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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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1 Intro | Introduction.~In the area of church discipline, the work of 2 Intro | of the structures of the Church, of her discipline, and 3 Intro | councils constitute the core of Church Law in the Christian East, 4 Intro | important part of the Western Church's law during the first millennium 5 Intro | the field of the Eastern Church's written law. Although 6 Intro | very strong in each local Church. In the fourth century, 7 Intro | between the bishop and his church. Structures of common and 8 Intro | intended to apply to the whole Church. Finally the tendency which 9 Intro | to the decisions of the church hierarchyimplied the 10 Intro | fundamental principle of Byzantine church law. Appealing to custom 11 Intro | constant evolution. The Church had to make concrete adaptations 12 Intro | issued regulations changing church structures already established 13 Intro | nomophylax of the Great Church, at the request of the Emperor 14 Intro | praxis of the whole Orthodox Church. For the historian of institutions, 15 Intro | canons in the Greek Orthodox Church. In 1800, the first edition 16 Intro | fundamental canons of the Church were presented in Russian 17 Intro | the canons of the Orthodox Church with commentaries was published 18 Intro | make known the authentic church discipline which was eclipsed 19 Intro | accepted in the Orthodox Church did not introduce basic 20 Intro | feeling that not only the Church kerygma but also the fundamental 21 Intro | the fundamental norms of Church order were part and parcel 22 Intro | strictly limited to a moment in church history.53 One of the essential, 23 Intro | on a given subject of the Church's general order. The ancient 24 Intro | disciplinary rulings of church authorities.55 The application 25 Intro | expressing a consensus in the Church can block the application 26 Intro | lost its force after the Church ceased to ordain deaconesses. 27 Intro | testimony to the history of Church institutions in the West. 28 1 | were held in the principal church, and in the central hall 29 1 | change, [them] the Catholic Church anathematizes. ~The adhesion 30 1 | ancient faith of the Apostolic Church. The opponents were soon 31 1 | are not to pass from one church to another. ~Canon 16: All 32 1 | forbidden to leave their church. Formal prohibition for 33 1 | wished to return to the Church. ~Canon 20: On Sundays and 34 1”,6 | to the administration of church affairs can be done without 35 1”,8 | the catholic and apostolic Church, it has seemed right to 36 1”,8 | the catholic and apostolic Church. That is, that they will 37 1”,8 | the dogmas of the catholic Church in everything. Wherever 38 1”,8 | a Bishop of the catholic Church, and some of them are joining 39 1”,8 | that, as the Bishop of the Church will keep the dignity of 40 1”,8 | himself was a presbyter in the Church of the Romans who would 41 1”,8 | Novatians join the catholic Church, it has appeared reasonable 42 1”,8 | all dogmas of the catholic Church, that they will accept those 43 1”,8 | Orthodox bishop of the catholic Church. But if in the same church 44 1”,8 | Church. But if in the same church there is also an Orthodox 45 1”,9 | admit them. For the catholic Church insists upon irreproachability.~( 46 1”,9 | Because, it says, the catholic Church demands and wants priests 47 1”,10| according to the canons of the Church from partaking of the divine 48 1”,11| stand in the narthex (of the church) at the “beautiful and royal 49 1”,11| temple (or nave), and of the church, in order to listen to the 50 1”,11| thereupon they shall leave the church. For seven (Note of Translator. — 51 1”,11| with the faithful in the church, or to partake at all of 52 1”,11| beg the laity entering the church to pray for him to the Lord. 53 1”,11| architectural plan, of the church building; and you should 54 1”,11| the congregation of the church acting as witnesses like 55 1”,11| And again he says: “In the church of the Romans the place 56 1”,12| the pretense of going to church a sufficient proof of their 57 1”,12| though