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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | of the great council were held in equally high esteem. 2 Intro | still preferred and must be held unless there are major obstacles. 3 1 | First Ecumenical Council was held in Nicea, Asia Minor, in 4 1 | Thrace. The sessions were held in the principal church, 5 1 | that daily sessions were held and that Arius was often 6 1”,4 | validity of the election held by all the bishops, and 7 1”,5 | seemed well that synods be held every year twice a year 8 1”,5 | and in a common discussion held by all the Bishops of the 9 1”,5 | synods, let one of them be held before Lent, in order that, 10 1”,5 | and let the second one be held sometime in autumn.~(Ap. 11 1”,5 | These synods are to be held one sometime before Lent, 12 1”,5 | Let the second synod be held in the time of autumn. Read 13 1”,7 | Narcissus, by the way, held a council with fourteen 14 1”,7 | First Ecumenical Council was held. Secondly, because the Bishop 15 1”,8 | anathematized by the Council held in Rome in the time of Pope 16 1”,8 | Eusebius, and by the councils held in Carthage in the time 17 1”,8 | Cyprian, and by the councils held against him in Antioch and 18 1”,13| be c. VI of the Council held in Ancyra, this being an 19 1”,15| change of station is to be held void and invalid without 20 2 | ecumenical Second Council was held during the reign of Theodosius 21 2 | ecumenical council. It was held primarily against Macedonius, 22 2 | same beliefs as the Council held in Nicaea, it did not draw 23 2 | adopted by the First Council held in Nicaea, yet the Councils 24 2 | Nicaea, yet the Councils held thereafter accepted the 25 2”,3 | Thrace. But the Council held in Chalcedon in its letter 26 2”,3 | letter to Leo says that he held such authority to ordain 27 2”,7 | synod or regional council held in Illiberia, a country 28 3 | ecumenical Third Council was held in Ephesus, a city situated 29 3 | especially from the Council held in Carthage. Besides all 30 3”,1 | entertained the heretical views held by Celestius,[75] the same 31 3”,2 | apostasy of the other one held in Antiocheia, or that they 32 3”,3 | bishops in other countries who held his views did the same, 33 3”,6 | question in the Council held in Ephesus, are to be deposed 34 3”,7 | Ecumenical First Council held in Nicaea, and the Creed 35 3”,8 | was not, that is to say, held by his predecessors. But 36 4 | Ecumenical Fourth Council was held in Chalcedon, an important 37 4 | down by the Third Council, held in Ephesus, but indeed also 38 4 | of the First Ec. Council, held in Nicaea, and of the Second 39 4 | and of the Second one, held in Constantinople, and it 40 4 | this same Council which was held in Chalcedon. The third 41 4 | which were done after it was held and which related to it.[ 42 4”,1 | Canons of Councils and Synods held theretofore, and those of 43 4”,17| especially if they have held them in their possession 44 4”,17| after this Fourth Ec. C. was held, as we said in Footnote 45 4”,17| to another to be wrongly held by him and appropriates 46 4”,19| Synods of Bishops are not held in the provinces, and as 47 4”,19| every year were not being held, and as a result of this 48 4”,24| others to do so, are to be held responsible for their acts 49 5 | which was the second one held in Constantinople) was held 50 5 | held in Constantinople) was held in the year 553 in the reign 51 6 | was the third one to be held in Constantinople) was held 52 6 | held in Constantinople) was held in the year 680 after Christ 53 7”,1 | six Councils which were held before this present Council 54 7”,1 | this present Council was held; and of those heretics against 55 7”,1 | whom each one of them was held, as well as the time and 56 7”,1 | place in which each was held. And not only a repetition, 57 7”,1 | against whom each of them was held, we refer readers to the 58 7”,2 | furthermore also those who held a Council in Laodicea; further, 59 7”,2 | supporting him, who alone held sway in the places of the 60 7”,3 | before the Council was held, and who had repented and 61 7”,8 | in each province must be held every year, in whatever 62 7”,8 | aforementioned Bishops to be held by all means once a year 63 7”,8 | two synods or councils be held in each province every year. 64 7”,8 | that a synod of Bishops be held in any event and by all 65 7”,8 | synod, or council, has to be held, as respects the time, from 66 7”,13| with their own wives when held at the proper time — when, 67 7”,13| the Fathers of the Council held in Carthage, in providing 68 7”,16| the Fathers of the Council held in Neocaesarea have thus 69 7”,16| full of Holy Spirit, and held in good repute by all; and 70 7”,16| the Canon of the Council held in Neocaesarea, but even 71 7”,23| say, c. LIV of the Council held in Laodicea (though that 72 7”,28| confirmed by the Council held in Nicaea. Nevertheless, 73 7”,34| contrary, these are to be held for safe keeping by the 74 7”,51| for the sleeping are to be held on the other days in Lent, 75 7”,61| dances in general of women be held, nor festivals and dances 76 7”,61| Lord thy God.” The Council held in Gangra does not even 77 7”,65| other popular spectacle be held at all.~ ~Interpretation.~ 78 7”,71| on the contrary, has been held down by the bond of delusion 79 7”,73| love-feasts, must not be held at the Lord’s suppers, or 80 7”,73| love-feasts (i.e., banquets held as a token of love, and 81 7”,73| do not forbid their being held at common houses. Hence 82 7”,76| word c. XXX of the Council held in Laodicea, except only 83 7”,80| by the Council which was held in Rome A.D. 487 under Pope 84 8 | Ecumenical Seventh Council was held in Nicaea, Bithynia, the 85 8 | the pseudopatriarchs who held office during the time of 86 8 | definition of the pseudo-council held in the reign of Constantine 87 8”,6 | canonical discussions must be held twice a year in each province 88 8”,6 | decreed that one assembly be held each year, by all means 89 8”,6 | Councils of bishops cannot be held each year in regard to ecclesiastical 90 8”,6 | traveling, one Council must be held by all means every year, 91 8”,19| Canon of the holy Council held in Chalcedon; but if the 92 8”,21| Nevertheless, he or she must not be held to be enrolled in the brotherhood 93 8”,23| of the regional council held in Illiberia, a town in 94 8”,23| 25 of the local council held in Agatha in the year 506 95 8”,23| hand.” And even the Council held in Chalcedon, in mentioning 96 8”,23| before this First Council was held the Bishop of Alexandria 97 8”,23| from Egypt at the Council held in Chalcedon, in Act 4 ( 98 8”,23| mentioned in the Council held in Chalcedon; and it was 99 8”,23| c. IX of the 4th). They held divine services (i.e., celebrated 100 8”,23| c. XXXIX of the council held in Illyberia says that heretics 101 8”,23| compelled by the first synod held in Lycos to continue life 102 8”,23| 272 the regional Council held in Antioch deposed him and 103 8”,23| relentlessly combated those who held this belief. Hence he exiled, 104 8”,23| threat; and his views were held also by Aetius. Though called 105 8”,23| Englished Robber Council, held A.D. 449) seated the Bishop 106 8”,23| commanded that a Council be held at Sardica, a city in Illyria, 107 8”,23| Nicodemeia in the Council held at Antioch during the reign 108 8”,23| Antioch made by the Council held there, and that set forth 109 8”,23| in those of the council held in Ephesus, “the holy Synod 110 8”,23| also those of the Council held in Laodicea in their c. 111 8”,23| or regional council, was held in Illiberia a short while 112 8”,23| Great stated that the Arians held correct views in addition 113 8”,23| Canon of the Sixth Ecum. C., held in the Trullus.