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fainted 1
faintheartedness 3
fairly 1
faith 149
faith-deniers 2
faithful 34
faithfully 2
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153 women
152 both
152 thus
149 faith
148 clergymen
148 take
146 does

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 1 | who were confessors of the Faith, energetically declared 2 1 | it contained the ancient faith of the Apostolic Church. 3 1”,2 | but recently come to the faith from a heathen life, and 4 1”,2 | converted to the Orthodox faith from the life of a heathen 5 1”,2 | concerning all the dogmas of the faith; and after being baptized 6 1”,8 | persecution have lapsed from the faith; regarding whom a length 7 1”,8 | respecting the dogmas of the faith, nor was he a heretic, but 8 1”,11| with those who deny the faith as a result of great violence 9 1”,11| who have transgressed the faith in Christ without being 10 1”,11| those persons who denied the faith simply because the tyrants 11 1”,11| hand, who have denied the faith of their own accord, without 12 1”,11| great necessity denied the faith and ate of the table of 13 1”,12| repented, and denied the faith, insomuch that some of them 14 1”,14| meaning to teach beginners the faith by word of mouth, because 15 1”,14| the dogmas of the Orthodox faith. They were divided into 16 1”,14| they having embraced the faith and having deferred only 17 1”,14| class and have denied the faith, it has appeared reasonable 18 1”,14| have been caught in the faith, even though they have not 19 1”,14| intimates, and have accepted the faith, and are nominally Christians; 20 1”,19| accordance with the Orthodox faith receive a visitation of 21 2”,1 | decided not to set aside the faith of the three hundred and 22 2”,1 | decided that the Orthodox faith, meaning the creed adopted 23 2”,2 | the Christians in their faith. These churches, I say, 24 2”,5 | also the definition of the faith set forth by those assembled 25 2”,6 | pretending to confess the sound faith, have schismatically separated 26 2”,7 | and joining the Orthodox faith and the portion of the saved. 27 2”,7 | particular aspects of the faith, and make them stay in church 28 3 | up its own definition of faith,[72] wherein it dogmatized 29 3 | by the words of the exact faith. Thus we shall find the 30 3”,7 | any different belief or faith, or in any case to write 31 3”,7 | compose a different belief or faith, or to present one, or to 32 3”,7 | converted from any other faith to Orthodoxy another Creed[ 33 3”,7 | than the Symbol of the Faith denned and decreed by the 34 3”,7 | compose any other symbol of faith (or creed), or to present 35 3”,7 | heretics turning away from faith to recognition and knowledge 36 3”,7 | contained in the exposition of faith composed by him, but brought 37 4 | definition of the Orthodox faith, which runs as follows ( 38 4”,14| wife that is of a different faith. As for those who have already 39 4”,14| Christian to the Orthodox faith. If, on the other hand, 40 4”,14| take a woman of a different faith to wife. All those, on the 41 4”,17| as thirty years in good faith and without coercion, that 42 4”,30| they opposed the catholic faith, but on the allegation that 43 4”,30| the Orthodox belief of the faith), not because he was opposed 44 7 | order to settle questions of faith, in such a way as to warrant 45 7 | emphatically the Orthodox faith, after which they left for 46 7”,1 | grace we decree that the faith which has been handed down 47 7”,1 | of opinion regarding the faith revealed and stated to us 48 7”,1 | strengthen as much as we can the faith which was proclaimed by 49 7”,1 | We Orthodoxly confirm the faith which was engrossed upon 50 7”,1 | Theodoret against the right faith and correct belief and against 51 7”,1 | and keep inviolable the faith declared by the Sixth holy 52 7”,1 | committed to holding the faith firm and sure, even till 53 7”,1 | one not belonging to our faith. For we are fully resolved 54 7”,1 | definitions (or rules) of the faith of the holy and ecumenical 55 7”,1 | innovation or alteration in the faith which has been imparted 56 7”,1 | Council into the Symbol of the Faith in regard to the Theology 57 7”,1 | solemnly decree that the faith shall remain firm and sure, 58 7”,2 | comprised the dogmas of the faith, and Canons were composed 59 7”,2 | I the definitions of the faith of the holy and Ecumenical 60 7”,16| chose Stephen, a man full of faith and Holy Spirit, and Philip, 61 7”,19| Councils and the dogmas of the faith, or away from the teaching 62 7”,29| their lack of firmness of faith (and notice that this same 63 7”,60| their having flouted the faith of Christ and of their having 64 7”,62| thereof, and the Orthodox faith be laughed to scorn. Hence 65 7”,69| child-bearing, if they abide in faith and love and sanctity with 66 7”,77| must learn all about the faith, and on every Thursday must 67 7”,77| the dogmas of the Orthodox faith well and on Thursday of 68 7”,77| learn the particulars of the faith when they get well.