allowed to enter the church, they must leave together 58 1”,12| and need not leave the church (ahead of time). In addition 59 1”,12| repentance for them to go to church ostensibly with “kneelers 60 1”,14| were allowed to come to church and stay there until the 61 1”,14| they had to leave the church. The second class was the 62 1”,14| in the narthex of the church, and after three years have 63 1”,14| of catechumens inside the church. But one likely as not might 64 1”,14| though not really in the church nor actually members of 65 1”,14| actually members of the Church, yet, with respect to yearning 66 1”,14| virtually, they are in the Church. For, according to (Gregory) 67 1”,15| him be reinstated in the church in which the Bishop or Presbyter[ 68 1”,15| original position in that church in which he was ordained, 69 1”,15| be ordained in a definite church, and not detachedly, according 70 1”,16| departing from their own church, they must not be admitted 71 1”,16| admitted at all in another church, but they must be stringently 72 1”,16| and ordain him in his own church, without the consent of 73 1”,16| to be reinstated in the church in which they were ordained, 74 1”,16| knowing the Canon of the Church (i.e., Ap. c. XV), rashly 75 1”,16| rashly depart from that church in which they were ordained, 76 1”,16| forced to return to their own church; if, however, they insist 77 1”,16| laymen and faithful in the church (for in this case the present 78 1”,16| communion with laymen in the church), but with their fellow 79 1”,16| rank perhaps) in his own church, without the Bishop of that 80 1”,18| the presbyters do, not in church, but in outside assemblies, 81 1”,19| took refuge in the catholic Church, it is made a definition 82 1”,19| a Bishop of the catholic Church. But if the investigation 83 1”,19| resorted to the catholic Church, that the Canon and form 84 1”,19| the catholic and Orthodox Church, since the former ordination 85 1”,20| some persons who kneel in church on Sunday and on the days 86 2 | Damasus and the whole Western Church, and even to this day they 87 2 | organization and discipline of the Church, indefinitely confirmed 88 2”,2 | East govern the Eastern Church only, the priorities granted 89 2”,2 | priorities granted to the church of the Antiochians in the 90 2”,2 | the affairs of the Asian church, and let those of the Pontic 91 2”,2 | peace reappeared in the Church as a whole, the present 92 2”,3 | contrary to all the catholic Church, and acceptable only to 93 2”,6 | been proscribed from the Church, and those who have thereafter 94 2”,6 | previously been condemned by the Church on certain charges and have 95 2”,6 | discipline and good order of the Church inimically slander Orthodox 96 2”,6 | were anathematized by the Church long ago and those who have 97 2”,6 | have separated from the Church on account of any curable 98 2”,6 | excommunicated from the Church for some misdeeds of theirs, 99 2”,7 | the catholic and apostolic Church of God, and are sealed first 100 2”,7 | them tarry a while in the church and listen to the Scriptures; 101 2”,7 | holy catholic and apostolic Church of God believes (just as 102 2”,7 | peculiar idiom of the Orthodox Church can hardly be said to be 103 2”,7 | outside the Narthex of the church, the priest meantime laying 104 2”,7 | faith, and make them stay in church a long time[67] and listen 105 3 | situated in Asia, in the large church of that city which is called 106 3 | much used in the Orthodox Church as a designation of the 107 3 | in the great (or large) Church, Proclus, while Nestorius 108 3 | and constitution of the Church, and they were confirmed 109 3”,8 | Theodore to take care of the church. For the position could 110 3”,8 | quarreling over the fact that the church was turned over to the said 111 3”,8 | officiate in divine services in church on his own account, unless 112 4 | constitutional organization of the Church. As for the Minutes of the 113 4”,1 | those of the Fathers of the Church should remain confirmed. 