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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | Nicea to the privileges of Rome, Alexandria and Antioch: “ 2 1”,6 | accorded to the bishop of Rome. Likewise with reference 3 1”,6 | Antioch, and the Patriarch of Rome, succinctly and comprehensively. ( 4 1”,6 | regard to the Patriarch of Rome[8] in that he was allowed 5 1”,7 | innovation (for the seniority of Rome was not renewed, because, 6 1”,7 | honors, in that the bishop of Rome came first, the bishop of 7 1”,8 | anathematized by the Council held in Rome in the time of Pope Cornelius, 8 2”,3 | honor after the Bishop of Rome, because of its being New 9 2”,3 | because of its being New Rome.~ ~Interpretation.~The preceding 10 2”,3 | the Pope and Patriarch of Rome, since Constantinople itself 11 2”,3 | itself is also called New Rome.~ The preposition after 12 2”,3 | priorities to the Bishop of old Rome and to the Bishop of new 13 2”,3 | and to the Bishop of new Rome; and in the fact that the 14 2”,3 | priorities with the Bishop of Rome. That it refers to order 15 2”,3 | second after the Bishop of Rome, not the second in point 16 2”,3 | III, calls the Bishop of Rome first, and the Bishop of 17 2”,3 | in order after the one of Rome. Note that inasmuch as Zonaras, 18 2”,3 | with respect to the one of Rome, was ascribed only with 19 3 | the place of the bishop of Rome Celestine I at first, was 20 3 | but afterwards legates of Rome were sent from the West, 21 4 | most holy Leo, Bishop of Rome. They condemned and consigned 22 4 | of the most holy Leo of Rome,[82] left unaltered the 23 4 | legates from the Bishop of Rome were not listened to, while 24 4”,28| Constantinople otherwise known as New Rome; we too decree and vote 25 4”,28| same Constantinople and New Rome. And this is in keeping 26 4”,28| priorities to the throne of Old Rome on account of her being 27 4”,28| most holy throne of New Rome, with good reason deeming 28 4”,28| is equal to old imperial Rome in respect of other privileges 29 4”,28| honor with the Bishop of Rome, seeing that it is New Rome, 30 4”,28| Rome, seeing that it is New Rome, therefore the fathers of 31 4”,28| which is also known as New Rome. For, they say, just as 32 4”,28| privileges upon the throne of Old Rome on account of the fact that 33 4”,28| most holy throne of New Rome[112] — of Constantinople, 34 4”,28| manner as has also (old) Rome, ought to enjoy the same 35 4”,28| manner as has also (old) Rome, and to be magnified herself 36 4”,28| sole difference that old Rome is to be first in order, 37 4”,28| first in order, while new Rome is to be second in order. 38 4”,30| of St. Leo, the Pope of Rome, which he had sent to the 39 5 | Vigilius, the Bishop of Rome, who, though at the time 40 6 | as exarchs of Agatho of Rome, Peter the monk who represented 41 6 | assembled at that time in Rome. This Council condemned 42 6 | Constantinople; Honorius the Pope of Rome,[120] Cyrus the Patriarch 43 6 | according to Leo II of Rome in what he wrote to the 44 7 | the legate of the Pope of Rome,[126] Peter the Patriarch 45 7 | the legates of the Pope of Rome, as well as those of the 46 7”,1 | Honorius (the Pope) of Rome, Sergius, Pyrrhus, Paul, 47 7”,3 | legates and representatives of Rome had proposed that the strict 48 7”,13| we have learned that in Rome it is kept as inviolable 49 7”,29| does not permit to occur in Rome, on account of the docility 50 7”,29| custom originally came from Rome to Barbary, according to 51 7”,35| with the throne of older Rome, and in ecclesiastical matters 52 7”,35| privileges with the one of Rome, and shall be magnified 53 7”,54| must be kept rigorously in Rome too, iterating it verbatim — 54 7”,69| to bishops Dionysius of Rome and Maximus of Alexandria 55 7”,80| Council which was held in Rome A.D. 487 under Pope Felix 56 8 | Peter the Archpresbyter of Rome, and Peter, he too another 57 8 | monastery of St. Sabbas in Rome, all of them acting as representatives 58 8”,23| first called the Biship of Rome a Patriarch, and also applied 59 8”,23| number, namely, that of Rome, that of Constantinople, 60 8”,23| Alexandria, the letter r for Rome, the second letter a for 61 8”,23| i.e., the so-called Pope of Rome) bolted the reins, the Patriarch 62 8”,23| asserted that the Bishop of Rome possessed sovereign authority 63 8”,23| allowed also to the Bishop in Rome. At this point note that 64 8”,23| accorded to the Bishop of Rome,” it says. What treatment 65 8”,23| For just as the Bishop of Rome possesses this customary 66 8”,23| matter, and the diocese of Rome is limited like that of 67 8”,23| fact that the seniority of Rome had remained intact, the 68 8”,23| the matter as concerning Rome too. (Dositheus, in the 69 8”,23| privileges of the Bishops of Rome, of Alexandria, and of Antioch 70 8”,23| bishops of Alexandria and of Rome patriarchs here (Dositheus, 71 8”,23| stood in the Capitolium of Rome.