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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | canonical praxis of the whole Orthodox Church. For the historian 2 Intro | received canons in the Greek Orthodox Church. In 1800, the first 3 Intro | untouchable expression of Orthodox canon law, such an attitude 4 Intro | 24~ For a long time, the Orthodox Slavs were content to reproduce 5 Intro | canonist as the father of Orthodox canonical studies in the 6 Intro | consisting of the canons of the Orthodox Church with commentaries 7 Intro | today as a reference work by Orthodox canonists. As for canonical 8 Intro | the West but also in the Orthodox East. Patriarch Dositheos 9 Intro | constitutes the historical core of Orthodox canon law. This appears 10 Intro | universally accepted in the Orthodox Church did not introduce 11 Intro | institutions but also all Orthodox practitioners of canon law, 12 1”,2 | had been converted to the Orthodox faith from the life of a 13 1”,8 | bishop where there is no Orthodox bishop of the catholic Church. 14 1”,8 | church there is also an Orthodox bishop, the latter shall 15 1”,8 | with this arrangement, the Orthodox bishop must allow him to 16 1”,14| taught the dogmas of the Orthodox faith. They were divided 17 1”,19| identically the same manner as Orthodox Christians). But if some 18 1”,19| ordained clergymen before their Orthodox baptism, because the prelates 19 1”,19| being rebaptized with an Orthodox baptism, if their life appears 20 1”,19| Bishop of the catholic and Orthodox Church, since the former 21 1”,19| baptized in accordance with the Orthodox faith receive a visitation 22 1”,19| in other words, if any Orthodox Bishop has ordained any 23 1”,20| Pentecostmay be kept in all Orthodox churches the world over, 24 2 | of its being thoroughly Orthodox in all respects. Hence, 25 2 | which is now read by all Orthodox Christians, as it is seen 26 2”,1 | Constantinople decided that the Orthodox faith, meaning the creed 27 2”,6 | certain charges against Orthodox Bishops managing the churches, 28 2”,6 | to make charges against Orthodox Bishops in regard to ecclesiastical 29 2”,6 | Church inimically slander Orthodox bishops, without accomplishing 30 2”,6 | have been ordained in the Orthodox manner and in accordance 31 2”,7 | heresies and joining the Orthodox faith and the portion of 32 2”,7 | themselves likewise as do the Orthodox. But as for Arians and Macedonians, 33 2”,7 | the peculiar idiom of the Orthodox Church can hardly be said 34 2”,7 | aright and in a strictly Orthodox manner, wherefore they are 35 3 | God,” and much used in the Orthodox Church as a designation 36 3”,1 | to the laymen, that are Orthodox, that is to say, because 37 3”,1 | episcopate even by those same Orthodox bishops and surrounding 38 3”,3 | in their beliefs with the orthodox and ecumenical Council not 39 3”,3 | of the same mind as this orthodox and Ecumenical Council should 40 4 | its own definition of the Orthodox faith, which runs as follows ( 41 4”,14| the person joined to the Orthodox Christian to the Orthodox 42 4”,14| Orthodox Christian to the Orthodox faith. If, on the other 43 4”,14| does not differ from the Orthodox baptism so far as concerns 44 4”,14| contrary, is acceptable to the Orthodox Church, they shall have 45 4”,14| should promise to become an Orthodox Christian, let him first 46 4”,14| clergyman, but also by any Orthodox Christian man or woman in 47 4”,17| which the catholic union of Orthodox Christians situated therein 48 4”,18| Greek[104] as well as of Orthodox emperors, who indeed adopted 49 4”,30| because it contained all the Orthodox belief of the faith), not 50 4”,30| because he was opposed to the Orthodox dogma which it contained, 51 7 | clearly and emphatically the Orthodox faith, after which they 52 7”,1 | enabled us to entertain an Orthodox conception of the straightforward 53 7”,30| been consecrated in the Orthodox manner, without the permission 54 7”,62| consequence thereof, and the Orthodox faith be laughed to scorn. 55 7”,69| their churches. Shall we Orthodox Christians imitate them? 56 7”,71| 72.~ Let no Orthodox man be allowed to contract 57 7”,71| woman, nor moreover let any Orthodox woman be married to a heretical 58 7”,71| admitted to the fold of the Orthodox have joined themselves to 59 7”,71| is not permissible for an Orthodox man to marry a heretical 60 7”,71| heretical woman, or for an Orthodox woman to get married to 61 7”,71| portion of Christ and of Orthodox Christians. Whoever transgresses 62 7”,77| learn the dogmas of the Orthodox faith well and on Thursday 63 8 | Fathers attending it, 350 were Orthodox,[257] but seventeen others 64 8 | Damascene, and George Cyprius Orthodox and Saints, it issued a 65 8”,8 | Christians and have joined the Orthodox faith, but secretly deny 66 8”,23| of converting them to the orthodox doctrine of the Church. 