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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | to the flowering of the great patristic literature, we 2 Intro | unequaled prestige of this “great and holy councilconferred 3 Intro | the regulations of the great council were held in equally 4 Intro | deacon and nomophylax of the Great Church, at the request of 5 Intro | subsequent periods to be given great weight. Consequently they 6 Intro | the interpretations of the great Byzantine commentators. 7 Intro | content, this work was a great success not only among the 8 Intro | Pedalion has always enjoyed a great reputation in Greek-speaking 9 Intro | 28 this work is still of great interest today and shows 10 Intro | posthumous works of this great scholar; in this work, his 11 Intro | Rottenburg, was the author of a great scholarly work on The History 12 Intro | inspiration, which explains the great care taken to preserve the 13 1”,2 | do things opposed to the great council, he himself shall 14 1”,2 | has impudently defied the great council. See also the Interpretation 15 1”,3 | 3.~ The great Council has forbidden generally 16 1”,3 | Canon ordains that this great Council — the First Ecumenical, 17 1”,3 | with them? For Basil the Great says (in his discussion 18 1”,6 | Metropolitan’s approval, the great Council has prescribed that 19 1”,6 | own metropolitan, as this great Council has decreed, he 20 1”,8 | seemed right to the holy and great Council, when they have 21 1”,11| the faith as a result of great violence or dire necessity. 22 1”,11| that those who without any great necessity denied the faith 23 1”,14| seemed proper to the holy great Council to let them off 24 1”,14| reasonable to this holy great Council for them to stand 25 1”,14| catechumens. St. Basil the Great in his c. XX says: “And 26 1”,14| Zonaras, that St. Basil the Great did not say for the catechumens 27 1”,15| If, after the holy and great Council’s definition, anyone 28 1”,17| or profit, the holy and great Council has deemed it just 29 1”,17| doing this, this holy and great Council deemed it right 30 1”,18| the notice of the holy and great Council that in some regions 31 1”,18| knowledge of this holy and great Council that in some regions 32 2 | reign of Theodosius the Great, A.D. 381, and is also referred 33 2”,2 | while, on the other hand, great St. Gregory was ousted from 34 2”,6 | according to c. I of Basil the Great, and contrary to the Canons, 35 2”,7 | heresies of heretics (a great many of whom were to be 36 3 | Cyzicus at that time in the great (or large) Church, Proclus, 37 4”,3 | Therefore the holy and great Council decrees that no 38 4”,10| after the definition of this great and ecumenical Council, 39 4”,10| after this Canon of the great Council to do any of these 40 4”,16| the Theologian says, how great indeed is the danger of 41 4”,16| according to Basil the Great (Ascetic Ordinance 21) a 42 4”,16| according to St. Basil the Great in his c. VI and his VIII; 43 4”,28| reign of Theodosius the Great of pious memory, who became 44 4”,30| to be the Bishop for the great city of the Alexandrians 45 4”,30| has been ordained for the great city of the Alexandrians. 46 7 | the fact that the holy and great Sixth Council was convoked 47 7”,1 | reign of Theodosius the Great, who also became our Emperor, 48 7”,1 | it to be his opinion that great mystery of the Economy was 49 7”,2 | became Archbishop of the great city of Alexandria, and 50 7”,2 | former Archbishop of the great city of Alexandria, of Theophilus 51 7”,2 | Theophilus an Archbishop of the great city of the Alexandrians, 52 7”,3 | intellectual sacrifice of the great God and victim and high 53 7”,3 | view of the fact that a great number of those then in 54 7”,3 | XXVII of St. Basil the Great says. All those Presbyters, 55 7”,12| therefore made it a matter of great concern to us to do everything 56 7”,16| more than a hundred, in the great church. And in general all 57 7”,25| twenty-seventh Canon of St. Basil the Great, which prescribes that that 58 7”,26| clergymen? St. Basil the Great, too, wants us to have clothing 59 7”,28| falls in the last week in Great Lent (or Tessaracoste) must 60 7”,28| omitted, and the whole fast of Great Lent dishonored by being 61 7”,28| Christ on the evening of the Great Thursday first ate a common 62 7”,28| certain more luscious foods on Great Thursday, according to Zonaras, 63 7”,28| things on other days of Great Lent, and thereafter to 64 7”,28| upon all to fast throughout Great Lent (both Great Thursday 65 7”,28| throughout Great Lent (both Great Thursday and the entire 66 7”,28| Thursday and the entire Great Week are included in the 67 7”,28| included in the period of Great Lent, as well as during 68 7”,28| Thursday in the last week in Great Lent (that is to say, of 69 7”,28| Lent (that is to say, of Great Thursday), and by breaking 70 7”,28| disparage the fast of the entire Great Lent, but, instead, everyone 71 7”,28| throughout the period of Great Lent by eating nothing but 72 7”,28| things, including, of course, Great Thursday itself.