114 4”,3 | care of the affairs of the church, or of those of orphans 115 4”,3 | care of the affairs of the church, or orphans, and widows 116 4”,4 | disturb the affairs of the Church and civil government, by 117 4”,4 | of the poor money of the church, in accordance with Ap. 118 4”,6 | particularly assigned to the church of some city, or to a martyry, 119 4”,6 | any case be assigned to a church of a city or village, or 120 4”,6 | to a monastery, or to the church of some martyr, to be mentioned 121 4”,6 | Deacon of such or such a church, or monastery, by name — 122 4”,6 | the name of a particular church or of a monastery is not 123 4”,10| because of its being a larger church, when in reality he is actuated 124 4”,10| reinstated in their own church, wherein they were originally 125 4”,10| already translated from one church to another, let him have 126 4”,10| the affairs of the former church, as regards the martyry 127 4”,10| pretext of its being a larger church, on account of vainglory 128 4”,10| to return to their former church, where they were ordained, 129 4”,10| or transferred, from one church to another, and remains 130 4”,10| the affairs of the former church, by which is meant inns, 131 4”,10| if the clergyman of any church should die, another one 132 4”,10| clergymen of each particular church reach the number prescribed 133 4”,12| who is administering its church; it being left plain that 134 4”,14| communion of the catholic Church. But if they have not baptized 135 4”,14| bring them into the catholic Church. Accordingly, if they have 136 4”,14| acceptable to the Orthodox Church, they shall have the child 137 4”,17| of the parishes of that church have to follow the civil 138 4”,18| forbidden to obtain in the Church of God. If, therefore, there 139 4”,18| forbidden to occur in the Church of God. So if some clergymen 140 4”,20| clergymen officiating in a church to be given a church in 141 4”,20| in a church to be given a church in another city; but, on 142 4”,20| have gone over to another church as a result of their having 143 4”,20| fit to return to his own church.~(Ap. c. XV; cc. XV, XVI 144 4”,20| conducting services in one church are not permitted to be 145 4”,20| been transferred to another church (and who themselves must 146 4”,20| must return to their own church whenever the incursion of 147 4”,20| decides to go back to his own church. Read also the Interpretation 148 4”,23| Defensor of the most holy Church of Constantinople, to take 149 4”,23| disturb the conditions of the Church and cause disorder in the 150 4”,23| through the Defensor of the church to depart from Constantinople 151 4”,25| means profits of the widow church shall be preserved to be 152 4”,25| or Oeconomus) of the same church.~(Ap. c. LVIII; c. XIX of 153 4”,26| right that each and every church that has a Bishop should 154 4”,26| affairs of that particular church in accordance with the views 155 4”,26| the administration of the church being unwitnessed, so as 156 4”,26| the property of the same church from being wasted as a result 157 4”,26| administering the affairs of the church by themselves without the 158 4”,26| that the bishop of every church should have a steward, selected, 159 4”,26| manage the affairs of the church in accordance with wishes 160 4”,26| and when the income of the church is spent, and to prevent 161 4”,26| wasting the funds of the church. As for any prelate that 162 4”,26| manage the affairs of the church, so ought an abbot to have 163 4”,28| priorities of the most holy Church of that same Constantinople 164 4”,28| throne of the most holy Church of Constantinople aforesaid, 165 7 | the internal polity of the Church. Which Canons are the following, 166 7 | confirmed by the whole catholic Church, notwithstanding that the 167 7 | delivered this chapter to the Church by God’s design as a matter 168 7”,1 | a clarion voice, and the Church in which Christ[127] has 169 7”,1 | sacred precincts of the Church Eutyches the vain-minded, 170 7”,1 | distinguished themselves in the Church of God and have become luminaries 171 7”,1 | Men who have shone in the Church of God and who have stood 172 7”,2 | to the detriment of the Church, arid have tarnished the 173 7”,2 | polity and good order of the Church, therefore and on this account, 174 7”,2 | heretics to the injury of the Church, for the security of Christians. 