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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | interpretations of these three canonists had a quasi-official 2 1 | maintained, were numerous, only three fragments have reached us: 3 1”,2 | it is exposed by two or three witnesses, let such a person 4 1”,2 | convicted thereof by two or three witnesses, he shall cease 5 1”,4 | to be travelled, at least three should meet together somewhere 6 1”,4 | travel involved, let at least three bishops meet together in 7 1”,4 | appointment of the one of the three candidates — because three 8 1”,4 | three candidates — because three must be voted for, according 9 1”,4 | other implying action by three, both in accordance with 10 1”,4 | III: therefore when only three carry out the ordination, 11 1”,6 | ecclesiastical Canon, two or three men object on account of 12 1”,6 | that the old customs of the three Patriarchs are to be kept 13 1”,6 | ecclesiastical Canons, but two or three object to his election, 14 1”,7 | of honor after the other three. The expression “with the 15 1”,11| are remorseful shall pass three years among audients as 16 1”,11| shall be obliged to spend three years with the so-called “ 17 1”,11| to be excommunicated for three years, and after eight more 18 1”,12| ten years after devoting three years to “listening” (as 19 1”,12| say, after they have done three years in the place assigned 20 1”,12| after they fulfill the said three years with “listeners,” 21 1”,12| say, let them fulfill all three years of “listening,” and 22 1”,14| to let them off with only three yearslistening and to 23 1”,14| Council for them to stand for three years in the ranks of the 24 1”,14| of the church, and after three years have passed for them 25 2”,1 | set aside the faith of the three hundred and eighteen Fathers 26 2”,7 | at the same time blowing three times into their face and 27 4 | Council, they are divided into three volumes. The first volume 28 4”,9 | choose six, and the deacon three, bishops from neighboring 29 4”,17| Orthodoxy and holding it for three years straight, without 30 4”,25| perform ordinations within three months, unless some unavoidable 31 4”,25| vacant bishopric within three months, unless there be 32 6 | Nilus, and Anonymus, or three hundred and eighty-nine 33 6 | There were also present three bishops representing the 34 7 | are further confirmed by three Popes, namely, Adrian I, 35 7”,1 | Apostles, and further by the three hundred and eighteen holy 36 7”,1 | clearness the fact that the three hypostases of the thearchic 37 7”,2 | blissful Fathers, to wit: the three hundred and eighteen foregathered 38 7”,13| Fathers, decree that the above three ranks of those in holy orders 39 7”,40| conduct, and to submit for three years straight to the Prior 40 7”,40| prior in every respect for three years, they must be examined 41 7”,79| attend church on Sundays for three consecutive weeks, while 42 7”,79| rest of the faithful on three consecutive Sundays, if 43 7”,79| living in the city, . . . three consecutive Sundays,” etc., 44 7”,79| some foreign eparchy, for three consecutive Sundays, he 45 7”,84| By the mouth of two or three witnesses must every word 46 7”,84| pursuant to the testimony of three witnesses. Those having 47 7”,84| Canon decrees that only three witnesses are sufficient 48 7”,84| verified by the mouth of two or three witnesses. See also Ap. 49 7”,86| two years as listeners, three years as kneelers, and during 50 7”,86| present Canon is composed of three Canons of St. Basil the 51 7”,86| two with the listeners, three with the kneelers, and during 52 7”,92| This Canon is composed of three Canons of St. Basil the 53 7”,94| exorcise them by breathing three times into their faces and 54 8”,3 | to be traveled, at least three should meet together somewhere 55 8”,23| due to an aberrancy of the three faculties of the soul, namely, 56 8”,23| and is exposed by two or three witnesses, let him be dismissed 57 8”,23| or council) must vote for three candidates and they are 58 8”,23| decide which one of the three in question is to receive 59 8”,23| of Rome. But there were three cities named Caesarea in 60 8”,23| cheese, and eggs, and on three days in the week (namely, 61 8”,23| and the form, which is the three years of “listening,” and 62 8”,23| keeping the requirement of three