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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | exaggeration, applied the words of Deuteronomy in the Torah 2 1 | infliction of hearing the last words of debates which had been 3 1”,2 | fell into, or, in other words, into pride. If, on the 4 1”,4 | significations inherent in the words of the expression “to be 5 1”,4 | as there are also in the words of the expression “to be 6 1”,9 | irreproachable, or, in other words, exempt from the charge 7 1”,9 | Tim. 3:2), or, in other words, not only unchargeable at 8 1”,11| the deacon pronounces the words “All catechumens come forward”; 9 1”,11| that is to say, in other words, they shall enter the nave, 10 1”,11| the deacon pronounces the words “all catechumens come forward.” 11 1”,11| That is to say, in other words, they shall stand together 12 1”,11| in Latin), or, in other words, to stand outside of even 13 1”,12| That is to say, in other words, though allowed to enter 14 1”,14| the pronouncement of the words “All catechumens come forward,” 15 1”,14| responsibilities, or, in other words, any liability to punishment 16 1”,16| That is to say, in other words, they are not to be allowed 17 1”,17| of the Lord, or, in other words, in the heavenly kingdom, 18 1”,19| be deposed, or, in other words, they must be ousted from 19 1”,19| that is to say, in other words, if any Orthodox Bishop 20 1”,19| notwithstanding that these words are hard to understand, 21 2”,6 | the Canons, or, in other words, the catholic Bishops who 22 2”,7 | as Greeks, or, in other words, as persons totally unbaptized; 23 2”,7 | that is to say, in other words, we make them accept all 24 2”,7 | catechumens, or, in other words, we place them in the class 25 3 | professed everywhere by the words of the exact faith. Thus 26 3”,8 | of bishop, or, in other words, the right to call himself 27 3”,8 | the honor, or, in other words, the right to sit down with 28 3”,8 | communion, or, in other words, the right to partake of 29 4”,3 | contractors,[87] or, in other words, to involve themselves in 30 4”,14| Greek, with one, in other words, who is an infidel and idolater. 31 4”,17| canon which ends with the wordscomplain to the Synod of 32 4”,17| while it incorporates the words following these to the end 33 4”,27| them to such a seizure by words of advice or encouragement; 34 6 | that is to say, in other words, a divine will and energy 35 6 | own.” This means, in other words, that the Logos wrought 36 7 | Canons in the following words: “I accept the decisions 37 7”,1 | commencing a recital of sacred words, by divine grace we decree 38 7”,1 | previously been decreed, or any words whatsoever that we have 39 7”,1 | to elucidating only a few words which are not so easily 40 7”,1 | homousian), or, in other words, of the same essence and 41 7”,1 | Holy Spirit,” which were words of the First Council, this 42 7”,1 | this Council added the words “the Lordly, the Life-producing, 43 7”,2 | That is to say, in other words, if the Canon in question 44 7”,3 | henceforth renew, or, in other words, vote for the continuance 45 7”,13| in accordance with the words of St. Paul. For those who 46 7”,16| we discovered that their words in this connection did not 47 7”,16| appropriate.” Resting upon these words, therefore, we too proclaim 48 7”,16| teaching. In interpreting these words, after first marveling that 49 7”,19| the Clergy and the laity words of truth out of the Holy 50 7”,19| and listen to the divine words. Consequently those teaching 51 7”,19| not teach with their own words and thoughts, but with those 52 7”,19| at any time they repeat words of the Bible, they are not 53 7”,20| their head, or, in other words, let them have a so-called 54 7”,25| own wounds, or, in other words, to be repentant of his 55 7”,31| God-bearing man asserted the said words. Since even in the church 56 7”,31| wine, is denying in these words the admixture of water in 57 7”,31| true meaning of the saint’s words, which say that because 58 7”,31| this heresy, employed these words thus, and not as one accepting 59 7”,32| to the laity the divine words, in accordance with the 60 7”,32| on the pulpit the divine words to the laity[163] unless 61 7”,36| prelatical right, or, in other words, as prelates, is to be firm 62 7”,38| from Abydus, or, in other words the eastern Castron from 63 7”,40| to the plow, or, in other words, whoever commences a career 64 7”,49| to gamble, or, in other words, to play dice, or cards, 65 7”,50| English (though but two words in Greek, meaning, approximately, “ 66 7”,51| during Lent, or, in other words, a perfect liturgy, but 67 7”,53| defiling his discourse with the words, he dealt with the filth 68 7”,61| are comic, or, in other words, calculated to provoke laughter, 69 7”,61| or satyric, or, in other words peculiar, to Satyrs and 70 7”,63| Wisdom bids: “Be not hasty in words; vie not with a rich man 71 7”,63| be a tongue, or, in other words, teachers, nor must all 72 7”,65| paying attention to the words of the divine Scriptures 73 7”,67| eminent teachers, or, in other words, of those who have been 74 7”,69| but in accordance with the words of Paul the Apostle, “let 75 7”,69| Interpretation.