~ ~ [11] It was named Caesarea 72 8”,23| statues of Caesar and of Rome. But there were three cities 73 8”,23| and Liberius, bishops of Rome, Sozomen states that after 74 8”,23| Cornelius, the bishop of Rome, in writing to Phanius the 75 8”,23| making himself, a bishop of Rome, when as a matter of fact 76 8”,23| of the present Popes of Rome, the claim, that is to say, 77 8”,23| Dorylaeum, after going away to Rome, and in the presence of 78 8”,23| to the most holy Pope of Rome Leo, who accepted it.~ ~ [ 79 8”,23| writing to the Emperors of Rome said: “One thing and a fine 80 8”,23| Constantinople John, and of Rome Virgilius in writing to 81 8”,23| John himself the Pope of Rome, who was also present by 82 8”,23| 545. And Pope Leo III of Rome, in the beginning of the 83 8”,23| Eulogius that the Pope of Rome Leo has come in order to 84 8”,23| fact that the legates of Rome made strenuous efforts to 85 8”,23| all, because the Bishop of Rome is chief even of the Bishop 86 8”,23| the Bishop, or Pope, of Rome is the ultimate and common 87 8”,23| as meaning the Bishop of Rome by the phraseExarch of 88 8”,23| is to say, the Bishop of Rome, though by concession and 89 8”,23| himsell and also the Bishop of Rome as well, and thus the Bishop 90 8”,23| office of the Bishop of Rome, they are wrecking and demolishing 91 8”,23| greater than the Bishop of Rome? So the Lord liveth, He 92 8”,23| precisely as the Bishop of Rome must hear the appeals only 93 8”,23| subject to the Bishop of Rome.” Now, however, that the 94 8”,23| subject to the Bishop of Rome, and others subject to the 95 8”,23| legates of the Bishop of Rome were displeased by the priorities 96 8”,23| Great, who was the Pope of Rome, and his legates resented, 97 8”,23| bestowed upon the Bishop of Rome, namely, the Patriarchal 98 8”,23| bestowed upon the Bishop of Rome, namely, the right of ordination 99 8”,23| precisely as the Bishop of Rome has the priorities of honor 100 8”,23| just as is the Bishop of Rome, without any difference 101 8”,23| this, that the Bishop of Rome is first in point of order, 102 8”,23| primacy and priority of Rome, and its right to be magnified 103 8”,23| grandeur as is the Bishop of Rome. But, as a matter of fact, 104 8”,23| inferred, upon the Bishop of Rome. But neither are the priorities 105 8”,23| neither are the priorities of Rome those which were conferred 106 8”,23| upon Silvester, the Pope of Rome, as they allege — which 107 8”,23| conferred upon the Bishop of Rome by the Canons. By no means. 108 8”,23| priority and primacy of Rome’s Bishop, therefore, consists, 109 8”,23| the see, or diocese, of Rome, so that he, together with 110 8”,23| privileges, not because Rome was the seat of St. Peter, 111 8”,23| not because the Bishop of Rome is the vicar of Christ, 112 8”,23| means, but primarily because Rome was honored as the capital 113 8”,23| priorities to the throne of Old Rome on account of her being 114 8”,23| it followed, exactly as Rome was a capital city, it becomes 115 8”,23| imperial capital, and New Rome, the Canons conferred such 116 8”,23| privilege upon the Bishop of Rome for the same identical reason. 117 8”,23| privileges with the Bishop of Rome which the Bishop of Constantinople 118 8”,23| although the Bishop of Rome was given by many the appellation 119 8”,23| reference to tne Bishop of Rome, though very seldom; whereas 120 8”,23| or Nicholas), the Pope of Rome.” The title of Ecumenical,” 121 8”,23| Patriarch, nor is the Bishop of Rome, or anyone else, excepting 122 8”,23| Constantinople, and the Popes of Rome named Pelagius, and Gregory 123 8”,23| Council held against him in Rome during the time of Felix 124 8”,23| during the time of Felix of Rome, and of Acacius of Constantinople, 125 8”,23| great pontifex, the Pope of Rome named Honorius. Being unable 126 8”,23| asserts that the throne of Rome cannot be judged (adversely) 127 8”,23| how could the legates of Rome who were present at the 128 8”,23| addition, Adrian I, the Pope of Rome, in his letter to Tarasius, 129 8”,23| it specifically refers to Rome, and to Africa, and to Armenia, 130 8”,23| and so did the Pope of Rome through his legates (or 131 8”,23| representatives of the Pope of Rome attending it (concerning 132 8”,23| distance, says Blastaris, from Rome to Constantinople.~ ~ [ 133 8”,23| seeing that the Pope of Rome has decreed many things 134 8”,23| legislating to the Church in Rome regarding marriages of priests; 135 8”,23| custom, or rather canon, in Rome compelled many priests to 136 8”,23| was caused by the canon in Rome requiring priests to agree 137 8”,23| matter of indifference, in Rome, down to his time, there 138 8”,23| primacy to the Bishop of Rome (though Heraclius annulled 139 8”,23| were rich brothers who fed Rome in time of war and hunger140 8”,23| let the two-horned Pope of Rome learn how antichristian 141 8”,23| even the Council held in Rome in the time of Martin against

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