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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 1 | Licinius in his war on the Christians. ~Canon 13: Indulgence to 2 1”,14| faith, and are nominally Christians; accordingly, whatever the 3 1”,19| same manner as Orthodox Christians). But if some of them had 4 1”,20| ordains that inasmuch as some Christians bow their knee even on Sunday 5 1”,20| this holy Council for all Christians to offer their prayers to 6 2 | now read by all Orthodox Christians, as it is seen in this Second 7 2”,2 | order to bolster up the Christians in their faith. These churches, 8 2”,7 | renderedtreat as”) them Christians; on the second day, catechumens; 9 2”,7 | reception) we make them Christians, that is to say, in other 10 2”,7 | accept all the dogmas of Christians (while they are standing) 11 4”,14| XXXI of Laodicea commands Christians not to give their children ( 12 4”,14| that they promise to become Christians. In addition, c. X of Laodicea, 13 4”,17| catholic union of Orthodox Christians situated therein had been 14 4”,23| disorder in the homes either of Christians who receive them or of fellow 15 7”,1 | wiped off the Roll of the Christians, as an alien person and 16 7”,2 | Church, for the security of Christians. Nevertheless today, as 17 7”,12| the common benefit of the Christians who are being pastured and 18 7”,12| and for the advancement of Christians to a state of greater perfection, 19 7”,12| scandal to Jews and Greeks and Christians. Just as I, says he, try 20 7”,16| serve the common need of the Christians then gathered together; 21 7”,16| those days, because the Christians had multiplied, the believers 22 7”,16| of the mess tables of the Christians of that time,[146] who became 23 7”,19| For on these days, since Christians are wont to rest from their 24 7”,39| and the constancy shown by Christians in the keeping of the divine 25 7”,46| any of the nuns there. For Christians in general must not cause 26 7”,55| It would seem that the Christians living in Armenia, being 27 7”,60| 1516).~ ~Interpretation.~Christians must not affect any of those 28 7”,60| Canon decrees that those Christians shall be compelled to abstain 29 7”,60| excluded from the society of Christians, just as the divine Canons 30 7”,60| dealing likewise with those Christians who have sacrificed to idols 31 7”,60| separated from the Church of Christians, penalizes sorcerers.[194] 32 7”,61| is alien to the life of Christians, at the same time decreeing 33 7”,61| public and private life of Christians. Nor must public dances 34 7”,62| bring accusations against Christiansrecords, composed, it would 35 7”,64| Greeks and heathen, some Christians used to light a bonfire 36 7”,64| Him when observed by us Christians who are perfect and disciples 37 7”,65| present Canon decree that all Christians during this week ought to 38 7”,66| New expressly commanded Christians to abstain from blood, from 39 7”,69| churches. Shall we Orthodox Christians imitate them? By no means!~ 40 7”,69| after Christ are the pious Christians, who should be imbued with 41 7”,70| sophists, in like manner were Christians who were being taught civil 42 7”,71| is done by any one of the Christians, no matter who, let the 43 7”,71| of Christ and of Orthodox Christians. Whoever transgresses the 44 7”,73| thus to sit at table; for Christians were wont to sit on these 45 7”,76| greatest scandal as against Christians. But the Apostle commands 46 7”,78| Interpretation.~Inasmuch as some Christians, actuated by their lack 47 7”,78| thing shall not be done by Christians. For by such a custom to 48 7”,83| redeemed from captivity by Christians), nor can they themselves 49 7”,88| This Canon decrees that Christians must celebrate all the Great 50 7”,88| Book V, ch. 19, say that Christians must cease fasting at the 51 7”,90| too, in his Apology for Christians, says this very thing. See 52 7”,93| customs ought to be hated by Christians. For this reason the present 53 7”,93| Canon excommunicates those Christians who in accordance with the 54 7”,93| only these men, but also Christians who have not denied the 55 7”,93| the Greeks forbidden to Christians, but every oath in general. 56 7”,94| first day, we make them Christians; on the second day, catechumens; 57 7”,95| it excommunicates those Christians who braid the hair of their 58 8 | who used to disparage the Christians. The Council anathematized 59 8”,2 | 119:16), it behooves all Christians to keep this for their own 60 8”,3 | the fact, moreover, that Christians ought to vote subsequently 61 8”,7 | heresy of accusers of the Christians was followed by other acts 62 8”,7 | iconomachs who used to accuse the Christians and who, just as they deprived 63 8”,8 | while pretending to be Christians, but secretly and clandestinely 64 8”,8 | hypocritically have become Christians and have joined the Orthodox 65 8”,8 | confess the orthodoxy of Christians, openly disparaging the 66 8”,10| and slaves and servants of Christians. If any clergyman should 67 8”,16| Christianocategori (i.e., accusers of Christians), has become a pestilence, 68 8”,18| monks both among secular Christians and among the heathen. In 69 8”,23| should be such among the Christians, let them correct themselves 70 