~According to the words of this Canon and according 76 7”,69| Canon and according to the words of St. Paul, women are prohibited 77 7”,72| gained through it; and with words by telling these things 78 7”,74| says: “Understanding the words of the Holy Scripture is 79 7”,74| foods, but the mind discerns words.’ So if anyone’s soul discerns 80 7”,74| or psalts, or, in other words, except those who chant 81 7”,75| avoid having these fearful words said to the faithful, the 82 7”,75| of a tavern, or, in other words, the sale of wine, or of 83 7”,75| precincts, or, in other words, within the confines of 84 7”,79| below it. Instead of the words “while living in the city, . . . 85 7”,79| Sardican Council says these words with regard to laymen only, 86 7”,80| way of addition after the wordsHoly and Immortal” there 87 7”,80| there are inserted the words, “who was crucified for 88 7”,80| to the Trisagion Hymn the words “who was crucified for our 89 7”,80| for our sake,” after the wordsHoly and Immortal.”[219] 90 7”,88| night, the one by adding the words “at the end of the sabbath” ( 91 7”,95| his head — or, in other words, a lock of hair, according 92 7”,98| contrary, running together the wordsroasting pieces of meat” 93 7”,98| pieces of meat” with the words “within the space of the 94 7”,98| Hence the sense of the words as set forth by us above 95 8”,1 | spokesman of God, the following words: “I have delighted in the 96 8”,1 | says so in the following words: “To them there is nothing 97 8”,1 | heaven and heard unspeakable words (2 Cor. 12:2-4).~(c. I of 98 8”,1 | offers up those prophetic words of David as a song to God 99 8”,1 | is to add anything to the words of the Law, nor to take 100 8”,2 | I will not forget they words” (Ps. 119:16), it behooves 101 8”,2 | essentiality of our prelacy is the words taught by God, or, at any 102 8”,2 | God, and not forget His words, just as they chant and 103 8”,2 | superficially and as to the words alone, but with regard to 104 8”,2 | ecclesiastical prelacy is the words taught by God., or, more 105 8”,5 | dishonoring by reproachful words those who have been elected 106 8”,13| since they are opposing the words of the Lord which say, “ 107 8”,20| her briefly and in a few words in the presence of the abbess.[ 108 8”,20| and let him speak a few words to her, with the abbess 109 8”,23| erotic impulse, or, in other words, to a desire for a woman. 110 8”,23| Council by considering the words themselves of the Canon. 111 8”,23| characterizing the truth by deeds and words. Finally, upon the patriarch 112 8”,23| any ordination. That my words are true is attested by 113 8”,23| to them,” substitutes the wordsconfessed the sins they 114 8”,23| prelate recited over them the words “The Divine Grace,” they 115 8”,23| end, that is to say the words “and unto the ages of ages” ( 116 8”,23| 41] Led astray by the words in ch. 20 of the Book of 117 8”,23| bound, according to the words of the Lord, saying, “Now 118 8”,23| said “He that heareth my words, and believeth in him who 119 8”,23| three, nor one” etc. (These words were spoken in his inauguratory 120 8”,23| another style and other words composed a definition of 121 8”,23| to appeal, or, in other words, to being carried up to 122 8”,23| Annunciation, says these following words: “The holy Theotoke, therefore, 123 8”,23| the same thing in other words, the twelve anathematizations 124 8”,23| that is to say, in other words, the Holy Spirit, that apportions 125 8”,23| faith defined, or, in other words, the Symbol of Faith of 126 8”,23| actually confirmed their own words by what they did, and none 127 8”,23| add these most necessary words, as much more for complete 128 8”,23| extraneously inserted into it these words and whatever others were 129 8”,23| constituted additions of words only. Why, then, did they 130 8”,23| faith or with respect to words, that is to say. That very 131 8”,23| were additions merely of words, and did not involve the 132 8”,23| Creed; but not so with the words of the Second Council, held 133 8”,23| and merely an addition of words, yet it ought not on any 134 8”,23| transgressors of the divine words, and garblers of the theology 135 8”,23| the Third Ec. C., and the words of the Apostle, Anthemitus 136 8”,23| all, it is patent from the words of the letter that resignations 137 8”,23| appears, however, from the words of the letter that the bishops 138 8”,23| prayer includes the following words: “No one addicted to carnal 139 8”,23| Than their saying, in other words, that the God Logos became 140 8”,23| Peter.” Upon saying these words, he disappeared and vanished. 