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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | not the intention of the Fathers gathered at Nicea to substitute 2 Intro | regulation established by the Fathers of Nicea.1 St. Basil, writing 3 Intro | councils and of the Holy Fathers last.13 Although this classification 4 Intro | the real thinking of the Fathers who issued these ancient 5 Intro | The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, second series.42 It is 6 Intro | therefore approved by the Fathers of Chalcedon.43 Subsequent 7 Intro | parcel of Holy Tradition. The Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical 8 Intro | forget either that the Holy Fathers, the authors of the canons, 9 Intro | barbarian invasions, the Fathers of the Synod in Trullo decided 10 Intro | the axiom applied by the Fathers of Nicea to the privileges 11 1”,7 | always comes first among the Fathers attending a council, and 12 1”,13| Interpretation.~After these divine Fathers prescribed concerning penance, 13 1”,14| writings of the Western Fathers. One of these classes was 14 1”,20| by the Apostles and the Fathers ought all to be observed 15 2 | in Constantinople. Of the Fathers attending it the most notable 16 2”,1 | 1.~ The holy Fathers assembled in Constantinople 17 2”,1 | three hundred and eighteen Fathers who met in Nicaea, Bithynia, 18 2”,1 | asserts that the 150 Holy Fathers who convened in Constantinople 19 2”,1 | creed adopted by the 318 Fathers who had convened in Nicaea, 20 2”,2 | customary practice of the Fathers.~(Ap. cc. XXXIV, XXXV; cc. 21 2”,2 | prevailing custom of the Fathers. To be more explicit, neighboring 22 2”,3 | seen in the fact that the Fathers assembled in Chalcedon, 23 2”,5 | it says that, just as the Fathers of this Council accepted 24 2”,5 | holy Creed of the Nicene Fathers and anathematizing all those 25 2”,5 | which definition the Western Fathers assembled at Sardica[53] 26 2”,5 | that is to say, as the Fathers who assembled in Nicaea.~ ~ ~ 27 3 | numbering upwards of 200 Fathers. The “hegemons” (i.e., principal 28 3 | Alexandria illustrious among Fathers, who, acting in the place 29 3”,7 | one defined by the Holy Fathers who convened in the city 30 3”,7 | and decreed by the Holy Fathers who assembled in the city 31 3”,8 | to the Canons of the Holy Fathers and ancient custom, whereby 32 3”,8 | order that the Canons of the Fathers be not transgressed, nor 33 3”,8 | general and catholic, the Fathers of this Council add that 34 3”,8 | order that the Canons of the Fathers be not transgressed, and 35 4 | after Christ. The number of Fathers attending it was 630, the 36 4 | therefore to the divine Fathers we all consonantly join 37 4 | Symbol (i.e., Creed) of the Fathers has imparted the matter 38 4”,1 | promulgated by the Holy Fathers, in each and every Council 39 4”,1 | Canons issued by the Holy Fathers from the beginning down 40 4”,1 | theretofore, and those of the Fathers of the Church should remain 41 4”,5 | Canons laid down by the Holy Fathers should remain in effect 42 4”,5 | were issued by the Holy Fathers to prohibit bishops as well 43 4”,8 | teaching imparted by the holy Fathers. As regards those who dare 44 4”,8 | tradition received from the Holy Fathers, and not abscond from the 45 4”,19| with the Canons of the Holy Fathers, for the Bishops to meet 46 4”,28| the decrees of the Holy Fathers, and aware of the recently 47 4”,28| keeping with the fact that the Fathers naturally enough granted 48 4”,28| New Rome, therefore the fathers of this Council too, by 49 4”,28| For, they say, just as the Fathers bestowed privileges upon 50 5 | Greek. It was attended by Fathers to the number of 165, among 51 6 | volume of the Councils). The Fathers who attended it numbered 52 7 | Christ.