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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 1 | 10: Lapsi who have been ordained knowingly or surreptitiously 2 1”,2 | presbytery, which is to say, they ordained them presbyters or bishops; 3 1”,2 | Timothy: “Let not a novice (be ordained, that is to say), or one 4 1”,2 | catechized and baptized and ordained, it should happen that he 5 1”,4 | that a bishop ought to be ordained by all the bishops in the 6 1”,4 | should be elected, chosen, ordained by all of them. I said “ 7 1”,4 | voted for and afterwards be ordained. Accordingly, we thus obtain 8 1”,7 | the bishop of Caesarea, ordained Dion bishop of Jerusalem 9 1”,8 | ones found to have been ordained, whether in villages or 10 1”,8 | found himself when he was ordained: that is to say, a bishop 11 1”,9 | contrary to the Canons, ordained them priests, such persons, 12 1”,9 | has confessed after he was ordained, let him serve only in the 13 1”,9 | that if anyone has been ordained a presbyter through ignorance 14 1”,9 | of a deacon that has been ordained in spite of his being unworthy, 15 1”,10| serious lapses and have been ordained in ignorance thereof, or 16 1”,10| many persons as have been ordained from among God-deniers, 17 1”,10| because the prelate who ordained them did not know about 18 1”,10| say, of their having been ordained, that is to say, in ignorance 19 1”,10| what manner they have been ordained, they have to be deposed. 20 1”,10| been fairly good, may be ordained clergymen, according to 21 1”,10| and have afterwards been ordained, but also those who have 22 1”,15| Presbyter[30] in question was ordained.~(Ap. cc. XIV, XV; c. VI 23 1”,15| that church in which he was ordained, since not only bishops 24 1”,15| presbyters and deacons must be ordained in a definite church, and 25 1”,16| church in which they were ordained, while the present Canon 26 1”,16| church in which they were ordained, they must not be admitted 27 1”,19| being rebaptized let them be ordained by a Bishop of the catholic 28 1”,19| if some of them had been ordained clergymen before their Orthodox 29 1”,19| because the prelates who ordained them were not aware of the 30 1”,19| heretics or that they had been ordained in the clergy according 31 1”,19| unimpeachable,[36] let them be ordained by a Bishop of the catholic 32 1”,19| any Orthodox Bishop has ordained any of the women of the 33 1”,19| heresy, or if they had been ordained in the order of deaconesses 34 1”,19| a diaconate, let them be ordained deaconesses too. (See also 35 1”,19| commands that a deaconess be ordained such when forty years old ( 36 2”,2 | to have Maximus the Cynic ordained in Constantinople, while, 37 2”,2 | XXVIII of the 4th, have to be ordained after the bishop of Constantinople). 38 2”,2 | that no bishop shall be ordained without the consent of the 39 2”,4 | and that neither are those ordained by him entitled to hold 40 2”,4 | being one; and any persons ordained by him to any rank whatever 41 2”,4 | regarded as never having been ordained at all: because all has 42 2”,6 | catholic Bishops who have been ordained in the Orthodox manner and 43 3”,8 | For though he was indeed ordained canonically, as has been 44 3”,8 | your godliness necessarily ordained our most reverent and most 45 3”,8 | resignation. Hence the Synod there ordained another bishop in place 46 4”,2 | let him who has been thus ordained have no benefit from such 47 4”,2 | Presbyters, and Deacons are ordained by carrying out the rite 48 4”,2 | Hegoumeni (or Priors) are ordained by carrying out the rite 49 4”,2 | In addition, the one so ordained is not to be allowed to 50 4”,6 | decreed that no one shall be ordained at large either a Presbyter 51 4”,6 | monastery. As for those ordained at large the holy Council 52 4”,6 | evil being that they are ordained at large and indefinitely, 53 4”,6 | other ecclesiastic shall be ordained in such a manner, but must 54 4”,6 | all those who have been ordained indefinitely, the holy Council 55 4”,6 | invalid, and that those so ordained shall not be allowed to 56 4”,10| which he was originally ordained, and of that to which he 57 4”,10| wherein they were originally ordained, and let them officiate 58 4”,10| the one in which he was ordained in the beginning, and in 59 4”,10| church, where they were ordained, and are to perform the 60 4”,10| churches among those already ordained, let one of them be taken 61 4”,12| that one who has not been ordained with the consent and approval 62 4”,15| 15.