[156]~ ~ 73 7”,30| prohibited except in case of great necessity.[158] Canon LIX 74 7”,31| as well as St. Basil the Great in their Liturgies gave 75 7”,35| which the throne of the great city of the Alexandrians 76 7”,39| even though St. Basil the Great in his sacred Canons welcomes 77 7”,39| especially St. Basil the Great), but only then ought the 78 7”,39| maturity,[168] as Basil the Great asserts in his c. XVIII 79 7”,39| For although Basil the Great specifies in his aforesaid 80 7”,40| Interpretation.~It is a great and bold stroke for one 81 7”,45| Concord.~St. Basil the Great also commands (in his Epitome 82 7”,50| death. For it is a piece of great inhumanity and barbarity 83 7”,53| this saying St. Basil the Great in his c. LXXVI enumerated 84 7”,59| and be subjected to such great hardships and pains as would 85 7”,60| c. XXIV, while Basil the Great makes it six in his c. LXXXIII, 86 7”,61| are calculated to wreak great harm and injury. Furthermore 87 7”,69| midst of the church on the great day of Easter whom one would 88 7”,69| offer such psalmodies with great care contrition to God, 89 7”,70| epitaph of St. Basil the Great, and block up the cities 90 7”,73| except as a result of some great necessity. See also the 91 7”,74| offer their psalmodies with great care to God, who looks into 92 7”,74| this text St. Basil the Great (Epitomized Definitions, 93 7”,86| Canons of St. Basil the Great. Thus, the commencement 94 7”,86| LXXVII of St. Basil the Great. It says: He, however, who ( 95 7”,86| XX; and by St. Basil the Great, in his c. LXXVII) to abstain 96 7”,87| journey, and there arise a great need due to wintry weather 97 7”,88| hours of the night after Great Saturday, the divine Evangelists 98 7”,88| Christians must celebrate all the Great Week of the Holy Passion 99 7”,88| however, and especially on Great Friday and Great Saturday 100 7”,88| especially on Great Friday and Great Saturday they ought to be 101 7”,88| the midnight of the past Great Saturday — of the coming 102 7”,88| Saturday — of the coming Great Sunday they must cease fasting,[ 103 7”,89| Peter and St. Basil the Great, for the resurrection of 104 7”,90| XXI, and St. Basil the Great, in his c. II, do not canonize 105 7”,92| Canons of St. Basil the Great (for its beginning is word 106 7”,93| those men who without any great necessity due to tortures 107 7”,93| That is why St. Basil the Great in his c. XXIX says that 108 7”,94| Concord.~St. Basil the Great, in his c. XL, says that 109 7”,95| Christ” (Gal. 3:27), says the great Apostle Paul. Hence the 110 8 | The monks also exercised great influence in this Council, 111 8 | defined by St. Basil the Great as being an intense and 112 8”,1 | them “as one that findeth great spoil” (Ps. 119:162), we 113 8”,1 | when they happen to find a great amount of booty on their 114 8”,2 | divine Scriptures, just as great Dionysius declared. But 115 8”,4 | Interpretation.~Because great St. Paul both by word and 116 8”,6 | in keeping them there is great reward” (Ps. 19:11); and 117 8”,6 | for the keeping of them a great reward is given, according 118 8”,7 | Interpretation.~St. Basil the Great interpreted this apostolic 119 8”,15| tolerated because of the great number of clerics already 120 8”,16| being frippery, as Basil the Great has said. But neither did 121 8”,16| clothes. Hence St. Basil the Great (see his Epitomized Def. 122 8”,18| since such a thing causes great scandal and brings great 123 8”,18| great scandal and brings great discredit upon prelates 124 8”,19| result is that, as Basil the Great says, what is disreputable 125 8”,19| saying of St. Basil the Great to the effect that if the 126 8”,20| further below of St. Basil the Great, concerning double monasteries, 127 8”,20| legislation of St. Basil the Great, which is as follows, that 128 8”,23| own will, is undoubtedly a great thing in itself. For whether 129 8”,23| many days as there are in Great Lent, inferring this from 130 8”,23| except the fact that during Great Lent the last and more accurate 131 8”,23| baptized during the night of Great Saturday and of Easter. 132 8”,23| Gregory against whom Basil the Great complains, or it be that 133 8”,23| according to Basil the Great (ascetic ordinance 4), such 134 8”,23| Nevertheless, again Basil the Great (ascetic ordinance 4) says 135 8”,23| Hence it is that Gregory the great saint recommends in his 136 8”,23| discourse which Basil the Great composed concerning renunciation, 137 8”,23| beardless young men. For many great lavras (i.e., monastic retreats) 138 8”,23| Thebais, as Athanasius the Great bears witness in his second 139 8”,23| sister of Constantine the Great, and enjoyed second place 140 8”,23| pastor ought to possess a great deal of discretion, and 141 8”,23| two points which Basil the Great mentions in his c. III, 142 8”,23| blessing whether small or great.”