[124] The number of Fathers who attended it was 327 53 7 | the Patriarchs and of the Fathers who attended it. Thus, summarily 54 7 | forgotten that . . . the same Fathers gathered themselves together 55 7 | which had been signed by the Fathers of the present Sixth Council, 56 7”,1 | eighteen holy and blissful Fathers who convened in Nicaea in 57 7”,1 | one hundred and fifty Holy Fathers who convened in the Imperial 58 7”,1 | forth by the God-bearing Fathers who earlier assembled themselves 59 7”,1 | and thirty God-approved Fathers, which conveyed to the ends 60 7”,1 | and sixty-five God-bearing Fathers who assembled upon the ground 61 7”,1 | to our posterity; which Fathers indeed as a Council anathematized 62 7”,1 | aforesaid holy and blissful Fathers, and let him be erased and 63 7”,1 | Apostles[129] and by the Fathers of the First Council (who 64 7”,1 | and nature), and by the Fathers of the Second Council (whose 65 7”,1 | theological utterances the Fathers of this Council assert that 66 7”,1 | the Prophets”), and by the Fathers of the Third[131] and Fourth, 67 7”,1 | and, briefly speaking, the Fathers of the present Council solemnly 68 7”,1 | keep the aforesaid Holy Fathersdogmas of piety, and who 69 7”,2 | by the holy and blissful Fathers preceding us, be henceforth 70 7”,2 | by our holy and blissful Fathers, to wit: the three hundred 71 7”,2 | thirty holy and blissful Fathers who met in Chalcedon. Likewise 72 7”,2 | which it says that the Fathers preceding it accepted and 73 7”,2 | And d) those of the Holy Fathers individually, each by name. 74 7”,3 | Interpretation.~The Fathers of the present Council, 75 7”,3 | matter of leniency, these Fathers, in regard to those in holy 76 7”,6 | after being ordained, the Fathers of this Council confirm 77 7”,8 | fast to whatever our Holy Fathers have decreed, in everything, 78 7”,8 | Interpretation.~These Fathers confirm and renew the Canon 79 7”,8 | renew the Canon of the Holy Fathers preceding them which commands 80 7”,13| from her. But just as the Fathers of the Council held in Carthage, 81 7”,13| the same things as these Fathers, decree that the above three 82 7”,14| our holy and God-bearing Fathers be observed also in respect 83 7”,14| and God-bearing and holy Fathers, let them at any rate be 84 7”,16| appoint seven Deacons, the Fathers of the Council held in Neocaesarea 85 7”,16| harmonizing the sense of the Fathers with the Apostolic saying, 86 7”,16| in the Book of Acts. The Fathers of the present Council, 87 7”,16| interpretation given by the Fathers with the assertions concerning 88 7”,16| speak, stage. Hence these Fathers, in agreement with divine 89 7”,16| poor. Not only did these Fathers not follow the instructions 90 7”,19| derived from the God-bearing Fathers; but also, if the discourse 91 7”,19| afforded by the aforesaid Fathers, the laity, being apprised 92 7”,19| down by the God-bearing Fathers. And if at any time they 93 7”,19| discourses of the divine Fathers than by composing sermons 94 7”,19| doctrines taught by the Fathers, the laity learn what things 95 7”,23| since the teaching of our Fathers thus commands. In case anyone 96 7”,23| and depart, just as the Fathersteaching commands, that 97 7”,28| 29.~ The Canon of the Fathers met in Carthage prescribes 98 7”,28| an economy of the divine Fathers on account of certain pretexts 99 7”,28| the Apostles and of the Fathers, that the fasting during 100 7”,28| decrees that perhaps those Fathers employed this economy for 101 7”,28| during the fasts of the Fathers, that is to say, those in 102 7”,28| say, those in c. L of the Fathers of Laodicea, which decrees 103 7”,31| Liturgy. And the devout Fathers assembled in Carthage, too, 104 7”,31| mistaken view of theirs, these Fathers are making known the true 105 7”,31| water. In addition, the Fathers in Carthage in c. XLIV, 106 7”,32| member of the