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153 women
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149 faith

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | of sexual love of men for women, which has been placed in 2 1”,3 | bodies of men with bodies of women, regardless of whether they 3 1”,19| same manner in regard to women: that is to say, in other 4 1”,19| has ordained any of the women of the Paulianists deaconesses, 5 4”,15| Owing to the ease with which women are deceived and the ease 6 4”,15| along with those of the women whom they have led into 7 4”,16| Interpretation.~In times of old some women wearing lay garb would dedicate 8 4”,27| regarding those who take women by force[110] under pretense 9 4”,27| the forcible seizure of women in a harsher way than the 10 4”,27| penances those who seize women forcibly with a view to 11 4”,27| absurd and improper love of women, but his accomplices and 12 7”,26| the Apostle Peter forbids women, who are by nature a race 13 7”,41| associate with laymen and women, and insult their own profession, 14 7”,41| cities, mixing with men and women, and discrediting their 15 7”,44| convents (or nunneries) the women about to be deemed worthy 16 7”,44| present Canon prohibits women from adorning themselves 17 7”,45| 46.~ As touching women who prefer the ascetic life 18 7”,45| whether they be men or women, must be subjected to suitable 19 7”,45| not alone, but with other women who are much older both 20 7”,45| the delinquents be men or women.~ ~Concord.~St. Basil the 21 7”,46| Monastery, nor any man in the women’s quarters of a Convent. 22 7”,46| this impropriety. As for women sleeping in a monastery 23 7”,46| both in the men and in the women; and it should scandalize 24 7”,50| performed whether by men or by women on the stage. The stage 25 7”,61| Furthermore, the public dances of women, which are calculated to 26 7”,61| ceremonies performed by men or women in the name of what are 27 7”,61| public dances in general of women be held, nor festivals and 28 7”,61| festivals and dances by men or women in honor of the name of 29 7”,61| that neither must men wear women’s clothing, nor women men 30 7”,61| wear women’s clothing, nor women men’s clothing. But neither 31 7”,61| and a man from wearing women’s clothing: “a woman shall 32 7”,68| XLIV of Laodicea forbids women to enter the sanctuary of 33 7”,69| it not be permissible for women to talk during Holy Mass, 34 7”,69| Paul the Apostle, “let your women remain silent. For it has 35 7”,69| in the churches let your women remain silent. For it has 36 7”,69| Cor. 14:3335.)~ “Let the women learn quietly with all subjection. 37 7”,69| to the words of St. Paul, women are prohibited from teaching 38 7”,69| For it is a shame for women to talk in church” (1 Cor. 39 7”,69| 14:35). This means that women should keep silent in church, 40 7”,69| teaching is forbidden to women but not chanting; for talk 41 7”,69| articulate speech. In fact, women are not allowed to let their 42 7”,69| everything; that is why women are forbidden to talk in 43 7”,69| The greatest adornment of women is silence. Let their example 44 7”,69| Therefore let Christian women emulate her. The ancient 45 7”,69| custom of theirs of letting women teach and sing and govern 46 7”,69| had introduced a choir of women into the church of Antioch. 47 7”,69| modern men, who is preparing women to chant to himself in the 48 7”,69| shudder merely to listen to.”~ Women were never permitted to 49 7”,69| man’s. The appearance of women in the church choir constitutes 50 7”,69| highstrung melodramatic voices of women, they are languorously effeminated 51 7”,76| bathe in public baths with women, nor ought any Christian 52 7”,76| public bath together with women; since this impropriety 53 7”,76| are bathing together with women fail to be overwhelmed and 54 7”,78| do in the case of other women who gave birth to children 55 7”,82| Christian that pays and hires women called moerologetriae (corresponding 56 7”,88| Matthew by saying that the women came at the end of the Sabbath 57 7”,90| 91.~ As for women who furnish drugs for the 58 7”,90| Interpretation.~Some women, who happen to conceive 59 7”,90| penalty of murderers all women (or men) who furnish such 60 7”,90| such means, as well as the women who take these and swallow 61 7”,90| verbatim. But treating such women more kindly, the Fathers 62 7”,90| Basilica, Title 39, both women furnishing and those taking 63 7”,91| As for those who grab women on the pretext of marriage, 64 7”,92| adulteresses. However, these women who marry a second time 65 7”,95| astray, as much of men as of women,[248] and while training 66 7”,95| from thereby attracting women into love, but to cut their 67 7”,99| lascivious pictures, such as women stark naked or bathing or 68 8”,9 | insane bacchantes — those women who used to dance drunken 69 8”,18| 1 Cor. 10:32). But for women to be dwelling in bishoprics, 70 8”,18| in the suburbs there are women, and a Bishop, or an Abbot, 71 8”,18| present Canon prohibits women from being within bishoprics 72 8”,18| monastery there should be any women, and the prelate or the 73 8”,18| these men are there the women are not to perform any act 74 8”,19| even some of the men and women called reverent, having 75 8”,20| monastery for men, and the women must enter a nunnery (or 76 8”,20| nunnery (or monastery for women). For it is in this that 77 8”,20| monastery, within