175 7”,3 | seeing that the most holy Church of the Romans is disposed 176 7”,7 | which he is enrolled, in the church to which he belongs, in 177 7”,12| to the Greeks, nor to the Church of God: even as I try to 178 7”,13| have learned that in the church of the Romans it is regarded 179 7”,16| Chrysostom, the teacher of the Church, dilates thus: “It is to 180 7”,16| yet been created in the Church, owing to the fact that 181 7”,16| owing to the fact that the Church was then in her initial, 182 7”,16| a hundred, in the great church. And in general all churches 183 7”,17| enrolled in a different church. For, whoever fails to abide 184 7”,18| until he returns to his own church. Let this same rule apply 185 7”,19| luminaries and teachers of the Church in their own written works 186 7”,19| than as the teachers of the Church have explained them in their 187 7”,24| parishes belonging to each church are to remain immutably 188 7”,28| pretexts advantageous to the Church in such seasons. Since there 189 7”,29| for the edification of the Church, we have decided to make 190 7”,30| anyone, and not in the common church; and it excommunicates laymen 191 7”,31| that the teacher of the Church John Chrysostom said in 192 7”,31| words. Since even in the church of his jurisdiction, where 193 7”,31| entrusted with the throne of the church of the Jerusalemites, and 194 7”,31| with the tradition of the Church. Since they adduce in support 195 7”,31| divine Liturgy taught the church of Constantinople that in 196 7”,32| psalts and anagnosts in the church with the formality of the 197 7”,33| prohibited from occurring in the Church of God, we too are sedulous 198 7”,34| belongings or those of his church, but let them be under the 199 7”,34| keeping of the Clergy of the church of which the deceased happened 200 7”,34| Clergymen left in the same church. For the Metropolitan shall 201 7”,38| customs obtaining in each Church are to be continued, the 202 7”,39| least forty years old, the Church having by the grace of God 203 7”,39| widow may be admitted to the Church if she is not less than 204 7”,39| their c. XV,[169] seeing the Church of God to be advancing with 205 7”,44| approach the holy Bema of the church in a convent (or nunnery) 206 7”,54| the holy Council for the Church of the Romans to hold rigorously 207 7”,55| decree also this, that the Church of God throughout the inhabited 208 7”,55| decrees that the entire Church of Christ, which is spread 209 7”,57| excommunicates from the Church for a week anyone that dares 210 7”,60| they be thrown out of the Church altogether, in conformity 211 7”,60| be driven away from the Church of Christ altogether and 212 7”,60| expressly throws out of the Church those who wear amulets, 213 7”,60| last they separate from the Church, and pray only by themselves 214 7”,60| been separated from the Church of Christians, penalizes 215 7”,63| thoroughly. For in the one Church God created different members, 216 7”,63| from teaching openly and in church as a teacher; instead he 217 7”,63| various persons in the one Church, in the order in which placed 218 7”,63| says that one person in the Church must be an ear, another 219 7”,69| Paul does not mean by “church” the temple itself, but 220 7”,69| shame for women to talk in church” (1 Cor. 14:35). This means 221 7”,69| women should keep silent in church, and out of church wherever 222 7”,69| silent in church, and out of church wherever there is a congregation 223 7”,69| the sacred temple of the church. They may, of course, sing 224 7”,69| sacred precincts of the church. Woman’s job is to bear 225 7”,69| in the ninth ode of the Church; this refers to her speech 226 7”,69| choir of women into the church of Antioch. That council 227 7”,69| himself in the midst of the church on the great day of Easter 228 7”,69| teach or to chant in the church along with the sacred cantors 229 7”,69| appearance of women in the church choir constitutes a stumbling 230 7”,69| and contrite songs of the Church; thus the church choir gradually 231 7”,69| of the Church; thus the church choir gradually becomes 232 7”,69| following with reference to church choirs: “It is our wish 233 7”,69| wish that those who come to church to chant should neither 234 7”,69| inappropriate and not suited to a church, but that they should offer 235 7”,69| sacred hymnody presented in church has the purpose of offering 236 7”,69| that is unsuited to the church? Effeminate songs (melodies) 237 7”,69| reverence while within the church. God is not pleased with 238 7”,73| Pronaos, reserving the wordchurch” for the Temple itself. 