~ ~ ~ 69 7”,93| due to tortures deny the faith or eat things that have 70 7”,93| who have not denied the faith but have taken oaths in 71 7”,95| those souls who are of weak faith and easily led astray, as 72 8 | are imbued with the true faith which is reflected in our 73 8”,1 | down and delivered as the faith. For this reason, rejoicing 74 8”,8 | converted as a matter of sincere faith, and confess with all his 75 8”,8 | have joined the Orthodox faith, but secretly deny and mock 76 8”,8 | converted in good and guileless faith and with all his heart confess 77 8”,19| with respect to the right faith and with respect to good 78 8”,23| for Samaritans joining the faith. Canon 25 of the local council 79 8”,23| on account of the fervid faith they showed in Christ, and 80 8”,23| persecuted on account of their faith in Christ by Licinius and 81 8”,23| ignorance he denied the faith, when once he has returned 82 8”,23| an adult and denied the faith after being tortured, in 83 8”,23| willingly went and denied the faith, he too has to fast for 84 8”,23| reasonable to the Council for the faith of the Nicene Fathers to 85 8”,23| and Paul, confirmed the faith of the Fathers set forth 86 8”,23| and confirmation of the faith that the present Canon calls 87 8”,23| not utterly condemn the faith set forth in Nicaea, in 88 8”,23| composed a definition of faith wherein they appear to confess 89 8”,23| of the Holy Spirit, which faith may be found in the work 90 8”,23| it is this definition of faith that the present Canon says 91 8”,23| The details respecting the faith openly preached by us are 92 8”,23| in which we confessed the faith more in extenso. Just as 93 8”,23| its above definition of faith has been accorded acceptance 94 8”,23| was written the Symbol of Faith (usually called the Creed 95 8”,23| Constantinopolitan (sc. their) faith and separation from heretics, 96 8”,23| Concerning the Orthodox Faith, book 3, ch. 12, and elsewhere.) 97 8”,23| means of the libellus of the faith of Sophronius of Jerusalem) 98 8”,23| called in GreekSymbol of Faith”) is as follows. St. Marcus 99 8”,23| were joining the Orthodox faith, and to the Jews and heretics 100 8”,23| creed than the (Symbol of) faith of the Bishops who convened 101 8”,23| any other exposition of faith.” Yet, that which in its 102 8”,23| admission of any exposition of faith other and different than 103 8”,23| least change by anyone in faith defined, or, in other words, 104 8”,23| other words, the Symbol of Faith of our holy Fathers who 105 8”,23| Creed as respecting the faith, but were merely developments 106 8”,23| with respect to points of faith or with respect to words, 107 8”,23| forbade anyone to propound any faith other than that of the Nicene 108 8”,23| Arians propounding another faith as against the doctrine 109 8”,23| not involve the matter of faith, being rather expansions 110 8”,23| to compose any different faith (or Creed) than that defined 111 8”,23| These expositions of the faith, or creeds, of the First 112 8”,23| preferred anything to the Nicene faith, but, on the contrary, we 113 8”,23| we ourselves are of that faith, with the help of God, and 114 8”,23| continue to be of that same faith, adding merely the article 115 8”,23| a nature contrary to the faith, in that it represents the 116 8”,23| innovation in the Symbol of Faith, then, is that greatest 117 8”,23| to the prejudice of the faith of the Fathers, such as 118 8”,23| to the common Symbol of Faith called the Nicene Creed. 119 8”,23| presented as the common faith in private lessons. And 120 8”,23| Cyprians had received their faith and Christianity from Antioch, 121 8”,23| and finally confess the faith. Note also the further observation 122 8”,23| Fathers shouted: “That is the Faith of the Fathers; that is 123 8”,23| the Fathers; that is the Faith of the Apostles. St. Peter 124 8”,23| Council shouted, “That is the faith of the Fathers,” so and 125 8”,23| they shouted, “That is the faith of Orthodox Christians; 126 8”,23| exercises in watching over the faith and preserving the traditions 127 8”,23| who erred in regard to the faith. But if he was not a heretic, 128 8”,23| Adrian erred in regard to the faith by wrongly condemning and 129 8”,23| others erred in regard to the faith.~ ~ [121] We ought to call 130 8”,23| composed a Symbol of the Faith (i.e., what is termed in 131 8”,23| Canon here says about the faith which has been handed down 132 8”,23| what is meant here by ‘the faith handed down by the Apostles’ 133 8”,23| summary of the dogmas of the faith which was not embodied in 134 8”,23| the Apostles, or else the faith — that is to say, the dogmas 135 8”,23| to say, the dogmas of the faithgathered together by the 136 8”,23| as pertained to the right faith and had been issued in refutation 137 8”,23| and the instability of the faith. That such persons used 138 8”,23| and adherents of the Latin faith, they allow the priests 139 8”,23| disregarded their first faith” (1 Tim. 5:12). See also 140 8”,23| has shown the efficacy of faith in many persons. For, according 141 8”,23| recite the dogmas of the faith which they had learned by 142 8”,23| to avoid imperiling the faith, and in general by way of 143 8”,23| concerning the Orthodox faith, Book IV, ch. 14). But then 144 8”,23| to condescension with the faith of the woman, and showed 145 8”,23| true religion) and implies faith as a hope for our salvation. 146 8”,23| are imbued with the true faith which is rejected in our 147 8”,23| beholding them to invoke, with faith and hope, on the one hand 148 8”,23| Creed (or Symbol of the Faith) every bishop at the time 149 8”,23| account of the hypocritical faith in which the capricious

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