~ Let no woman be ordained a deaconess before the age 63 4”,15| commands that no woman shall be ordained a deaconess if she is less 64 4”,15| again, it forbids her to be ordained at random and perfunctorily; 65 4”,15| however, even after being thus ordained and serving as a deaconess 66 4”,28| Thracian dioceses shall be ordained by the most holy throne 67 4”,28| has been said, are to be ordained by the Archbishop of Constantinople, 68 4”,28| Metropolitans; for each of these is ordained by his own Metropolitan 69 4”,28| VI of the First) shall be ordained by the aforesaid most holy 70 4”,28| the said dioceses to be ordained by him, but indeed also 71 4”,28| Metropolitans are not to be ordained by the Bishop of Constantinople 72 4”,29| the bishops whom he had ordained, degraded them to the rank 73 4”,30| the Alexandrians has been ordained: it has appeared to us reasonable 74 4”,30| till an Archbishop has been ordained for the great city of the 75 4”,30| Archbishop of Alexandria could be ordained (for, as we have said, the 76 4”,30| Archbishop of Alexandria had been ordained. The one who became ordained 77 4”,30| ordained. The one who became ordained Archbishop of Alexandria 78 7”,3 | wife, or who, after being ordained, married likewise too, after 79 7”,6 | Psalts may marry after being ordained, the Fathers of this Council 80 7”,6 | or Presbyter, after being ordained shall be permitted to marry. 81 7”,6 | let him marry before being ordained a subdeacon, deacon, or 82 7”,12| there, even after being ordained, keep on living with their 83 7”,12| his wife after he has been ordained.[140] We decree this, not 84 7”,13| found to be worthy to be ordained a Subdeacon, or a Deacon, 85 7”,14| that a Presbyter may not be ordained before he is thirty years 86 7”,14| Likewise, let no Deacon be ordained before he is twenty-five 87 7”,14| decrees that no one must be ordained a presbyter until he has 88 7”,14| imitated by presbyters, who are ordained through the presbytery to 89 7”,14| Likewise neither can anyone be ordained a deacon until he has reached 90 7”,15| 15.~ Let no one be ordained a Subdeacon if he is less 91 7”,15| old. If anyone should be ordained in any sacerdocy whatever 92 7”,15| present Canon), let no one be ordained such when he is less than 93 7”,15| age. If anyone has been ordained in any of the four classes 94 7”,15| Carthage a young man could be ordained an Anagnost (or Reader) 95 7”,15| one must be in order to be ordained a bishop, see the Interpretation 96 7”,15| Anagnost and a Bishop when ordained before the fixed time, are 97 7”,17| churches, in which they were ordained, and have run over to other 98 7”,17| disgrace and scorn the one who ordained, by such an act, let both 99 7”,21| whatsoever, who have been ordained or are being ordained for 100 7”,21| been ordained or are being ordained for money, and not in accordance 101 7”,21| clerics whatsoever that are ordained for giving money, and not 102 7”,21| themselves, but also those who ordained them, are to be deposed 103 7”,34| the Bishop who is to be ordained.~(Ap. c. XL; c. XXII of 104 7”,34| bishop who is going to be ordained. See also Ap. c. XL.~ ~ ~ 105 7”,36| exercised over those so ordained, and on account of the cause 106 7”,36| prelates after being duly ordained have been unable to go to 107 7”,36| those who have been thus ordained, and owing to the occasion 108 7”,38| the Hellespontians and be ordained by his own bishops, in accordance 109 7”,38| the Cyzicenians shall be ordained.~(Ap. c. XXXIV; cc. VI, 110 7”,38| its Archbishop is to be ordained by his own bishops, in accordance 111 7”,38| there is need he shall be ordained by him.