239 7”,73| love-feasts (outside of the church, that is to say) and invite 240 7”,74| We wish those who attend church for the purpose of chanting 241 7”,74| becoming and proper to a church; but, on the contrary, to 242 7”,74| that is unsuitable for the church. But what are the things 243 7”,74| that are unsuitable for the church? The expositor Zonaras replies 244 7”,74| things be eliminated from the Church, and that those chant therein 245 7”,74| does not go to chant in church eagerly should either be 246 7”,74| no one else must chant in church but canonical chanters, 247 7”,75| the respectability of the Church must be preserved, seeing 248 7”,76| Jews and Greeks, and to the Church of God (1 Cor. 10:32). And 249 7”,79| absent himself from his own church for a very long time, fails 250 7”,79| long time, fails to attend church on Sundays for three consecutive 251 7”,79| him to stay away from his church, while he is living in the 252 7”,79| the city, fails to attend church along with the rest of the 253 7”,79| absent himself from his own church is contained as a separate 254 7”,79| congregation of the faithful in the church, conjoining this statement 255 7”,79| faithful in the neighboring church; whereas c. V of Gangra 256 7”,79| anathematizes anyone that scorns the Church and the congregation of 257 7”,79| praises congregation in the church as being of public benefit.~ ~ ~ 258 7”,80| utterance to be voiced in church, or to be joined to the 259 7”,80| accept it and who either in church and publicly or in private 260 7”,81| preindications handed down to the Church, we prefer the grace, and 261 7”,82| excommunicates from the Church for a long time as an idolater 262 7”,86| have communion with the Church. Any husband, however, who 263 7”,86| with the faithful in the church and not be excommunicated, 264 7”,94| holy catholic and Apostolic Church of God believes, and are 265 7”,94| taken refuge in the Catholic Church, a definition has been promulgated 266 7”,94| stay for a long time in church and listen to the Scriptures, 267 7”,95| is alien to the Catholic Church. Note, however, that just 268 7”,96| wickedness, take refuge in a church building, throwing away 269 7”,96| as the boundaries of the church. But they are not to have 270 7”,96| within the confines of a church and take them away, except 271 7”,97| earnests, and solemnized in church, and accompanied by the 272 7”,98| unblemished sanctity of the Church, we decree that none of 273 7”,98| being made outside of the church. If anyone fail to do so, 274 7”,98| sacrificial altar of the church, thus turning it into a 275 7”,98| take place outside of the church, and not inside of the sanctuary, 276 7”,98| or sacred Bema, of the church. Hence the sense of the 277 8 | tradition of the universal Church. The 7th Ec. C. is recognized 278 8”,3 | comes into possession of a church by employing secular rulers, 279 8”,4 | clergyman, or closing a church in order to obtain money 280 8”,5 | obtained some rank in the Church and trusting to this wicked 281 8”,5 | the clergy of a certain church, offered money to it of 282 8”,5 | the parish of a certain church, and afterwards to wax insolent 283 8”,7 | venerable icons from the Church, they have also abandoned 284 8”,7 | just as they deprived the Church of the holy icons, also 285 8”,7 | some other things of the Church and cast them out, which 286 8”,8 | communion, nor to prayer, nor to church, but shall be Jews openly 287 8”,8 | with, or even admit into church, those Jews who only hypocritically 288 8”,10| persons in any house or church without the permission of 289 8”,11| should be Stewards in every church. Accordingly if each Metropolitan 290 8”,11| appoints a Steward in his church, it is well and good; but 291 8”,11| appoint a Steward in the same church ex officio. Like permission 292 8”,11| 4th commands that every church shall have a steward to 293 8”,12| trade off things of the Church[275] under this pretext.” 