which men and women lived in the same building, 78 8”,20| nevertheless, certain men and women, who are relatives of one 79 8”,20| monasteries for men and let the women go to a nunnery, or monastery 80 8”,20| monastery exclusively for women; for it is in this way that 81 8”,20| mourn, men separately and women separately, hinting by means 82 8”,20| at the fact that men and women cannot live together in 83 8”,23| it is proper for men and women to eat in mixed company, 84 8”,23| privately in the company of women, unless it be somewhere 85 8”,23| 290] and reverent men and women, in order that the banquet 86 8”,23| laymen, who have strange women in their home, whether it 87 8”,23| to class those who keep women in their house or have women 88 8”,23| women in their house or have women staying with them in their 89 8”,23| even cohabit openly with women, and call such living together 90 8”,23| flesh; on the contrary such women retain their beauty for 91 8”,23| pretty as girls and young women who have not yet made their 92 8”,23| face and the beauty of the women. So, according to Basil 93 8”,23| possible shun the company of women altogether, or if this is 94 8”,23| prolonged meetings with women, and of all others especially 95 8”,23| of all others especially women that are leading a monastic 96 8”,23| a man to associate with women and nuns, how much more 97 8”,23| men keeping subintroductae women, apply also to those who 98 8”,23| who keep subintroductae women. “For when they gaze” (says 99 8”,23| Though we have not allowed women to teach in church (because 100 8”,23| and 16) for the sake of women being illuminated, i.e., 101 8”,23| for the other services to women. For in those homes where 102 8”,23| For in those homes where women were dwelling together with 103 8”,23| and she examined those women who went from one city to 104 8”,23| were Orthodox Christian women; as to whether they were 105 8”,23| when they were baptizing women with a view to decency and 106 8”,23| services and help to correct women ecclesiastically. Clement 107 8”,23| says that the Apostles had women with them as sisters and 108 8”,23| matter of preaching for women confined to the house, through 109 8”,23| and private apartment of women. It is also found stated 110 8”,23| was found written that the women in question were forty years 111 8”,23| Having as followers two women, namely, Priscilla and Maximilla, 112 8”,23| way of contrast with the women among the Greeks who were 113 8”,23| chastisement to those who take women by force, because it is 114 8”,23| parents, the masters, of the women seized afterwards consent 115 8”,23| severely those who seize women by force, because it is 116 8”,23| though the fathers of the women seized consent to them later, 117 8”,23| other hand, decrees that women betrothed to men but seized 118 8”,23| three years those who seize women by force or who abet others 119 8”,23| truth we have kept away from women (it was) for the third day 120 8”,23| stand at the doors of the women. For by careful observation 121 8”,23| stood at the doors of the women, just as is also appropriate, 122 8”,23| the Canon introduces these women into the midst of the argument. 123 8”,23| that she may relieve those women who really are widows” ( 124 8”,23| Churches by making a law that women should not be allowed God’ 125 8”,23| bring into your home old women that are drunk and out of 126 8”,23| you assert that those old women say nothing but the name 127 8”,23| although being old Christian women, employ the name of Christ 128 8”,23| witches, and all men and women who go to sorcerers and 129 8”,23| is an ancient custom for women and young children to hang 130 8”,23| their love; which draughts women are especially wont to employ 131 8”,23| drawing men into love. Such women are canonized as murderesses — 132 8”,23| possession. Those men or those women who prepare philters in 133 8”,23| various false beards, and even women’s clothing, and sometimes 134 8”,23| clothing, and sometimes women even wear men’s clothing, 135 8”,23| the islands, where men and women place water and various 136 8”,23| of today, whether men or women, young or old, great or 137 8”,23| whatsoever. For certain women, on the other hand, to be 138 8”,23| In addition, take those women, or men, who go to the tombs 139 8”,23| Fathers decreed that those women should be entitled to a 140 8”,23| whereas he excommunicates women for two weeks if they happen 141 8”,23| immersions, allowing even women to baptize. According to 142 8”,23| to the belt like that of women, and those who bleach their 143 8”,23| is incurred also by those women who use rouge and paint 144 8”,23| Oh, and how the miserable women have the hardihood to dishonor 145 8”,23| spurious tresses on your head, women,~While petting soft necks 146 8”,23| ibid.). So all men and all women who do such things are all 147 8”,23| bridegrooms and have the face of women. For God forbids men of 148 8”,23| made this to be becoming to women, but deemed it to be out 149 8”,23| that in the Western Church women were not wont to receive 150 8”,23| sensually seen by many men and women with the veritable shape 151 8”,23| appeared to many men and women like human beings. The Council 152 8”,23| the eyes of worthy men and women.” And divine St. Hilary 153 8”,23| XVII of Nicephorus; 2) if women enter the monastery, according

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