~ ~ [34] “For this reason, 143 8”,23| the Chartophylax of the Great Church is to take his seat 144 8”,23| Even a small good can be great in evils . . . not because 145 8”,23| which means that of the great habit), and that they were 146 8”,23| from what St. Basil the Great says (letter 332), and from 147 8”,23| elevated some of them to great thrones, who ordained their 148 8”,23| reign of Theodosius the Great, seized the opportunity 149 8”,23| had deposed Athanasius the Great and Paul of Constantinople, 150 8”,23| That is why Athanasius the Great in his apology to the Emperor 151 8”,23| to c. I of St. Basil the Great.~ ~ [56] The noundiocese” 152 8”,23| book 4, ch. 11). Basil the Great, in his letter 72, says 153 8”,23| say. And Athanasius the Great stated that the Arians held 154 8”,23| that even Athanasius the Great called Her the Theotoke, 155 8”,23| construed the Creed called great and venerable, on the subject 156 8”,23| and thereupon arose the great chasm between us and the 157 8”,23| being asked by Charles the Great what he thought about this 158 8”,23| Bishop of Melitine goes to great lengths in offering apologies 159 8”,23| Friday (called in GreekGreat Friday”), according to the 160 8”,23| consummated.” Athanasius the Great, too, writes in his letter 161 8”,23| worthy, as St. Basil the Great expresses it, and as divine 162 8”,23| serving Thee is something great and fearful even to the 163 8”,23| then, that you did me a great favor, and not a favor to 164 8”,23| the chartophylax of the great Church says that a monk 165 8”,23| it is true that Basil the Great does allow monks to leave 166 8”,23| facts, that which Basil the Great says (see his Ethic 30) 167 8”,23| the Bishop of Nicaea, a great many noisy brawls occurred 168 8”,23| Canons, which even Leo the Great, who was the Pope of Rome, 169 8”,23| edict of Constantine the Great upon Silvester, the Pope 170 8”,23| establish the innocence of their great pontifex, the Pope of Rome 171 8”,23| Honorius that one of our own great and most wise teachers of 172 8”,23| of the Apostles, as the great ecclesiarch Silvester states ( 173 8”,23| fornication it was deemed a great thing for a husband to have 174 8”,23| were a hundred), in the great Church. So that it appears 175 8”,23| ye faithful,” and at the great entrance they take the surplus 176 8”,23| mysteries. This is exceedingly great impiety, which most learned 177 8”,23| of God, to extirpate this great evil from your provinces, 178 8”,23| only on Sundays and the great holidays, but not on the 179 8”,23| we say what St. Basil the Great says (see in extenso XX). 180 8”,23| as happens especially on Great Thursday, during the Christmas 181 8”,23| fast on the occasion of Great Thursday came to prevail 182 8”,23| for us to celebrate the Great Week (i.e., Passion Week) 183 8”,23| one to break the fast on Great Thursday by partaking of 184 8”,23| rituals of the Imperial and great Monasteries of the Holy 185 8”,23| Mountain permit the fast of Great Thursday to be broken only 186 8”,23| into vogue as respecting Great Thursday. Accordingly the 187 8”,23| do better to fast even on Great Thursday both from wine 188 8”,23| right after the liturgy of Great Saturday indulge in wine 189 8”,23| Christians to fast throughout Great Friday and Great Saturday, 190 8”,23| throughout Great Friday and Great Saturday, just as they themselves 191 8”,23| Matt. 9:15). Now, it was on Great Friday and Great Saturday 192 8”,23| was on Great Friday and Great Saturday that the Lord was 193 8”,23| effect that on the evening of Great Saturday the Cellarman comes 194 8”,23| also for the two days of Great Friday and Great Saturday, 195 8”,23| days of Great Friday and Great Saturday, which is more 196 8”,23| says, in his Homily on the Great Week, that just as the Great 197 8”,23| Great Week, that just as the Great Week is the head and greater 198 8”,23| in the year, so again is Great Saturday the head of the 199 8”,23| Saturday the head of the Great Week. The fact that the 200 8”,23| said “except in case of great necessity” because according 201 8”,23| according to St. Basil the Great (in Epitome by Definition 202 8”,23| are making a mistake, a great mistake, when they fail 203 8”,23| happen to be spilled when the Great Entrance is ended (which 204 8”,23| perceived until after the Great Entrance, the priest must 205 8”,23| prayers that follow the Great Entrance, as lustrative ( 206 8”,23| fire of burning coals with great skill, and thus preserve 207 8”,23| discovers this during the Great Entrance, he must at once 208 8”,23| prayers from the time of the Great Entrance, and at the invocation 209 8”,23| the time of St. Basil the Great.