294 8”,14| that order reigns in the Church, and that it is pleasing 295 8”,15| stay there and serve in one church. For things done on account 296 8”,15| the emoluments of the one church, why, behold, there are 297 8”,18| Jews and Greeks outside the Church. So if any prelate or abbot 298 8”,19| Among the headmen of the Church the hatred of avarice has 299 8”,23| who were ousted from the Church on this account, because 300 8”,23| and proscribed from the Church. So, inasmuch as pride is 301 8”,23| orthodox doctrine of the Church. From these facts it becomes 302 8”,23| have the first honor in the Church by reason of the superiority 303 8”,23| but to what the catholic Church says about them. Dionysius, 304 8”,23| Those belonging to the Roman Church do not interpret this Canon 305 8”,23| be but one bishop in one church, and not two?”~ ~ [16] 306 8”,23| them the money collected in church. Moreover, c. XIV of the 307 8”,23| salvation of those coming to church; and all the mysteries they 308 8”,23| present-day custom of the Church treats faith-deniers for 309 8”,23| remaining thereafter in the church for eight days, and listening 310 8”,23| Chartophylax of the Great Church is to take his seat ahead 311 8”,23| allowed women to teach in church (because St. Paul expressly 312 8”,23| watch at the doors of the church lest any uncatechized and 313 8”,23| would provide a place in the church for each one of them to 314 8”,23| widows who were listed in the church roll, by offering them the 315 8”,23| of deaconesses is in the Church, not to serve in the capacity 316 8”,23| of widows enrolled in the church. Read also the second footnote 317 8”,23| Holy Trinity to which the Church was accustomed. For instead 318 8”,23| commenced a persecution of the Church that was worse than that 319 8”,23| emperors kept persecuting the Church for forty years, until there 320 8”,23| This man, I say, rent the Church asunder and filled it with 321 8”,23| party were troubling the church and that they had deposed 322 8”,23| have become enemies of the Church, not now, but from the time 323 8”,23| joining the body of the Church from this particular heresy, 324 8”,23| returning to the catholic Church ought to be accepted only 325 8”,23| slandering the Eastern Church when he describes it as 326 8”,23| blasphemously assert. For if our Church were indeed Nestorian on 327 8”,23| Nestorian, and the subsequent Church too, for all of them have 328 8”,23| a catholic tenet of the Church. But, as a matter of fact, 329 8”,23| Council, and the subsequent Church were not Nestorian. Hence 330 8”,23| that neither is the Eastern Church Nestorian, as she agrees 331 8”,23| agrees with Cyril and all the Church. But if it be objected that 332 8”,23| necessary to decree that the Church of God must not approve 333 8”,23| remove (anything) from the Church.” And can it be said that 334 8”,23| respected likewise by the Church of the Westerners, which 335 8”,23| admitted that neither did the Church of the Westerners sin by 336 8”,23| representative of the whole Church. For a regional council 337 8”,23| along with the Creed in the Church of the Romans, and has to 338 8”,23| this day the Fathers of the Church have been making confessions 339 8”,23| agreeable to the Canons of the Church, that is to say, for prelates 340 8”,23| state, for one to leave his church, what church do you mean? 341 8”,23| to leave his church, what church do you mean? If you mean 342 8”,23| but, when they enter the church, to ignore them like so 343 8”,23| Eustathius to accept the Church entrusted to him, but, instead 344 8”,23| St. Leo (whose memory the Church celebrates on February 18th) 345 8”,23| and supreme judge in the Church. Concerning this see the 346 8”,23| Orthodox belief of the catholic Church, which dogmatizes that the 347 8”,23| one another and from the Church. (See the discussion in 348 8”,23| manage the affairs of the church in accordance with the ideas 349 8”,23| those who took refuge in the church on account of any ill treatment 350 8”,23| were twelve of them in the church of Constantinople, the chief 351 8”,23| cases that arose in the church. Prosmonarii were appointed 352 8”,23| Chartophylax also says that the Church mandatorily prescribes it 353 8”,23| monastery or an oratory or a church must speak about it first 354 8”,23| lamps and lights of the church, all that is needed for 355 8”,23| chartophylax of the great Church says that a monk can neither 356 8”,23| matters or to resist an entire church or an ecumenical council. 