67 8”,23| whether they really were Orthodox Christian women; as to whether 68 8”,23| eunuch, though seeing the Orthodox Christians apply a conjunction 69 8”,23| blockaded the churches of the Orthodox in Africa and banished 120 70 8”,23| in their times, while the Orthodox Christians were persecuted. 71 8”,23| there remained but some few Orthodox saints to criticize the 72 8”,23| having to be anointed by the Orthodox like persons lacking by 73 8”,23| Damascene, Concerning the Orthodox Faith, book 3, ch. 12, and 74 8”,23| named Celestinus was an Orthodox Pope, whose place, as has 75 8”,23| Greeks who were joining the Orthodox faith, and to the Jews and 76 8”,23| bishops, but also by every Orthodox Christian. Nor did it forbid 77 8”,23| even though this alone is Orthodox. For whatever the law says, 78 8”,23| accedes to it. But as for the Orthodox Christians, and not this 79 8”,23| no one compose any other Orthodox Creed than the one of the 80 8”,23| permissible to offer the same Orthodox Creed itself differently 81 8”,23| for confirmation of the Orthodox belief, the union, I mean, 82 8”,23| not with reference to any Orthodox Ecumenical Council, it had 83 8”,23| letter is in truth a most orthodox epistle, yet it was not 84 8”,23| shouted, “That is the faith of Orthodox Christians; thus do we all 85 8”,23| his beliefs are strictly Orthodox, can be judged and examined 86 8”,23| Dodecabiblus). It runs as follows: “Orthodox Christians confess the two 87 8”,23| Monophysites, and not the Orthodox belief of the catholic Church, 88 8”,23| one of them has come to be Orthodox in belief, or in some other 89 8”,23| wants to make his children Orthodox. And again in ordinance 90 8”,23| cohabiting together is an Orthodox, while the other is a heretic, 91 8”,23| their children must become Orthodox. It is written, at any rate, 92 8”,23| of adulterers. As for an Orthodox person, on the other hand, 93 8”,23| clergymen of Antioch and the Orthodox Christians in Byzantium 94 8”,23| accepted as a saint and Orthodox Christian, and that it acknowledged 95 8”,23| same time confessed all the Orthodox dogmas contrary thereto ( 96 8”,23| and because they allow Orthodox priests in Lechia who have 97 8”,23| what caused the race of us Orthodox Christians to be taken captive 98 8”,23| 180] Note that the Orthodox Church allows the consumption 99 8”,23| Chrysostom, wherever there is (an Orthodox edition of) the Gospel, 100 8”,23| a Latin man to marry an Orthodox woman, or a Latin woman 101 8”,23| a Latin woman to take an Orthodox man to husband. For what 102 8”,23| communion can there be of the Orthodox party with the heretic? 103 8”,23| be baptized in a strictly Orthodox manner. But if both parties 104 8”,23| must all be brought up as Orthodox Christians, in accordance 105 8”,23| salvation, which not only Orthodox emperors wore upon their 106 8”,23| the Trisagion; and Book of Orthodox., ch. 3).~ ~ [220] This 107 8”,23| understand that the death of Orthodox Christians is not a death, 108 8”,23| abolished from our Eastern Orthodox Church? We cannot say with 109 8”,23| community with that of the Orthodox, read ch. 9 of book VII 110 8”,23| who has later seen how the Orthodox are baptized, wept and could 111 8”,23| him to baptize him in the Orthodox baptism and saying that 112 8”,23| had no community with the Orthodox. So, then, get it into your 113 8”,23| Latins, when they join the Orthodox Eastern Church, ought of 114 8”,23| be urged to do so by the Orthodox.~ ~ [248] Those too incur 115 8”,23| this custom (concerning the Orthodox faith, Book IV, ch. 14). 116 8”,23| the statues, the catholic (Orthodox) Church not only does not 117 8”,23| imputing greater blame to the Orthodox; 3) because although the 118 8”,23| a Papal affair, and not Orthodox; and that it is a modern 119 8”,23| of the Decalogue in his Orthodox Catechism that one must 120 8”,23| concerns the fact that the Orthodox Christians are wont to engrave 121 8”,23| proceeds for the liberation of Orthodox captives. See also the Footnotes 122 8”,23| But the divine laws of Orthodox emperors, supplementing 123 8”,23| because they know him to be orthodox and sober (i.e., sensible

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