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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | concrete adaptations of the old canonical regulations to 2 Intro | most famous canonist of the old University of Louvain, found 3 Intro | affecting the validity of the old legislation were expressed.~ 4 Intro | apparatus is set out.73 The old Latin versions of the canons, 5 Intro | least in the one case, the old Latin text allows us to 6 Intro | We can also add that the old Latin versions have an interest 7 Intro | being as interesting as the old Latin versions. It is in 8 1”,5 | legislation, just as that old Canon (i.e., Ap. c. XXXII 9 1”,6 | present Canon ordains that the old customs of the three Patriarchs 10 1”,13| are making their exit, the old and canonical Law shall 11 1”,13| accorded the benefit of the old and canonical law (which 12 1”,19| ordained such when forty years old (as does also c. 14 of the 13 2”,3 | priorities to the Bishop of old Rome and to the Bishop of 14 2”,6 | heretics those who have of old been proscribed from the 15 3”,8 | because of his being an old man, and deeming his tears 16 3”,8 | rather to have mercy on the old man, who had been away from 17 4”,15| is less than forty years old. Yet even if she is forty 18 4”,15| even if she is forty years old, again, it forbids her to 19 4”,16| Interpretation.~In times of old some women wearing lay garb 20 4”,17| therein had been subject of old. In addition, c. CXXX says 21 4”,22| prohibited even by the Canons of old,[106] on pain of being shorn 22 4”,22| which even the Canons of old forbade them to do (as, 23 4”,28| priorities to the throne of Old Rome on account of her being 24 4”,28| senate, and is equal to old imperial Rome in respect 25 4”,28| privileges upon the throne of Old Rome on account of the fact 26 4”,28| similar manner as has also (old) Rome, ought to enjoy the 27 4”,28| similar manner as has also (old) Rome, and to be magnified 28 4”,28| the sole difference that old Rome is to be first in order, 29 6 | and the infantile-minded old man named Polychronius, 30 7”,13| more, we, following the old Canon of the Holy Apostles, 31 7”,14| before he is thirty years old, though the man be thoroughly 32 7”,14| when He was thirty years old, and then He began teaching. 33 7”,14| he is twenty-five years old, nor a Deaconess before 34 7”,14| before she is forty years old.~(c. XIX of the 1st; c. 35 7”,15| is less than twenty years old. If anyone should be ordained 36 7”,15| into desuetude). As for how old one must be in order to 37 7”,16| the Jews who accepted the Old Testament, not as provided 38 7”,31| of the Aquarians was an old one, wherein they use water 39 7”,31| that because there was an old heresy called that of the 40 7”,39| not less than ten years old, the test for this resting 41 7”,39| number under sixty years old if she has been the wife 42 7”,39| is at least forty years old, the Church having by the 43 7”,39| not less than ten years old; but, nevertheless, let 44 7”,39| not less than sixty years old, while the Fathers of the 45 7”,39| when she is forty years old, in their c. XV,[169] seeing 46 7”,41| Because of the fact that of old many deceivers of the people 47 7”,42| same thing too. Without an “old man,” however, at hand to 48 7”,54| this Council forbids the old Romans to fast (either by 49 7”,61| gods among Greeks, after an old custom which is alien to 50 7”,66| divine Scripture of the Old Testament, and especially 51 7”,67| of all the books of the Old and New Testaments, or of 52 7”,67| cut up[203] books of the Old and New Testaments, and 53 7”,67| illegible from having become too old to be read.