357 8”,23| priests and teachers of the Church, to whom God has given the 358 8”,23| on the part of the whole Church (which means a change of 359 8”,23| representatives sent abroad by the Church, are mere names for ecclesiastical 360 8”,23| introduced again into the Church.” St. Chrysostom says in 361 8”,23| divine house and temple (or church) whose property the thing 362 8”,23| here, as elsewhere, meanschurch building,” as distinguished 363 8”,23| as distinguished from the church, or institution, itself; 364 8”,23| privilege of authority in the Church as a whole, which amounts 365 8”,23| conceding to the clergy of his Church, as well as to the Senate 366 8”,23| general as applying to the Church as a whole, by way of describing 367 8”,23| monarchal authority in the Church as a whole; or else it denotes 368 8”,23| or of the Fathers of the Church, but given by custom to 369 8”,23| a dogma of the catholic Church. That is why neither divine 370 8”,23| splendor of this Apostolic Church by teaching the Apostolic 371 8”,23| permitted the undefilable Church to be defiled with profane 372 8”,23| and a friend of the Roman Church, have suffered this, who 373 8”,23| disturbance arose in the Church as a result of this heresy, 374 8”,23| been accepted by all the Church — and see in the Prolegomena 375 8”,23| recognized and accepted by the Church.~ ~ [134] As to which was 376 8”,23| which were in use in the Church, but at the same time also 377 8”,23| property is to be given to the Church to which they belong. Such 378 8”,23| things belonging to the Church would be plundered wrongfully 379 8”,23| restriction is observed in the Church, for a prelate must be adorned 380 8”,23| Council, seeing that the Church was advancing by strides 381 8”,23| by the advancement of the Church for the better, prefers 382 8”,23| sinned in legislating to the Church in Rome regarding marriages 383 8”,23| over the affairs of the Church to their children. But as 384 8”,23| rarities are not laws of the Church, any more than one swallow 385 8”,23| to watch the doors of the church, according to c. XXII of 386 8”,23| a hundred), in the great Church. So that it appears hence 387 8”,23| used to congregate in the church; and after the appropriate 388 8”,23| was adopted by the entire Church, both the Eastern and the 389 8”,23| perform other service in the church that it is not illicit ( 390 8”,23| shall be dedicated to the church of that village, through 391 8”,23| confiscated and dedicated to the church of the locality in question. 392 8”,23| eat an ordinary supper in church, nor the Lord’s Supper in 393 8”,23| having any pious person go to church or to a gathering of the 394 8”,23| archives of the catholic church, thereby preventing the 395 8”,23| historical fact that the Church uscd the Liturgy of St. 396 8”,23| reading done by lectors in church, or anagnosts, there are 397 8”,23| for the advancement of the Church and of Christians, as it 398 8”,23| be ministered to by the Church, according to c. XXIV of 399 8”,23| relieve them, and let not the Church be burdened, so that she 400 8”,23| the deacon of the great Church who was the author of the 401 8”,23| Note that the Orthodox Church allows the consumption of 402 8”,23| be driven away from the Church of the Christians altogether 403 8”,23| There Christians go from one church to another on every day 404 8”,23| must not speak a word in church. That is an ornament, that 405 8”,23| holding love-feasts in the church in Apostolic times. When 406 8”,23| bring bread and wine to church, and after partaking of 407 8”,23| doing they were scorning the Church of God, and because they 408 8”,23| eat the common supper in a church. This is said in agreement 409 8”,23| finds acceptance in the Church, on the ground that it is 410 8”,23| these things back into the Church with their instrumental 411 8”,23| were introduced into the Church with a view to attracting 412 8”,23| letter to the clergy of the church in Neocaesarea) mentions 413 8”,23| this case.)