~ ~ [163] Note that, according 210 8”,23| worthy of the honor of the great Bema (i.e., Julian), going 211 8”,23| that while St. Basil the Great, on the one hand, asserts, 212 8”,23| according to St. Basil the Great (Definition 15 in extenso). “ 213 8”,23| discourse of Athanasius the Great concerning virginity, and 214 8”,23| here the Canon means the great and angelic habit, since, 215 8”,23| speaking is the garb of the great and angelic habit. We must 216 8”,23| was but one, to wit, the “greathabit, as St. Theodore 217 8”,23| habit), and afterwards the great habit; for there is but 218 8”,23| Paul says: “This is the great and monachal habit. The 219 8”,23| little and in regard to the great habit, they again restore 220 8”,23| pledge, and preamble to the great habit, and was invented 221 8”,23| habit an earnest of the great habit. But Job, surnamed 222 8”,23| the one called the angelic great habit.” In a similar fashion, 223 8”,23| i.e., of one wearing the great habit). Accordingly it does 224 8”,23| ultimately assuming the great habit which is the perfect 225 8”,23| is but an earnest to the great habit, is also and to the 226 8”,23| little habit first and the great habit afterwards, at different 227 8”,23| little habit first and the great habit afterwards, that prayer, 228 8”,23| so-and-so has received the great and angelic habit,” — though 229 8”,23| Matt. 19:6). St. Basil the Great too agrees with the Apostle. 230 8”,23| Mauritius, the deacon of the great Church who was the author 231 8”,23| to partake thereof with great reverence in such a manner 232 8”,23| neck by which they obtain great protection (Homily 32 on 233 8”,23| to c. VIII of Basil the Great. Book XLVII, Title III, 234 8”,23| addressed to St. Basil the Great which ought to be suppressed 235 8”,23| the Westerners), who with great industry wrote the lives 236 8”,23| philosophers, displayed great diligence in abolishing 237 8”,23| is called the major, or great, sanctification. For the 238 8”,23| or women, young or old, great or little, instead of any 239 8”,23| the Apostle, St. Basil the Great (in his “Epitomized Definitions”) 240 8”,23| mistaken by St. Paul the Great for the divine Supper of 241 8”,23| 215] St. Basil the Great (Definitions in Extenso, 242 8”,23| by the Canon to be only Great (i.e., Maundy) Thursday, 243 8”,23| baptized on the evening of Great Saturday to recite the dogmas 244 8”,23| who were being baptized on Great Saturday. To me, however, 245 8”,23| better, because not only on Great Thursday, but on every Thursday 246 8”,23| even of old St. Sabbas the Great permitted the Armenian Christians 247 8”,23| the churches. Oh, what a great evil! they on the one hand 248 8”,23| evening, thereafter, in the great church of St. Sophia, when 249 8”,23| oath are supposed to be so great, I myself will not stand 250 8”,23| thousand times wonderful and great, he would have to expiate 251 8”,23| it is that St. Basil the Great in regard to the penances 252 8”,23| other hand St. Basil the Great (Preamble to Definitions 253 8”,23| Extenso) says that it is a great piece of arrogance for us 254 8”,23| things, first as a result of great necessity and compulsion, 255 8”,23| talents, as St. Basil the Great bears witness as respecting 256 8”,23| that which Athanasius the Great says with respect to the 257 8”,23| God.” And note how this great Father in two words proves 258 8”,23| should happen to arise any great necessity and there should 259 8”,23| before Constantine the Great, and the bronze was seized 260 8”,23| this fact St. Basil the Great, St. Athanasius the Great, 261 8”,23| Great, St. Athanasius the Great, and divine Methodius. “ 262 8”,23| God.” For St. Basil the Great actually does say in the 263 8”,23| authorities Macarius the Great also testifies to the same 264 8”,23| delivered by St. Basil the Great, as the same Council in 265 8”,23| equal aptness St. Basil the Great, in his c. XCI, said that 266 8”,23| Nilus, and St. Basil the Great in his Encomium of Gordius, 267 8”,23| corrected by the holy and great Church of Christ with stern 268 8”,23| account painters ought to take great care to familiarize themselves 269 8”,23| contemporary of St. Athanasius the Great, asserts that St. Paul took 270 8”,23| death, but so is also any great sin, such as murder, adultery, 271 8”,23| all prelates who perform great dedications, and all prelates 272 8”,23| too, that St. Basil the Great says (in his Ascetic Ordinance 273 8”,23| brought there, no matter how great the quantity of it may be 274 8”,23| 286] This same Basil the Great in his Definitions in Extensa, 275 8”,23| said above by Basil the Great with reference to the more 276 8”,23| 287] Just as Basil the Great cites this passage in regard 277 8”,23| therefrom. But Basil the Great (see his Def. in Ext., No.

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