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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| listeners” (audients). This means that they shall have to 2 1”,12| themselves in the army by means of beneficia (a Latin word 3 1”,12| even spent money and by means of beneficia, or, more plainly 4 1”,15| affair be invalidated by all means, and let him be reinstated 5 1”,17| should invent any similar means of making a shameful profit, 6 1”,18| as a Greek word) really means servant. They are inferior 7 1”,19| verbrebaptize,” which means to baptize a second time; 8 1”,19| of course. Or perhaps it means for them to be deposed from 9 3”,8 | please the Council too. This means nothing else, according 10 4”,2 | he has thus obtained by means of money. If, in fact, anyone 11 4”,12| succeeded in attaining, by means of imperial letters, to 12 4”,18| what the present Canon means is that though the crime 13 4”,23| this Council therefore by means of its present Canon decrees 14 4”,23| out against their will by means of the same Defensor and 15 4”,25| ecclesiastical penances; and the means profits of the widow church 16 4”,28| of this Council too, by means of their present Canon, 17 6 | had had as its own.” This means, in other words, that the 18 6 | is the say, previously by means of Leo’s letter. For, as 19 7”,1 | know how nor can by any means whatever add anything to 20 7”,6 | Council confirm that Canon by means of the present, and decree 21 7”,8 | Bishops to be held by all means once a year for ecclesiastical 22 7”,8 | in any event and by all means once a year in each province ( 23 7”,12| passage the wordeldersmeans bishops, according to St. 24 7”,13| rites, in order that by means of this abstinence they 25 7”,19| bounds of propriety. For by means of the teaching afforded 26 7”,27| giving us such fruits, by means whereof our bodies are nourished 27 7”,39| grace, and bracing him by means of this Canon, not to neglect 28 7”,42| adopts it, and no manner of means shall prevent him from accomplishing 29 7”,59| to penalize them by all means and to subject them to such 30 7”,59| persons be penalized by all means and be subjected to such 31 7”,69| church” (1 Cor. 14:35). This means that women should keep silent 32 7”,69| for him” (Gen. 2:18). This means that woman was created, 33 7”,69| Christians imitate them? By no means!~ It is recorded in the 34 7”,69| melodies) and trills (which means the same thing as the warbles 35 7”,72| that which has been the means whereby we have been saved 36 7”,72| it adoration, we by all means command that imprints of 37 7”,73| the verb accumbo, which means in Latin to lean or recline 38 7”,73| Lord’s suppers” the Canon means here any place dedicated 39 7”,75| the Fathers prohibited by means of this Canon the establishment 40 7”,81| character, in order that by means of the human aspect we may 41 7”,86| reason and cause (which means without the reason based 42 7”,87| being thus left without any means of carriage he will expose 43 7”,90| poisonous draughts or herbs by means of which they kill the foetus 44 7”,90| or men) who furnish such means, as well as the women who 45 7”,99| such pictures shall by any means whatsoever be painted or 46 8”,2 | rank of bishop shall by all means know the psalter, in order 47 8”,5 | they are to be corrected by means of a penance. If, on the 48 8”,5 | possession (of this dignity by means of money, let both him and 49 8”,5 | he has thus obtained by means of money. If, in fact, anyone 50 8”,6 | inconvenience and the lack of means of traveling those who were 51 8”,6 | be held each year, by all means and on any pretext, and 52 8”,6 | Council must be held by all means every year, in order to 53 8”,11| ought to maintain by all means inviolable the one saying 54 8”,20| women separately, hinting by means of the wordmourn” at the 55 8”,20| of monks and nuns, and by means of the wordseparately” 56 8”,23| psychical sin” the Canon means here a cacodoxical and impious 57 8”,23| iii, he proves this by means of numerous arguments, among 58 8”,23| monachical habit (which means that of the great habit), 59 8”,23| Spirit,” in order that, by means of the difference of prepositions, 60 8”,23| with Him through (i.e., by means of) the Holy Spirit, and 61 8”,23| belonging to the Son: if he means something of the