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152 thus
149 faith
148 clergymen
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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | Men in holy orders and clergymen ought not to cause the laity 2 1”,3 | subdeacons and all other clergymen that have no lawful wife 3 1”,3 | prelate or by his fellow clergymen, he refuses to throw the 4 1”,5 | following things: In regard to clergymen and laymen who have been 5 1”,8 | to say, who really were clergymen in the habit (thus c. LXVI 6 1”,8 | who are in holy orders and clergymen, and not appear to be wholly 7 1”,10| fairly good, may be ordained clergymen, according to c. III of 8 1”,17| Since many canonics, or clergymen, being fond of greed and 9 1”,17| interest — because, I say, clergymen were actually doing this, 10 1”,19| of them had been ordained clergymen before their Orthodox baptism, 11 1”,19| they too, like their other clergymen, ought to be reckoned as 12 1”,19| laymen, because just as those clergymen possessed no real ordination, 13 2”,6 | accuse a Bishop, or other clergymen, until they have first proved 14 2”,6 | excommunicated from the clergymen or the laymen. As for those, 15 2”,6 | accuse a Bishop or other clergymen until they prove themselves 16 2”,6 | the 4th decrees that when clergymen are at variance with one 17 2”,6 | excludes from communion clergymen and bishops that appeal 18 3”,3 | 3.~ If some of the clergymen in any city or district 19 3”,3 | We collectively bid the clergymen who agree in their beliefs 20 3”,3 | excommunicated and deposed those clergymen who did not agree with him, 21 3”,3 | generally, it ordered that those clergymen who were of the same mind 22 3”,4 | 4.~ If any of the clergymen should apostatize and dare, 23 3”,4 | preceding one, deals with those clergymen who should apostatize, and, 24 3”,5 | that as regards all those clergymen who on account of any sins 25 3”,6 | that if they be Bishops or clergymen, they are to lose their 26 3”,6 | office if they are bishops or clergymen, or excommunicated if they 27 3”,7 | whatever, they, if Bishops or Clergymen, shall be deprived as Bishops 28 3”,7 | their Episcopate, and as Clergymen of their Clericate; but 29 3”,7 | caught, whether Bishops or Clergymen or Laymen, in the act of 30 3”,7 | if they be bishops and clergymen, are to be expelled from 31 3”,7 | if they be bishops and clergymen, are to stand deposed, and 32 4”,2 | qualifies any of these or other clergymen for money, and out of greed 33 4”,3 | of the Council that some clergymen, for the sake of making 34 4”,5 | As regards Bishops or Clergymen who go from city to city, 35 4”,5 | prohibit bishops as well as clergymen from going from one city 36 4”,7 | present Canon prescribes that clergymen and monks must not become 37 4”,8 | 8.~ As for the Clergymen attached to poor houses 38 4”,8 | Bishop, in case they are clergymen let them be liable to the 39 4”,8 | follows. That as for any clergymen or persons in holy orders 40 4”,8 | are in holy orders or are clergymen, they are to be liable to 41 4”,8 | mentioning further above only clergymen and monks, say also laymen 42 4”,8 | boldness and protection the clergymen and monks rely in showing 43 4”,9 | alone. But as for the other clergymen, they are to be tried by 44 4”,9 | the same C. says that if clergymen charged with any crime fail 45 4”,10| but that if there are more clergymen in other churches among 46 4”,10| clergyman in question, until the clergymen of each particular church 47 4”,13| 13.~ Strange Clergymen and Anagnosts are not to 48 4”,13| prescribes that strange clergymen and anagnosts are not to 49 4”,18| therefore, there be found any Clergymen, or Monastics, to be conspiring 50 4”,18| against Bishops or Fellow Clergymen[103] they shall forfeit 51 4”,18| Church of God. So if some clergymen or monks be found to be 52 4”,18| their bishops or fellow clergymen, let them be deposed from 53 4”,20| it is not permissible for clergymen officiating in a church 54 4”,20| Sardica.)~ ~Interpretation.~Clergymen (as has been stated in c. 55 4”,20| fellow bishops and fellow clergymen, until such time as the 56 4”,21| 21.~ Clergymen or laymen accusing Bishops 57 4”,21| laymen accusing Bishops or Clergymen are not to be allowed to 58 4”,21| Canon prescribes that those clergymen or laymen who accuse bishops 59 4”,21| laymen who accuse bishops or clergymen in regard to any matter 60 4”,22| 22.~ Clergymen, after the death of their 61 4”,22| says the present Canon, clergymen must not seize their effects — 62 4”,23| holy Council that certain Clergymen and Monastics, without being 63 4”,23| Council has learned that some clergymen and monks, notwithstanding 64 4”,23| receive them or of fellow clergymen who have imitated them; 65 4”,24| wherein it deposes the clergymen from office, and excommunicates 66 4”,26| relatives, but from his clergymen, to manage the affairs of 67 4”,27| that if they should be Clergymen, they shall forfeit their 68 4”,27| from office not only those clergymen who seize them by force, 69 7”,4 | The present Canon deposes clergymen who commit fornication with 70 7”,4 | those in holy orders and clergymen are deposed from office 71 7”,5 | injunction, if they are Clergymen, let them be deposed from 72 7”,5 | to do this, if they are clergymen (as having been involuntarily, 73 7”,16| number of deacons and of clergymen apportioned to their requirements.[ 74 7”,17| 17.