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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 1”,7 | of being entitled to the name metropolis, the bishops 2 1”,8 | share in the honor of the name. But if this does not please 3 1”,8 | all the business, and the name of bishop, while the bishop 4 1”,14| Apostolical Injunctions. The same name is applied to them also 5 1”,18| indicated also by their very name (i.e., in Greek the word 6 1”,19| be rebaptized, by which name is meant those who have 7 3 | c. I of the 4th, and by name and definitely in c. II 8 3”,8 | he should retain both the name of bishop and the honor 9 3”,8 | but to have the honor and name of a bishop. Feeling sorry 10 3”,8 | bestowed upon him the mere name of bishop), but because 11 4 | ratified and confirmed by name and definitely by c. II 12 4”,4 | communion, in order that the name of God be not blasphemed. 13 4”,4 | and hence through them the name of God be blasphemed. Anyone 14 4”,6 | church, or monastery, by name — in identically the same 15 4”,6 | is to say, in which the name of the province is pronounced 16 4”,6 | deacon or presbyter today the name of a particular church or 17 4”,12| already been honored with the name of Metropolis by letters 18 4”,12| bishoprics honored with the name of Metropolis, and have 19 4”,12| honor of being allowed the name of Metropolis, let them 20 4”,12| have only the honor of this name, and the same as touching 21 4”,16| another are confirmed by the name of God being taken in the 22 4”,30| Apolinarius (though this name is commonly spelled Apollinaris 23 6 | Alexandria, a certain man by the name of Theodore who had served 24 7”,1 | Christ, among whom we cite by name Theodore the Bishop of Faran, 25 7”,2 | handed down to us in the name of the holy and glorious 26 7”,2 | Fathers individually, each by name. It goes on to add that 27 7”,12| formerly called Libya, and the name was afterwards changed to 28 7”,12| Chrysanthus, or else the name Libya is applied generally 29 7”,12| that continent, and the name Africa to a particular province 30 7”,12| a bishop also takes the name of elder, as we have said 31 7”,16| obvious that neither the name of Deacons nor that of Presbyters 32 7”,16| selected these seven deacons by name, men full of Holy Spirit, 33 7”,28| that I did this, may my name be stricken from the book 34 7”,41| from which they formed the name they have applied to themselves.~ ~ 35 7”,61| performed by men or women in the name of what are falsely called 36 7”,61| shall anybody shout the name of abominable Dionysus while 37 7”,61| or women in honor of the name of the pseudo gods of the 38 7”,61| invoke, or call upon, the name of despicable Dionysus ( 39 7”,65| single day devoted to the name of the Lord, therefore does 40 8”,23| injury to the soul (the Greek name of which is psyche, and 41 8”,23| The saint of the same name, Gregory of Nyssa, in his 42 8”,23| the 4th.~ ~ [7] For the name Patriarch first began being 43 8”,23| the Octateuch), that the name is derived from Jebus (1 44 8”,23| city, by forming a compound name Jebusalem, which became 45 8”,23| Jerusalem. Howbeit, the name Jerusalem is wholly Hebrew, 46 8”,23| according to Dion. The name Aelia was derived from Aelius, 47 8”,23| Capitolia was added to the name Aelia because the city was 48 8”,23| same Hadrian called by the name of the temple in honor of 49 8”,23| Herod built it to honor the name of Augustus Caesar, though 50 8”,23| continue life with the mere name of bishop; and thenceforth 51 8”,23| enthrone a bishop, lest the name of bishop be thus brought 52 8”,23| functions, possess a mere name, destitute of actuality.