~ ~ [219] The Church received the Trisagion Hymn 414 8”,23| Ellas, the Presbyter of the Church of the Blachernae, though 415 8”,23| that not even inside of a church ought on to bury dead persons, 416 8”,23| was once buried inside the church. And what a miracle! that 417 8”,23| man who was guarding the church as watchman saw by revelation 418 8”,23| them a space inside the church in which to bury the corpse 419 8”,23| Faustinus, to whose name the church had been dedicated when 420 8”,23| stinking corpse out of my church. But if he wont do this, 421 8”,23| they are buried inside the church, and the same fate awaits 422 8”,23| when you bury them in the church; and you dont know that 423 8”,23| she got buried inside the church, what fate, it is to be 424 8”,23| these, in order that the church may be filled with sweet 425 8”,23| turns away, and the whole church is stunk up, and the Christians 426 8”,23| and they flee from the church as though from fire, and 427 8”,23| the dead not remain in the church, teeming as they are with 428 8”,23| not to be buried inside a church after it has been dedicated. 429 8”,23| not to bury him inside a church, saying: “I adjure you not 430 8”,23| worthy to be buried inside a church, how much more must sinners 431 8”,23| unworthy to be buried inside a church! Woe and alas for those 432 8”,23| who refuse to go to that church where some relative of theirs 433 8”,23| doing in not going to the church you are incurring the enmity 434 8”,23| thereafter, in the great church of St. Sophia, when the 435 8”,23| and is the Defender of the Church, as Symeon of Thessalonica 436 8”,23| from our Eastern Orthodox Church? We cannot say with accuracy. 437 8”,23| the customs of the Western Church, and consequently also this 438 8”,23| holy Communion and from the Church, like fornicators, adulterers, 439 8”,23| Communion, and not from the Church and from praying along with 440 8”,23| join the Orthodox Eastern Church, ought of their own accord 441 8”,23| pictures painted in the church of St. Mark in Venice. Why, 442 8”,23| beard ensued in the Roman Church a little before Leo IX. 443 8”,23| after Martin Luther in the church called St. Paul’s and that 444 8”,23| hours, in the narthex of a church building of necessity, he 445 8”,23| has taken refuge in the church should be flogged and have 446 8”,23| of lambs, outside of the church, or doves and pigeons at 447 8”,23| know that in the Western Church women were not wont to receive 448 8”,23| they used to take it to church with them on Sundays in 449 8”,23| olden times nearly every church had also its deacon. Hence, 450 8”,23| the catholic (Orthodox) Church not only does not adore 451 8”,23| Christians took into the Church and honored; and people 452 8”,23| to the tradition of the Church in making statues and sculptured 453 8”,23| that the reason why the Church rejected or did away with 454 8”,23| grace of the Gospel, and the Church herself, prescribed beforehand 455 8”,23| to the tradition of the Church. That is why this Council 456 8”,23| honored with a litany in the Church). Do you see that the prayer 457 8”,23| letter it is sending to the church of the Alexandrians pronounces 458 8”,23| and the entire Catholic Church; and not that we do not 459 8”,23| decorate the temples (i.e., church buildings); 2) the fact 460 8”,23| corrected by the holy and great Church of Christ with stern chastisements. 461 8”,23| dedication ceremonies of every church building must be performed 462 8”,23| with the consecration of church buildings, as, in fact, 463 8”,23| Martyrs is the basis of the Church.” All those who put them 464 8”,23| the dedication of every church building, whether it be 465 8”,23| in the same consecrated church as relics of martyrs. Balsamon 466 8”,23| persons, in order that the church or monastery, as the case 467 8”,23| clergy of any particular church persons who have already

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