its sixth Act says: “Let us not accustom the 437 8”,23| Gregory the Theologian says the following in his epic 438 8”,23| that is unnatural. “For,” says he, “God the Creator made 439 8”,23| 249] St. Nicephorus says, in his c. III, that if 440 8”,23| Catech. Mystag. 5), who says: “When yon approach the 441 8”,23| In other manuscripts it saysstayed.”~ ~ [254] In other 442 8”,23| In other manuscripts it saysgive him more.”~ ~ [255] 443 8”,23| Symeon of Thessalonica, who says (Reply 11): “The man who 444 8”,23| John of Cirtus expressly says in some reply (extant in 445 8”,23| why Balsamon (Reply 32) says that if an unsacred abbot 446 8”,23| the charto-phylax, too, says that monks who are not priests, 447 8”,23| of the Councils, vol. II, says that this Council was held 448 8”,23| of the Conciliar Records) says that that was the number 449 8”,23| Fathers attending it. Psellus says so too. Photius says that 450 8”,23| Psellus says so too. Photius says that there were 367, in 451 8”,23| definition this Council says for images to be produced 452 8”,23| Theodosius the bishop of Amorion says in Act 4 of the same Council) 453 8”,23| as an anonymous writer says. Though, I say, the woman 454 8”,23| Law, as Pope Gregory II says in writing to St. Germanus ( 455 8”,23| present Council, and which says: “It being obvious that 456 8”,23| LXXXII of the 6th, moreover, says that we ought to perfer 457 8”,23| of the kingdom of Christ) says the following: “I myself 458 8”,23| coming true, wherein he says: ‘Lord, in thy city Thou 459 8”,23| the Patriarch of Antioch says: “though, as a matter of 460 8”,23| hand, in the same Act 5, says that the reason why angels 461 8”,23| For, according to them,” says he, “even angels are possessed 462 8”,23| same Council in its Act 6 says, and as does St. Basil himself 463 8”,23| Spirit. St. Athana-sius also says: “Whosoever pays adoration 464 8”,23| some “Theodore of Studium”) says in his letter to St. Athanasius. 465 8”,23| perhaps, as St. Chrysostom says, because the things said 466 8”,23| of the Conciliar Records) says that we do not blazon the 467 8”,23| since it is impossible, he says, to blazon or paint God’ 468 8”,23| Dositheus, on the other hand, says (p. 658 of the Dodecabiblus) 469 8”,23| the unlearned, as Dialogus says in his book to Secundus; 470 8”,23| Christ. For St. Nicephorus says (in the ten chapters which 471 8”,23| rock, just as the Gospel says, but painting Christ, on 472 8”,23| Photius, in Title I, ch. 2, says that the third ordinance 473 8”,23| concerning Peter, which says: “Peter the coryphaean summit, 474 8”,23| in its Act 6, in what it says concerning the Theandric 475 8”,23| Athanasius, as Nicetas says: for St. Athanasius was 476 8”,23| In other manuscripts it says “idian empatheian,” i.e., 477 8”,23| saying, St. Paul in the Acts says that the Lord said it. But 478 8”,23| interpreting the Epistles General, says that a sin unto death, concerning 479 8”,23| concerning which St. John says, “there is a sin unto death, 480 8”,23| the Sinaite (Question 54) says that a sin unto death is 481 8”,23| this Council Ecumenius too says that a sin unto death is 482 8”,23| saying may be fulfilled which says: “A divine chorus of Martyrs 483 8”,23| Thessalonica (ch. 127, p. 226) says that if there be need of 484 8”,23| Balsamon, furthermore, says that a prelate ought not 485 8”,23| reasonable. John of Kitros says further, in his c. IX, that 486 8”,23| of martyrs. Balsamon also says this same thing in Reply 487 8”,23| persons. But perhaps the Canon says that these things may be 488 8”,23| Catholics is worse yet: it says, “charity dealeth not perversely.” 489 8”,23| the same fabric, where it says: “Thou shalt not wear a 490 8”,23| Isidorus the Pelousiote says that Moses would not let 491 8”,23| that St. Basil the Great says (in his Ascetic Ordinance 492 8”,23| office, whereas this Canon says that he must either cease 493 8”,23| solve the perplexity, and says that the canon of the 4th 494 8”,23| assertion in the Canon. For it says that if the person doing 495 8”,23| II of Book I of the Code says that those who leave their 496 8”,23| Definitions in Extensa, No. 33, says that “in the conversations 497 8”,23| decrees something. For he says in his c. XXII that if a 498 8”,23| psychical injury which, he says, he ought first to reveal 499 8”,23| what John of the Climax says (in his discourse concerning 500 8”,23| In other manuscripts it says in addition, “only let it

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