[167] Read also c. 112 7”,39| that a deaconess can be ordained only when she is at least 113 7”,39| say that a woman may be ordained a deaconess when she is 114 7”,47| And after he has been duly ordained, she must enter a convent ( 115 8”,2 | teach thus, he must not be ordained. For God has said prophetically: “ 116 8”,2 | Fathers, they who are to be ordained may not repent later, as 117 8”,5 | both him and the one who ordained him be deposed from office, 118 8”,5 | let him who has been thus ordained have no benefit from such 119 8”,5 | to give money, not to be ordained, for this comes in later 120 8”,5 | should give money to be ordained a clergyman or a priest 121 8”,23| axiom that all who have been ordained contrary to the Canons and 122 8”,23| Deaconess, though apparently ordained later by a Presbyter and 123 8”,23| Christ. So this deaconess was ordained at first (ibid. ch. 15 and 124 8”,23| the Injunctions) she was ordained for the purpose of guarding 125 8”,23| Constantinople deaconesses are ordained who have no share or privilege 126 8”,23| deaconesses were recruited and ordained from the battalion of widows 127 8”,23| which such deaconesses were ordained, he may learn this more 128 8”,23| years old when they were ordained, and that they wore a full 129 8”,23| them to great thrones, who ordained their own friends ecclesiastics. 130 8”,23| Constantinople, and had ordained Eunomius bishop of Cyzicus.~ ~ [ 131 8”,23| latter sent some men and they ordained him Bishop of Constantinople 132 8”,23| became a Christian, and was ordained a presbyter by Marcianus 133 8”,23| say that because it was ordained in the present Council that 134 8”,23| commands that another bishop be ordained in his stead, much more 135 8”,23| say for no one else to be ordained in the place of a living 136 8”,23| for another bishop to be ordained after the cause of the living 137 8”,23| contained in the letter), they ordained Theodore in his stead. But 138 8”,23| which, had Theodore not been ordained so soon, the Council certainly 139 8”,23| Halicarnassus, by whom he was also ordained Bishop of Alexandria. These 140 8”,23| called monks must neither be ordained nor engage in any way in 141 8”,23| wherefore they ought to be ordained to monasteries, and to perform 142 8”,23| upon the head of those who ordained them” (Discourse 3 on the 143 8”,23| Canon and the others have ordained the opposite and contrary 144 8”,23| Bishop of Constantinople was ordained Patriarch by the Bishop 145 8”,23| which bishops were being ordained that they are not to be 146 8”,23| jurisdiction, and ought to be ordained by him, because he was their 147 8”,23| Patriarch of Constantinople had ordained many Metropolitans from 148 8”,23| them. For St. Chrysostorn ordained Heracleides Bishop of Ephesus, 149 8”,23| Third Ecum. Council) were ordained by the Bishop of Constantinople. 150 8”,23| reason of their having been ordained by him, but on account of 151 8”,23| by the prelate, he may be ordained; but if anyone gives permission 152 8”,23| wife of a man about to be ordained a prelate to get a divorce 153 8”,23| the fact that a priest is ordained to act as the watchman of 154 8”,23| clergymen. So that those who are ordained to the name of certain cities 155 8”,23| themselves among the absolutely ordained, as not being in charge 156 8”,23| does not say for them to be ordained in places that are devoid 157 8”,23| since deaconesses were also ordained also from these once-married ( 158 8”,23| these deaconesses used to be ordained when sixty years old. And 159 8”,23| imposition of hands, to be ordained after so many years, whose 160 8”,23| that no deaconess should be ordained until forty years of age, 161 8”,23| deaconesses actually were ordained from among these once-married 162 8”,23| that the one destined to be ordained a bishop has chosen another 163 8”,23| mystic food, or have been ordained to office, or have done 164 8”,23| anyone who has not been ordained in such a manner be deposed 165 8”,23| office, and that the one who ordained him be suspended; since 166 8”,23| already previously been ordained and are clerics, on which

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