yearssuccumbency. But 63 8”,23| fell gravely ill and for three days was dumb, after recovering 64 8”,23| making the sign of the cross three times, and repeating some 65 8”,23| neither a creature of the three, nor one” etc. (These words 66 8”,23| Christians were persecuted. These three emperors kept persecuting 67 8”,23| Council were divided into three classes, according to St. 68 8”,23| and the Holy Spirit were three names for one and the same 69 8”,23| combined parishes of two or three Patriarchs taken together, 70 8”,23| fact that sin introduced three modes of slavery) laws are 71 8”,23| too is open to suspicion, three superiors in point of seniority 72 8”,23| Council are divided into three parts. Thus, the first part 73 8”,23| of Theodoret, and in the three parts together, to the effect 74 8”,23| individualized as in the case of three human beings. Their leader 75 8”,23| reprimanded, and must pass three times forty days of penance, 76 8”,23| Basil excommunicates for three years those who seize women 77 8”,23| Canon were five, of which three were remote, while two were 78 8”,23| over the above-mentioned three dioceses because, as appears 79 8”,23| right of ordination in the three said dioceses of the Metropolitans, 80 8”,23| single” for? Even two or three Councils, and not a single 81 8”,23| single one only; and two or three Popes, too, I might say. 82 8”,23| be compelled to attribute three wills and three energies 83 8”,23| attribute three wills and three energies to the Holy Trinity, 84 8”,23| Trinity, since It consists of three hypostases. But precisely 85 8”,23| 140] Note that it was for three principal reasons that this 86 8”,23| or ex cathedra) that for three days they must not have 87 8”,23| go near their wives for three days, in order to conform 88 8”,23| saying, “Be ye ready: for three days come not at your wives” ( 89 8”,23| and they replied that for three days they had kept from 90 8”,23| the minor premise that if three daysabstinence from carnal 91 8”,23| Communion, much more is three daysfasting sufficient 92 8”,23| four of them, and others three, and others two in that 93 8”,23| Communion. Many persons fast for three days during Holy Lent. Accordingly, 94 8”,23| days, than to do so on the three days in question. For divine 95 8”,23| nuns should try it out for three years, in its c. V, herein, 96 8”,23| thirteenth year thereof (allowing three years, that is to say, for 97 8”,23| services of the habit into three, namely, the service of 98 8”,23| worthy to wear (except for three) — without offering any 99 8”,23| megaloscheme also wears these three garments, but in addition 100 8”,23| become a monk; and if after three months have elapsed she 101 8”,23| six, but also at two, and three, and five, according to 102 8”,23| to meet the Judge. These three conditions of man are also 103 8”,23| of our Lord, who in all three of His births kept three 104 8”,23| three of His births kept three entire Lents (called Tessaracostae 105 8”,23| burning incense, and bowing three times in adoration, thus 106 8”,23| and Idus for 8 days; the three together for a whole month. 107 8”,23| sung (except for the first three psalms and the Very Merciful), 108 8”,23| Trisagion hymn is composed of three elements, viz., Holy, Holy, 109 8”,23| Lordship and Godship) of the three Persons. But insane Peter 110 8”,23| concubine, and his wife waits three years with fortitude for 111 8”,23| position to avoid the loss of three talents by taking a true 112 8”,23| used to say that there were three principles. The first one 113 8”,23| single immersion, but with three immersions, allowing even 114 8”,23| among us.” You see here three things as plainly as day, 115 8”,23| the whole surface of it in three dimensions, but can even 116 8”,23| Cross was not made with three fingers, as it is today, 117 8”,23| in the Encomium of the Three Hierarchs) to the effect 118 8”,23| and the sacred Canons for three months; and that anyone 119 8”,23| temple, the bishop takes three portions of relics of martyrs, 120 8”,23| they are conversing two or three monks as well as two or 121 8”,23| monks as well as two or three nuns ought to be together. 122 8”,23| corrected. And see also the three Canons of John the Faster 123 8”,23| without first undergoing three years' trial and test, according

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