~ ~ [ 53 8”,23| writing to some monk by the name of Dionysius, says that 54 8”,23| c. II). In addition the namecanonic” is also given 55 8”,23| Sardinia, an Arian by the name of Barbarus (but according 56 8”,23| is being baptized in the name of the Father through the 57 8”,23| was like that of dogs, the name of which animals in Greek 58 8”,23| i.e., purer). Hence the name aristeri is found among 59 8”,23| this account bearing the name Sabbatius). Those following 60 8”,23| for one not to spell the name of Celestius with an n, 61 8”,23| witness. But when I say the name Cyril, I am saying, in effect, 62 8”,23| add, or to subtract, or to name a term, or to make an addition, 63 8”,23| to be connected with our name, that is to say, that of 64 8”,23| honor of a bishop and the name and activity, this too is 65 8”,23| and justly so.” For the name bishop is not absolute, 66 8”,23| he ought not to bear the name of bishop, much more ought 67 8”,23| he to be honored with the name of bishop.” But what am 68 8”,23| to the meaning of their name monks they are lone men, 69 8”,23| been consecrated to the name of God deserves honor as 70 8”,23| refers to it by its proper name as the Sixth. And thirdly, 71 8”,23| mentions Libya and Africa by name, for it was there that such 72 8”,23| it was only by a general name, and not by any law, that 73 8”,23| the right to retain the name of priest, according to 74 8”,23| with the meaning of their name as being employed instead 75 8”,23| and so mensalia too is the name for the cloths spread over 76 8”,23| occasion and in order that the name and date of those baptized 77 8”,23| boiling temperature), as the name of it denotes. For zeon, 78 8”,23| who are ordained to the name of certain cities which 79 8”,23| Justinianopolis after his own name, therefore and on this account 80 8”,23| written to a monk by the name of Paul says: “This is the 81 8”,23| and have changed their name; and two special prayers 82 8”,23| the caloyers (the common name for monks in the Greek vernacular), 83 8”,23| in a manner worthy of his name and in accordance with his 84 8”,23| 185] Hecantonarchs was the name given to the wisest and 85 8”,23| other such nonsense. The name cloud-chasers could also 86 8”,23| saints, and even with the name of our Lady Theotoke; in 87 8”,23| says that even though they name the name of the Holy Trinity, 88 8”,23| even though they name the name of the Holy Trinity, or 89 8”,23| women say nothing but the name of God? And for this reason 90 8”,23| Christian women, employ the name of Christ wrongly, and do 91 8”,23| the demons used to say the name of Christ, true enough, 92 8”,23| 192] Enchanters is the name applied to those who lure 93 8”,23| cause them not to bite. The name enchanters is also bestowed 94 8”,23| which (word) indeed the name is derived (in Greek, that 95 8”,23| of Easter devoted to the name of the Lord. See also c. 96 8”,23| they have been accorded the name of Lord’s suppers.” Note 97 8”,23| martyr Faustinus, to whose name the church had been dedicated 98 8”,23| anyone to take an oath in the name of God, but not even on 99 8”,23| says in connection with the name of God by way of affirmation, 100 8”,23| that no one shall take the name of God in vain; for the 101 8”,23| all men, that man by the name of Clinias who was a disciple 102 8”,23| worthy to pronounce the name of God, of course he is 103 8”,23| worthy to pronounce the name of God.” And note how this 104 8”,23| connection therewith by the name of God, he is taking this 105 8”,23| of God, he is taking this name in vain, as we too have 106 8”,23| Epiphanius (Haeres. 66). His name was later changed to Manicaeus 107 8”,23| that a certain Pope by the name of Peter on account of his 108 8”,23| Latin “the Lord’s.” The name is due to the fact they 109 8”,23| paris figures or any such name, but, instead, they are 110 8”,23| there is inscribed, not the name of the nature of the hypostasis, 111 8”,23| human beingsimply, but the name of the hypostasis, or, for 112 8”,23| original only in point of name and in point of position 113 8”,23| and with respect to the name in the inscription inscribed 114 8”,23| hypostasis, and by reason of the name inscribed upon them, or 115 8”,23| it both on account of the name of the Saint and on account 116 8”,23| icons by asserting that the name of the pictures neither 117 8”,23| contrary from their very name they are replete with grace 118 8”,23| the original through the name of the icon. But if the 119 8”,23| a certain Persian by the name of Xenaeas used to assert, 120 8”,23| character as it is by the name of the one depicted. Divine 121 8”,23| Thessalonica declares that the name of Jesus Christ ought to 122 8”,23| they may be known from the name to be the Cross on which

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