~ ~ [74] 114 8”,23| Third Council and by one held before it in Carthage at 115 8”,23| fifth Act of the Council held in Florence says that heretics 116 8”,23| Third Ecumenical Council was held, not only by councils and 117 8”,23| of Nicaea at the Council held in Florence. But what am 118 8”,23| Creed (though the Council held in Sardica before the Second 119 8”,23| words of the Second Council, held in Constantinople, because 120 8”,23| in the fifth convention held in Florence it is written 121 8”,23| Eugenius at the Council held during the reign of Emperor 122 8”,23| Pope John the Third Council held in Toledo during the reign 123 8”,23| century, when a Council was held in Aquisgrana, and therein 124 8”,23| Petrovius. See also the Council held in Florence from its third 125 8”,23| responsibility. But if we are being held to account because we had 126 8”,23| others who will have to be held to account likewise, all 127 8”,23| why in Act 10 of the Synod held in the time of Basil the 128 8”,23| in Act 4 of this Council held in Chalcedon the Bishop 129 8”,23| different position from that held by each Patriarch together 130 8”,23| this Fourth Ec. Council was held. That explains why Justinian 131 8”,23| sacred services have been held and monastic austerity of 132 8”,23| Latrocinium, or Robber Synod, held in Ephesus, placed the Bishop 133 8”,23| That is why the Council held in St. Sophia states clearly 134 8”,23| since this tenet was not one held by Nestorius, but was and 135 8”,23| that it accused the Council held in Ephesus of having condemned 136 8”,23| Council by a Synod or Council held against him in Rome during 137 8”,23| Honorius. Again, the one held thereafter, which is called 138 8”,23| time and as having been held in the same geographical 139 8”,23| called the Sixth which was held before it convened in the 140 8”,23| Sixth Council which was held prior thereto finished its 141 8”,23| preach in the year 44, they held a large and impressive convention ( 142 8”,23| to which was the Council held in Constantinople again 143 8”,23| mention the local Synods held in the West, nor the Canons 144 8”,23| Synods and regional Councils held in the West that agreed 145 8”,23| correct in what the Councils held in the West have declared, 146 8”,23| Synods and regional Councils held in the West erred and spoke 147 8”,23| of the regional council held in Carthage number IV and 148 8”,23| his statement the Council held in Laodicea, which forbids 149 8”,23| Council prohibits their being held, not on some days and on 150 8”,23| and are not good even when held on non-festival days. For 151 8”,23| participate in conventions held outside of the churches, 152 8”,23| Ecum. Council had yet been held, since the custom is censured 153 8”,23| by the Council which was held in Laodicea before the Second 154 8”,23| in which the liturgy was held with the landlord’s knowledge, 155 8”,23| but yet are occupied and held by barbarians and heathens, 156 8”,23| the present Council were held) that no woman should receive 157 8”,23| and the Western Council held in Cabilone. Hence those 158 8”,23| as the Western Council held in Constance, Germany, in 159 8”,23| local Council, or Synod, held in Toledo, and others. See 160 8”,23| that the trita which are held for our sleeping brethren 161 8”,23| them. These auguries are held during the time of the Forerunner’ 162 8”,23| consequence no weddings are held during that period either. 163 8”,23| the one common to all and held in imitation of the Lord, 164 8”,23| cases Birthday Suppers, held in memory of martyrs; in 165 8”,23| other cases Wedding Suppers, held in celebration of nuptials; 166 8”,23| called Funeral Suppers, held at the burial of the dead ( 167 8”,23| vigils, and especially those held in the Holy Mountain, and 168 8”,23| the minutes of the Council held in Carthage state. Or because 169 8”,23| decreed by the local Synod held in the city of Antisiodorus, 170 8”,23| says that this Council was held in the year 783. Others 171 8”,23| however, say that it was held in the above-mentioned year.~ ~ [ 172 8”,23| figures. But also the councils held by the iconomachs, and especially 173 8”,23| iconomachs, and especially that held in Blachernae in the reign 174 8”,23| Synod, or local Council, held in the year 1084 during 175 8”,23| just as the above Synod held during the patriarchate 176 8”,23| while Adam and Eve are being held by His hands, and on the 177 8”,23| indeed, even the Council held in Rome in the time of Martin 178 8”,23| Sophronius in the Council held in Jerusalem; and Andrew

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