8”,23| the effect that all former Christians who had been in military 71 8”,23| which is obligatory on all Christians was given to this person 72 8”,23| and mourn over the sins of Christians who confess to him; not, 73 8”,23| them the alms donated by Christians; and they were useful also 74 8”,23| though seeing the Orthodox Christians apply a conjunction to the 75 8”,23| times, while the Orthodox Christians were persecuted. These three 76 8”,23| beingpurer” than all other Christians, on the ground that they 77 8”,23| Orthodoxy of us Eastern Christians is the fact that Nestorius 78 8”,23| But as for the Orthodox Christians, and not this one or that 79 8”,23| for himself, but for those Christians for whom he was installed 80 8”,23| is the faith of Orthodox Christians; thus do we all believe.” 81 8”,23| runs as follows: “Orthodox Christians confess the two natures 82 8”,23| Antioch and the Orthodox Christians in Byzantium upon the Bishop 83 8”,23| and that the republic of Christians was flourishing in virtues, 84 8”,23| being kept even now by true Christians who really wish to be saved. 85 8”,23| his second Apology for the Christians. For he says that on Sunday 86 8”,23| For he says that on Sunday Christians from all parts of the country 87 8”,23| Christ, demand money from the Christians who confess their sins to 88 8”,23| the race of us Orthodox Christians to be taken captive and 89 8”,23| and always preached to all Christians not to go near any place 90 8”,23| administer the communion to Christians by giving them these fragments ( 91 8”,23| administering the communion to the Christians, then let them put them 92 8”,23| Dionysius asserts that some Christians pass these six days without 93 8”,23| chapters 18 and 19) command Christians to fast throughout Great 94 8”,23| order that a large number of Christians assembled in common churches 95 8”,23| prayerhouse when no such number of Christians were assembled there. Perhaps, 96 8”,23| one that is populated by Christians and clergymen. So that those 97 8”,23| than spots uninhabited by Christians and clergymen, are themselves 98 8”,23| places that are populated by Christians and clergymen but yet are 99 8”,23| advancement of the Church and of Christians, as it itself says, but 100 8”,23| to Pammachius, of letting Christians commune on Wednesdays and 101 8”,23| so in a similar manner we Christians (those of us, that is, who 102 8”,23| make the sign of the Cross, Christians must shun them and turn 103 8”,23| away from the Church of the Christians altogether as being a portion 104 8”,23| imitated later by those Christians who on this first day of 105 8”,23| things are done even today by Christians, and often by persons in 106 8”,23| affectations of Greeks and alien to Christians, and the holy prelates ought 107 8”,23| and one which is alien to Christians, just as that Patriarch 108 8”,23| and Greekrackets.” For Christians safeguard themselves against 109 8”,23| ought to be eliminated from Christians, on the ground that they 110 8”,23| Theodoret.~ ~ [202] Let Christians of these days learn from 111 8”,23| Moscow, I am told. There Christians go from one church to another 112 8”,23| also in the case of our own Christians, to prevent them from deviating 113 8”,23| custom in truth which our own Christians ought to imitate. For, as 114 8”,23| be brought up as Orthodox Christians, in accordance with the 115 8”,23| it may be said that the Christians of today, whether men or 116 8”,23| round their neck, as the Christians of olden times used to carry 117 8”,23| fell upon their land, the Christians advised them to be marked 118 8”,23| itself to us.”~ ~ [211] Christians began the custom of holding 119 8”,23| their festivals, saying that Christians have no other reason for 120 8”,23| neither ought the children of Christians bathe together with their 121 8”,23| Great permitted the Armenian Christians to chant their service in 122 8”,23| this strange vision to the Christians who happened to be present. 123 8”,23| Priests, hear ye, all ye Christians in general, who allow the 124 8”,23| evil from befalling your Christians, and order them to construct 125 8”,23| with sweet odors, and the Christians attending it may be favored 126 8”,23| church is stunk up, and the Christians have to hold their noses, 127 8”,23| that the death of Orthodox Christians is not a death, but merely 128 8”,23| says that in those days the Christians of old had a different custom 129 8”,23| or what was said before, Christians after midnight must first 130 8”,23| severe penalties to prevent Christians from participating in what 131 8”,23| is not reprehensible for Christians to offer the breasts and 132 8”,23| the hands obtained among Christians after Chrysostom, at least 133 8”,23| men, either feigning to be Christians, or being heretics, or superstitious, 134 8”,23| woes were suffered by the Christians in Alexandria and Antioch, 135 8”,23| make this statue (which the Christians took into the Church and 136 8”,23| the fact that the Orthodox Christians are wont to engrave the 137 8”,23| increase the longing of Christians who see them; wherefore 138 8”,23| more He forbids them to Christians, and especially to His Prelates

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