clergy, the Fathers of this Council further 107 7”,35| one hundred and fifty Holy Fathers who assembled in this God-guarded 108 7”,37| which was laid down by our Fathers and which reads as follows: 109 7”,38| aforesaid by the God-bearing Fathers who convened in Ephesus 110 7”,38| custom. For our God-bearing Fathers have already decided that 111 7”,39| handed down to us by the Fathers even in these matters, so 112 7”,39| prescribed by the divine Fathers (and especially St. Basil 113 7”,39| sixty years old, while the Fathers of the 4th say that a woman 114 7”,40| quietude. For this reason these Fathers in the present Canon decree 115 7”,45| Interpretation.~These Fathers do not want nuns to go away 116 7”,49| Interpretation.~These Fathers forbid everybody to gamble, 117 7”,60| accordance with what the Fathers had formerly decided in 118 7”,60| instance), just as previous Fathers have canonically penalized 119 7”,60| cast a spell upon them, the Fathers of the Council in Ancyra 120 7”,60| followed mentioning as previous Fathers both him and those in Ancyra. 121 7”,75| said to the faithful, the Fathers prohibited by means of this 122 7”,80| from that hymn by the Holy Fathers of old on the ground that 123 7”,80| legislation by our Holy Fathers heretofore, do anathematize 124 7”,83| Closely following the Fathersinstitutions, we decree 125 7”,86| canonically decreed by our Fathers that such men shall serve 126 7”,86| likes are canonized by the Fathers (assembled, that is to say, 127 7”,89| canonically from our God-bearing Fathers not to bend the knee on 128 7”,89| Sundays, from the God-bearing Fathers of the First Synod, i.e., 129 7”,90| such women more kindly, the Fathers in Ancyra, in their c. XXI, 130 8 | Irene, A.D. 783.[256] Of the Fathers attending it, 350 were Orthodox,[ 131 8 | the doctrine of our Holy Fathers, it was the tradition of 132 8”,1 | and of those of our holy Fathers. For all those men, having 133 8”,1 | those of the individual Fathers; anathematizing those whom 134 8”,1 | been enacted by the holy Fathers. See also c. I of the 4th, 135 8”,2 | definitions and canons of the Fathers, they who are to be ordained 136 8”,3 | was decreed by the holy Fathers assembled in Nicaea, in 137 8”,5 | second Canon of the devout Fathers assembled in Chalcedon, 138 8”,5 | Epistle of St. John, these Fathers call the incorrigible boasting 139 8”,6 | had to face, the devout Fathers of the Sixth Council decreed 140 8”,21| hospitably treated by the Fathers of that strange monastery ( 141 8”,23| every one of the divine Fathers took care to stigmatize 142 8”,23| 9), says that “all the Fathers of the present First Council 143 8”,23| peace,” according to the Fathers (though one may say that 144 8”,23| ordination. Hence spiritual fathers ought to learn from this 145 8”,23| therein he urges spiritual fathers to mourn for sinners.~ ~ [ 146 8”,23| were later forbidden by the Fathers to enter the Bema or to 147 8”,23| in use among the ancient Fathers even before the First Ecumenical 148 8”,23| the faith of the Nicene Fathers to be delivered to all the 149 8”,23| Western as well as Eastern Fathers. The Easterners, it is true, 150 8”,23| confirmed the faith of the Fathers set forth in Nicaea, without 151 8”,23| assure you, why the Renowned Fathers made it mandatory to anoint 152 8”,23| definition of their own, the Fathers dogmatized it in that Canon. 