same nature 62 8”,23| as a pious one; but if he means to say that the Holy Spirit 63 8”,23| Virgin (in its act 11 by means of the libellus of the faith 64 8”,23| whomsoever He wills the means of attaining to piety and 65 8”,23| Holy Spirit.” This passage means that not only must no one 66 8”,23| no conditions and by no means tolerate the making of the 67 8”,23| followers of Eutyches by means of that divine Gospel because 68 8”,23| the Greek word, monachos, means lone or solitary), and they 69 8”,23| the whole Church (which means a change of judicature from 70 8”,23| with the inventions by means of which they are trying 71 8”,23| is evident that the Canon means that if any bishop or clergyman 72 8”,23| temple” here, as elsewhere, meanschurch building,” as distinguished 73 8”,23| ch. 1).~ ~ [108] This means anyone.~ ~ [109] ~ ~ [ 74 8”,23| renewing c. III of the 2nd by means of the present Canon, conferred 75 8”,23| also as one established by means of a Canon, on the ground 76 8”,23| Rome by the Canons. By no means. Firstly, because if they 77 8”,23| Catholics vainly insist — by no means, but primarily because Rome 78 8”,23| Alexandria refuted it by means of twenty-four arguments.~ ~ [ 79 8”,23| that of the other. This means that the Divinity with its 80 8”,23| Canons bear witness; this means that it took place in the 81 8”,23| marriage to prelates by means of this Canon. I said “by 82 8”,23| the other hand, decreed by means of the present Canon that 83 8”,23| matter may be remedied by means of a moderate penance. But 84 8”,23| bolster up their flock by means of letters or in other ways, 85 8”,23| try to express the idea by means of the English word wisdom, 86 8”,23| Greek word which in reality means “traducer”), and were introduced 87 8”,23| By tonsure here the Canon means the great and angelic habit, 88 8”,23| their habit ought by all means to become complete and perfect, 89 8”,23| ought to do the same. This means: 1) She ought to get divorced 90 8”,23| which is done, of course, by means of the monastic life, then 91 8”,23| strengthen their bodies by means of it and to be able to 92 8”,23| xxxvi). Accordingly, by means of this moderate breaking 93 8”,23| other words, divining by means thereof, shall be punished 94 8”,23| and worked magic charms by means of them.~  ~[187] “Cloud-chasers” 95 8”,23| co-operation of demons by means of the stars whatever things 96 8”,23| especially wont to employ as a means of drawing men into love. 97 8”,23| observation of future events by means of words and calls, the 98 8”,23| a diabolical song and by means thereof pretending to foretell 99 8”,23| sanctification used to be secured by means of precious bits of wood 100 8”,23| there are Latins; and by no means and on no account whatsoever 101 8”,23| with angelic doxology. By means of many arguments he teaches 102 8”,23| attracting the simple laity by means of their pleasant effect 103 8”,23| psalmody, and praying done by means of the mind alone prayer.~ ~ [ 104 8”,23| wherefore it ought by all means be discarded. Since, however, 105 8”,23| Pharisees, we shall by no means enter the kingdom of heaven ( 106 8”,23| compulsion, and secondly, by no means because of anything human, 107 8”,23| are propitiating God by means of the slaughter and sacrifice 108 8”,23| a dominical, which word means in Latin “the Lord’s.” The 109 8”,23| suitable material (which means with gold and silver and 110 8”,23| images to be depicted, not by means of statues, but by means 111 8”,23| means of statues, but by means of colors in paintings. 112 8”,23| But in Greek the word icon means simply a picture of any 113 8”,23| whatsoever, and is by no means confined to the pictures 114 8”,23| proskyno, meaning to adore) means “to embrace and kiss.” The 115 8”,23| accordingly, in such a case it means merely honor. Just as is 116 8”,23| and the Gospel reveal by means of words, the painter represents 117 8”,23| the painter represents by means of the icons: on this account 118 8”,23| are to be consecrated by means of relics of martyrs. Besides, 119 8”,23| should hereafter find the means of doing so, which it could 120 8”,23| while the other has the means, the one having the means 121 8”,23| means, the one having the means of managing to help the

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