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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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1 Intro | even for churchmen and monks having little education. 2 1”,3 | unsuspectable. Another thing is that monks ought not to live with unsuspectable 3 4”,4 | Bishop of the city; and that Monks in every city and country 4 4”,4 | region in question.[89] Monks living in any city or village 5 4”,4 | lest other men seeing the monks engaged in worldly affairs, 6 4”,4 | blaspheme the order of the monks, and hence through them 7 4”,4 | excommunicated. Yet, just as monks ought to confine their activities 8 4”,4 | the works that belong to monks, so ought also bishops to 9 4”,4 | monasteries, by protecting the monks and bestowing alms in exigencies 10 4”,4 | reasons: 1) in order that the monks may remain quiet and free 11 4”,4 | the bishop shall prohibit monks from leaving their monasteries, 12 4”,7 | Clergy or who have become Monks shall not join the army 13 4”,7 | prescribes that clergymen and monks must not become soldiers, 14 4”,8 | Canons, but if they are monks or laymen, let them be excluded 15 4”,8 | question; but if they are monks or laymen, they are to be 16 4”,8 | above only clergymen and monks, say also laymen further 17 4”,8 | protection the clergymen and monks rely in showing disrespectfulness 18 4”,16| men likewise have become monks, let them not be permitted 19 4”,16| virgins, and equally so monks in particular, who either 20 4”,18| So if some clergymen or monks be found to be engaged in 21 4”,23| that some clergymen and monks, notwithstanding that they 22 4”,24| excommunicates those laymen and monks who have seized monasteries 23 7”,23| sacerdotal list, nor any Monks, attend horse races or become 24 7”,33| that if any Clergymen or Monks be found either conspiring 25 7”,39| Those who wish to become monks or nuns ought not, according 26 7”,39| the spiritual struggles of monks, as a seal, the blessing 27 7”,41| habit (or garb) of other Monks, that they be installed 28 7”,41| their hair, like the rest of monks who live in monasteries,[ 29 7”,42| inasmuch as the life of monks is a picture of repentance, 30 7”,45| any case whatsoever. But monks, too, when similarly compelled 31 7”,45| visiting their relatives may monks depart from their brethren, 32 7”,45| care of the bishop neither monks nor nuns ought to go away 33 7”,46| night in the monastery of monks, nor may any man in general 34 7”,46| Lord. But much more ought monks to guard themselves against 35 7”,46| sleeping in a monastery of monks, and conversely for men 36 7”,68| Patriarch Nicholas allows those monks to enter the Holy Bema who 37 7”,76| admitted to the Holy Bema, or monks and ascetics, or in general 38 8 | Elias of Jerusalem.[260] The monks also exercised great influence 39 8”,4 | bishops, or clergymen, or monks serving under him demand 40 8”,4 | bishops, or clergymen, or monks that are subject to his 41 8”,13| from office, or, if they be monks or laymen, that they be 42 8”,13| and metropoleis, and many monks were ousted from their monasteries. 43 8”,13| office, but in case they are monks or laymen let them be excommunicated, 44 8”,14| observed also with reference to Monks. As for the appointment 45 8”,14| bishop’s seal, but so are monks too. But it is permissible 46 8”,16| why they were wont to call monks “darkies,” that is to say, 47 8”,17| 17.~ Some of the monks, after leaving their monasteries, 48 8”,17| Seeing that some ambitious monks inclined to rule and not 49 8”,18| discredit upon prelates and monks both among secular Christians 50 8”,20| be so formulated. Let not monks and nuns dwell in a single 51 8”,20| another, wish to become monks or nuns, as the case may 52 8”,20| follows, that is to say: monks and nuns are not to be allowed 53 8”,20| eat with a nun. And when monks from a monastery are conveying 54 8”,20| Novels also decrees that monks and nuns must not remain 55 8”,20| at the mournful life of monks and nuns, and by means of 56 8”,21| family. For in that case the monks and those admitting him 57 8”,21| of the 4th decrees that monks must not leave their monasteries 58 8”,22| his monastery his escaped monks.