[204] As for 54 7”,69| thing as the warbles of old) and an excessive variety 55 7”,72| have been saved from the old lapse. Hence both in mind 56 7”,80| hymn by the Holy Fathers of old on the ground that it is 57 7”,81| Therefore, eagerly embracing the old types and the shadows as 58 7”,81| For, as regarding those old types of the Law, we honor 59 7”,82| according to Zonaras, an old custom to impart the Eucharist, 60 7”,93| even the prophet of the Old Testament Hosea prohibits 61 7”,97| Joseph, because even in the old Law a betrothal had the 62 8”,16| For ever since the days of old every priestly man has contented 63 8”,23| continuously until extreme old age, not for the sake of 64 8”,23| they get to be forty years old and nevertheless appear 65 8”,23| monastic life or have grown old as nuns. All clergymen as 66 8”,23| respect to the body, or are an old man with respect to the 67 8”,23| into prevalence from the old. For thus the high priest 68 8”,23| correspondence that “a faithful old man named Serapion, who 69 8”,23| it into the mouth of the old man; and after the boy did 70 8”,23| after the boy did this the old man, having swallowed a 71 8”,23| the latter states that in old books it was found written 72 8”,23| question were forty years old when they were ordained, 73 8”,23| most especially, both of old and even down to this day 74 8”,23| sense it was in force of old in accordance with the present 75 8”,23| happened to be fourteen days old, by fasting and keeping 76 8”,23| sympathized with his tears and his old age. Canon X of Peter the 77 8”,23| the start, or to rebuild old ones, he as well as his 78 8”,23| dignities belonging to the old cities which were really 79 8”,23| priorities to the throne of Old Rome on account of her being 80 8”,23| say that he discovered in old codices of Nomocanons that 81 8”,23| order to conform with the old law saying, “Be ye ready: 82 8”,23| purified when thirty years old, and so how is it that you 83 8”,23| you are trying to teach old men before you have even 84 8”,23| passages of the New and Old Testaments would be read 85 8”,23| Virgin Intemerate,” is not an old one, but a later one, and 86 8”,23| their sins when six years old, and boys when eight years 87 8”,23| and boys when eight years old, “because iniquity increased” ( 88 8”,23| evil when over twenty years old. “And the Lord’s anger was 89 8”,23| Egypt, from twenty years old and upward, shall see the 90 8”,23| become twenty-five years old, except only in case there 91 8”,23| that are wise, neither do old men know how to judge; but 92 8”,23| ordained when sixty years old. And the reason is that 93 8”,23| she had become sixty years old. “This is the cause that 94 8”,23| became over sixty years old, in accordance with St. 95 8”,23| same liturgy by a singleold man,” but that they must 96 8”,23| under the purview of the “old fellow.” The spreading, 97 8”,23| the woman is forty years old and of firm belief, according 98 8”,23| in accordance with the old form. For it was thus that 99 8”,23| to bring into your home old women that are drunk and 100 8”,23| though you assert that those old women say nothing but the 101 8”,23| because they, although being old Christian women, employ 102 8”,23| inflicted also on those old hags who divine with barley, 103 8”,23| remain legible no matter how old they grow; wherefore they 104 8”,23| whether men or women, young or old, great or little, instead 105 8”,23| chanted do not appear to be old, but, on the contrary, modernistic, 106 8”,23| why there are to be found old psalters all provided with 107 8”,23| it was too that even of old St. Sabbas the Great permitted 108 8”,23| which prefigured in the old law the four Evangelists, 109 8”,23| who had lived badly into old age. Well, the next night 110 8”,23| those days the Christians of old had a different custom of 111 8”,23| us through a tradition of old.~ ~ [229] When and by whom 112 8”,23| kept. We know that in the Old Testament true and lawful 113 8”,23| bodies, thus ignoring the Old Testament, and in reading 114 8”,23| order not to appear to be old men. This same excommunication 115 8”,23| of the Gospel, but of the old Law, as Pope Gregory II 116 8”,23| to St. Germanus (for the old Law had the two Cherubim, 117 8”,23| as a god). Not only the old Law, but also the custom 118 8”,23| is the author of both the Old and the New Testament; and 119 8”,23| symbols consisting of the old Law and the Prophets. This 120 8”,23| Joel 2:28), as seen in some old pictures. These and similar 121 8”,23| used to be punished by the old Law with the death penalty, 122 8”,23| to the ordinance of the old Euchologion. After the ceremony

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