~ Inasmuch as Clergymen of various churches have 75 7”,17| a single one of all the clergymen, regardless of what rank 76 7”,17| present Canon does not permit clergymen to leave their churches 77 7”,18| 18.~ Clergymen who on the pretext of an 78 7”,18| this Canon refuse to let clergymen leave their churches without 79 7”,21| whether they be Bishops or Clergymen whatsoever, who have been 80 7”,26| Interpretation.[153]~Clergymen and all who are in Holy 81 7”,26| present Canon commands that no clergymen shall wear clothes that 82 7”,26| whereas that speaks of both clergymen and laymen in general who 83 7”,26| firmly forbid these things to clergymen? St. Basil the Great, too, 84 7”,30| 31.~ As for those Clergymen who hold a liturgy in oratories 85 7”,30| present 6th deposes those clergymen who baptize anyone inside 86 7”,33| sedulous to insist that if any Clergymen or Monks be found either 87 7”,33| against Bishops or fellow Clergymen, they shall forfeit their 88 7”,34| Bishop, unless there be no Clergymen left in the same church. 89 7”,34| for safe keeping by the clergymen of the episcopate until 90 7”,34| been installed. But if no clergymen have been left in that bishopric, 91 7”,36| canonically upon various Clergymen, and from employing the 92 7”,36| perform ordinations of various clergymen within their eparchy, even 93 7”,55| observe this rule, if they are Clergymen, let them be deposed from 94 7”,55| keep this rule, if they are clergymen, let them be deposed from 95 7”,60| who consult them. For any clergymen and persons in holy orders 96 7”,60| wear amulets, and prohibits clergymen and priests from becoming 97 7”,61| doing, if they should be clergymen, we command that they be 98 7”,64| this Council deposes any clergymen that do such a thing, while, 99 7”,76| in major holy orders, or clergymen admitted to the Holy Bema, 100 7”,91| decreed that if they be clergymen, they shall forfeit their 101 8”,4 | effect that bishops, or clergymen, or monks serving under 102 8”,4 | excommunicating anyone among the clergymen under him, or shutting a 103 8”,4 | profits, from bishops, or clergymen, or monks that are subject 104 8”,5 | brazenly reproached those clergymen who, being elected by the 105 8”,5 | to the lowest rank of the clergymen of the same order. But if 106 8”,5 | incorrigible boasting of such clergymen[271] about money a deadly 107 8”,5 | insolent treatment of the other clergymen a worse than deadly sin, 108 8”,5 | hold the poor and reverent clergymen in contempt: so it is this 109 8”,10| Inasmuch as some of the Clergymen, flouting the canonical 110 8”,10| paragraph: the action of clergymen in going from city to city, 111 8”,10| and persists in doing so. Clergymen, on the other hand, who 112 8”,12| rulers of the region, but to Clergymen or to farmers (i.e., husbandmen). 113 8”,12| rulers and autocrats, but to clergymen or farmers,[276] men, that 114 8”,15| called by God. If these clergymen allege as an excuse that 115 8”,16| sacerdotal order. Bishops or clergymen, therefore, who adorn themselves 116 8”,23| place under a penance those clergymen, or even laymen, who have 117 8”,23| have grown old as nuns. All clergymen as well as laymen, and especially 118 8”,23| further above.~ ~ [31] Clergymen are calledcanonics” and 119 8”,23| and in the presence of clergymen of Constantinople, read 120 8”,23| differences between bishops and clergymen he says: “For whether a 121 8”,23| case of a bishop or of any clergymen in general, and according 122 8”,23| states that “all bishops and clergymen or laymen that entertain 123 8”,23| however, that the tonsure of clergymen performed by the prelate 124 8”,23| other hand, command that clergymen and monks who change their 125 8”,23| concerning disputes between clergymen, notwithstanding that he 126 8”,23| other courts or tribunals of clergymen.~ So it is evident that 127 8”,23| same thing as saying that clergymen and metropolitans subject 128 8”,23| Monastics,” instead of “Fellow Clergymen.”~ ~ [104] As this is historically 129 8”,23| to and inconsistent with clergymen and the priestly order, 130 8”,23| Ecumenical” was bestowed by the clergymen of Antioch and the Orthodox 131 8”,23| and 8 of Leo decree that clergymen and monks who discard their 132 8”,23| called in Greek) prohibited clergymen from serving in perfumery 133 8”,23| medicine, and excommunicates clergymen who engage in mundane and 134 8”,23| doorkeepers, ostiaries, and all clergymen in general that were outside 135 8”,23| upon his breast, having the clergymen and faithful ones present 136 8”,23| populated by Christians and clergymen. So that those who are ordained 137 8”,23| uninhabited by Christians and clergymen, are themselves among the 138 8”,23| of faithful believers and clergymen, according to the Popish 139 8”,23| devoid of believers and clergymen, as we say, but in those 140 8”,23| populated by Christians and clergymen but yet are occupied and 141 8”,23| the 4th commands that the clergymen and superiors of monasteries 142 8”,23| improvement, but only to clergymen and monks. For things that 143 8”,23| may be inferred that no clergymen, or any persons in holy 144 8”,23| if this Canon prohibits clergymen from even looking at the 145 8”,23| persons in holy orders and clergymen during the weeks of the 146 8”,23| whether they be laymen or clergymen. By “accuracy,” on the other 147 8”,23| civil rulers, but only to clergymen or farmers, it seems to 148 8”,23| consecrated to God, such as clergymen are; while in respect, on

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