141 8”,23| will, or, in less ambiguous words, the fact of not being the 142 8”,23| I say, he uttered these words, he went to explain in the 143 8”,23| of appeal, or, in other words, they cannot be carried 144 8”,23| and superscribed in such words as follows: The earth is 145 8”,23| taken the veil, or, in other words, a sacred virgin, even those 146 8”,23| amounts to saying, in other words, a monarchal and inerrable 147 8”,23| of them, judging from the words of St. Tarasius which he 148 8”,23| That is to say, in other words, after the carnal humbleness 149 8”,23| definition, or, in other words, a definite promise to abstain 150 8”,23| and even with the very words of the Lord, which command 151 8”,23| abstinence, or, in other words, to maintain themselves 152 8”,23| and again.” Or, in other words, if the thing is an evil, 153 8”,23| pronounce in advance the wordsBlessed is God,” or to 154 8”,23| pronounce in subsequence the wordsChrist is the true one,” 155 8”,23| not offer, or, in other words, officiate, but may remain 156 8”,23| of Antioch, or, in other words, the honor to participate 157 8”,23| not illicit (or, in other words, that is not unlawful and 158 8”,23| that is to say, in other words, in order to wash out their 159 8”,23| bread with the prophetic words, and adding, or saying in 160 8”,23| uninterruptedly, or, in other words, in order that the Devil 161 8”,23| Anagnost used to read the other words of the Divine Scriptures 162 8”,23| or lector) of the divine words, and the one deemed worthy 163 8”,23| But perhaps the divine words which he used to read were 164 8”,23| to be the meaning of his words. Or it may be that the Theologian 165 8”,23| that is to say, in other words, they must both observe 166 8”,23| involuntarily.~ ~ [173] From these words of the Canon we conclude 167 8”,23| obeying God, or, in other words, His commandments and injunctions, 168 8”,23| twice, above and below. His words are susceptible also of 169 8”,23| adultery, both according to the words of the Lord, who said: “ 170 8”,23| adultery,” and according to the words of St. Paul, saying, “So 171 8”,23| of one kind, or, in other words, giving them of the bread 172 8”,23| sacrifices, or, in other words, divining by means thereof, 173 8”,23| paper of Jalu, and the “Words of Thunder,” and the “Words 174 8”,23| Words of Thunder,” and the “Words of Lightning,” and the “ 175 8”,23| may be inferred from the words of Zonaras and of Blastaris. 176 8”,23| future events by means of words and calls, the corresponding 177 8”,23| celebration, or, in other words, the various flowers and 178 8”,23| those persons who utter words from their belly and tell 179 8”,23| correcting or interpreting the words in the book, except only 180 8”,23| containing holy and sacred words may not be profaned. For 181 8”,23| banquets. Premising these words of the Apostle, St. Basil 182 8”,23| olden times such meaningless words and prolongations; they 183 8”,23| praying by mouth and spoken words psalmody, and praying done 184 8”,23| hand, neither ought the words “Epilochia of the Theotoke” ( 185 8”,23| Christmas, but only the wordsSynaxis of the Theotoke.” 186 8”,23| Owing to the lack of English words corresponding to the highly 187 8”,23| supplication with the following words, to wit: “Holy is God, Holy 188 8”,23| The part consisting of the words God, Mighty, Immortal is 189 8”,23| the Holy Trinity. For the wordsHoly is God” have reference 190 8”,23| Son and of the Spirit. The wordsHoly and Mightydenote 191 8”,23| the Grantor of Life. The words “have mercy upon us,” being 192 8”,23| Fullo by adding thereto the words “who was crucified for our 193 8”,23| spite of this the following words of the Canon interpret the 194 8”,23| the Canon interpret the words as implying that this must 195 8”,23| sober in respect of untimely words, was once buried inside 196 8”,23| merely overcome by untimely words, and slowly so at that, 197 8”,23| who have sinned both in words and in deeds and who, after 198 8”,23| this great Father in two words proves that it is a matter 199 8”,23| silent omission in those words which it mentions, to wit: “ 200 8”,23| sons of Aaron, or, in other words, the priests, not to shave 201 8”,23| only did He forbid this in words, but He even appeared to 202 8”,23| trodden underfoot, and the words of David coming true, wherein 203 8”,23| look like,” or, in other words, it is so called because 204 8”,23| or, for instance, such words as “This is the picture 205 8”,23| hypostasis, or, for instance, words stating that it is a picture 206 8”,23| above definition by the words “and to bestow upon these 207 8”,23| consequently because even the words of the holy Gospel are pictures 208 8”,23| Gospel reveal by means of words, the painter represents 209 8”,23| consecration, or, in other words, of enthroning the temple, 210 8”,23| chanted which begins with the wordsLift high the gates, ye 211 8”,23| a puzzle), or, in other words, it does nothing in vain.

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