[289]~ ~ ~ 59 8”,23| as laymen, and especially monks and nuns; since nuns have 60 8”,23| trouble in fighting shy of monks, as monks have in fighting 61 8”,23| fighting shy of monks, as monks have in fighting shy of 62 8”,23| canonic” is also given to monks, as may be seen in many 63 8”,23| episkopike) and the tonsure of monks, monachal tonsurate (epikouris 64 8”,23| Canon allows bishops and monks to become guardians and 65 8”,23| the Chartophylax says that monks must not become godfathers 66 8”,23| of monasteries that the monks are not to be allowed to 67 8”,23| this Canon those called monks must neither be ordained 68 8”,23| the meaning of their name monks they are lone men, or solitaries ( 69 8”,23| priests, and not by (sacred) monks. The (sacred) monks are 70 8”,23| sacred) monks. The (sacred) monks are to keep within their 71 8”,23| Canons when they ordain monks in cities or towns; and 72 8”,23| the evils and sins these monks do in the world and in associating 73 8”,23| According to this Canon those monks are not doing right who 74 8”,23| Basil the Great does allow monks to leave the monastery and 75 8”,23| command that clergymen and monks who change their habit and 76 8”,23| the habit of the clergy or monks again even against their 77 8”,23| decree that clergymen and monks who discard their habit ( 78 8”,23| more explicitly speaking, monks, for the prelacy; it does 79 8”,23| would have them become monks beginning with the tenth 80 8”,23| those wishing to become monks or nuns should try it out 81 8”,23| and beardless men” became monks as soon as they passed the 82 8”,23| who are going to become monks, in order that the judgment 83 8”,23| scandalization and perdition to the monks dwelling with them, as a 84 8”,23| from the present Canon that monks living in monasteries and 85 8”,23| symmetrically; for it appears that monks affect a symmetrical haircut 86 8”,23| a time of mourning among monks, according to divine Chrysostom ( 87 8”,23| C.), how much more ugly monks are who grow hair! But if 88 8”,23| who grow hair! But if all monks in general ought to cut 89 8”,23| how much more ought young monks living in monasteries or 90 8”,23| originally the habit of monks was but one, to wit, the “ 91 8”,23| know of no little habit of monks, though some of the later 92 8”,23| so too is the habit of monks. For the little habit is 93 8”,23| the black garb affected by monks in general) can no longer 94 8”,23| and modest profession of monks, and begs Him to accept 95 8”,23| the fact that the habit of monks is a singular one and unique, 96 8”,23| says that a plurality of monks or nuns cannot be solemnized 97 8”,23| at a time. The habit of monks is called the angelic habit 98 8”,23| most perfect philosophy of monks as put into practice scientifically 99 8”,23| concession is made to those monks who of their own accord 100 8”,23| and that in those times monks and nuns were wont to undergo 101 8”,23| Dionysius, the black garment of monks denotes that they are leading 102 8”,23| clothing, however, that befits monks and nuns, but also gray 103 8”,23| speaking about the garments of monks and nuns, it is convenient 104 8”,23| a coat, and not, as the monks nowadays discard the pallium, 105 8”,23| the fact that the habit of monks is called the angelic habit. 106 8”,23| caloyers (the common name for monks in the Greek vernacular), 107 8”,23| better style of life of monks and nuns, be divorced and 108 8”,23| married couples to become monks and nuns by mutual agreement.~ ~ [ 109 8”,23| but only to clergymen and monks. For things that are sacred 110 8”,23| persons in holy orders, or monks, whatsoever ought to be 111 8”,23| unless they cease, while monks guilty of the same misconduct 112 8”,23| doing better.~ ~ [182] But monks who happen to be in deserts 113 8”,23| those in holy orders and monks who have vowed virginity; 114 8”,23| Ambrose, the father of monks Benedict, Gregory Dialogus, 115 8”,23| Canons. Men unsacred and monks ought not to confess, nor 116 8”,23| charto-phylax, too, says that monks who are not priests, and 117 8”,23| orations which the bishops and monks made in connection with 118 8”,23| of Devouts (i.e., devout monks), and exploits of Martyrs, 119 8”,23| one whom either all the monks themselves, or at least 120 8”,23| well fitted to govern the monks and the monasteries well. 121 8”,23| more they are forbidden to monks and caloyers, all of whom 122 8”,23| the garments worn by some monks today, which are embellished 123 8”,23| the conversations which monks have to have with nuns, 124 8”,23| so far as respects the monks, ought to be the oldest 125 8”,23| conversing two or three monks as well as two or three 126 8”,23| aged ones; and let chosen monks offer those things which 127 8”,23| with. Moreover, even those monks who take the necessities 128 8”,23| reference to the more aged monks who have to render services 129 8”,23| previous to their becoming monks (or nuns). Read also the 130 8”,23| prelate may transfer virtuous monks, according to c. IV of the

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