153 8”,23| view of the fact that the Fathers confessed therein the Son 154 8”,23| co-essential was one to which the Fathers were accustomed even before 155 8”,23| in like manner had other Fathers called the Virgin Mary a 156 8”,23| volume of the series of the Fathers (inthe Patrologia); but 157 8”,23| adopted by the thrice-blissful Fathers speaking on behalf of the 158 8”,23| Symbol of Faith of our holy Fathers who convened in Nicaea, 159 8”,23| intact the decrees of the Fathers. We anathematize those who 160 8”,23| contrary beliefs. Yet the Fathers of that Council did not 161 8”,23| that defined by the holy Fathers assembled in the city of 162 8”,23| rather the Creed.” That the Fathers of the Second Council expanded 163 8”,23| its edict states: “The 150 Fathers with the inspiration of 164 8”,23| emphasized by the 150 holy Fathers aforesaid when they explained 165 8”,23| prejudice of the faith of the Fathers, such as that which has 166 8”,23| Jesus Christ and of the Fathers, who, after convening in 167 8”,23| and down to this day the Fathers of the Church have been 168 8”,23| the present Council, the Fathers shouted: “That is the Faith 169 8”,23| That is the Faith of the Fathers; that is the Faith of the 170 8”,23| That is the faith of the Fathers,” so and in like manner 171 8”,23| in the Bibliotheca of the Fathers, because it is in truth 172 8”,23| learn that wherever the fathers call the union of the two 173 8”,23| with respect to nature, the Fathers make it clear that this 174 8”,23| of force, even though the fathers of the women seized consent 175 8”,23| ratified not only by the Fathers of this Council, but also 176 8”,23| the present Canon, “the Fathers naturally enough granted 177 8”,23| including Synods) and the Fathers, not only in his own See ( 178 8”,23| of the Councils or of the Fathers of the Church, but given 179 8”,23| Scriptures and to the Divine Fathers.” Nor the idea that a hypostasis 180 8”,23| by him. That is why the Fathers of the Fourth Ecumenical 181 8”,23| anyone say that all the Fathers of so many Councils, and 182 8”,23| and they cite many Western Fathers as witnesses to this, that 183 8”,23| Canon is referring to the Fathers of the Third Council who 184 8”,23| being reproved by the Fathers of the present Council on 185 8”,23| ground that they (sc. the Fathers) were in favor of adoration 186 8”,23| by this Canon. For these Fathers together with the Sixth 187 8”,23| Dioscorites, who called the Fathers of the Fourth Ecumenical 188 8”,23| those Canons of Councils and Fathers which were in use in the 189 8”,23| anything from their such fathers, either in the way of heritage 190 8”,23| present Canon and by the Holy Fathers: for St. Jerome in writing 191 8”,23| eternal devices which our Fathers devised. Two things, however, 192 8”,23| things are what spiritual fathers ought to tell those in holy 193 8”,23| account the God-bearing Fathers who compiled the rituals, 194 8”,23| and on this account the Fathers of the Council by way of 195 8”,23| sense in which the Holy Fathers employed the word. And divine 196 8”,23| and monachal habit. The Fathers know of no little habit 197 8”,23| invented by certain later Fathers on account of men’s weakness ( 198 8”,23| not obey the rules of the Fathers, but allow one party to 199 8”,23| reality the object of the Fathers to prevent these institutions 200 8”,23| liturgy was invented by the Fathers in order to provide a way 201 8”,23| sent packing by the divine Fathers on the ground that they 202 8”,23| new grace. Our God-bearing Fathers, however, the so-called 203 8”,23| will not bathe with their fathers, to avoid seeing the nakedness 204 8”,23| bathe together with their fathers. St. Diadochus, the bishop 205 8”,23| Blastaris says that these Fathers decreed that those women 206 8”,23| by the same Canons of the Fathers, and especially by c. XII 207 8”,23| that that was the number of Fathers attending it. Psellus says 208 8”,23| the future age. Hence some Fathers called the divine Eucharist 209 8”,23| pictured by them. Hence the Fathers of the present Council in 210 8”,23| to wit, the fact that the Fathers of this Council admitted 211 8”,23| various times by our sacred Fathers, accepting all which they

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