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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | written law. In the first place, the unequaled prestige 2 Intro | Blastares occupies a singular place. This work, written in Thessalonica 3 Intro | canonists took over the first place. Chronologically speaking, 4 Intro | taking factors of time and place into account. To neglect 5 Intro | its adoption in the first place. But a long tradition expressing 6 Intro | principle. Thus the first place of the See of Constantinople 7 1 | imperial palace. A large place was indeed necessary to 8 1”,7 | saying, let him have fourth place in the sequence of honor 9 1”,11| church of the Romans the place of penitents is exposed 10 1”,12| done three years in the place assigned to “listeners,” 11 1”,12| also ten years more in the place assigned to “kneelers.” 12 1”,13| if he was occupying the place assigned to consistents ( 13 1”,13| ordered to stay in that place again; but if he was in 14 1”,13| again; but if he was in the place assigned to audients (or “ 15 1”,15| the mutinies which took place, it has seemed best to do 16 2”,6 | be examined, in the first place as to whether they are heretics, 17 2”,7 | or, in other words, we place them in the class called 18 3 | Fathers, who, acting in the place of the bishop of Rome Celestine 19 3”,8 | ordained another bishop in place of him. However, he afterwards 20 4”,4 | desert, or in any other place shall be allowed to build 21 4”,10| immediately to take his place, but that if there are more 22 4”,10| them be taken to fill the place left vacant by the clergyman 23 4”,19| canonically arranged to take place twice in every year were 24 5 | Evagrius, these two taking the place of and representing Eustochius 25 7”,1 | as well as the time and place in which each was held. 26 7”,3 | standing and sitting in the place reserved for the presidency: 27 7”,7 | ground that he is filling the place of the latter, he shall 28 7”,7 | because he is acting in the place of a Patriarch or Metropolitan, 29 7”,7 | t sit down in the first place, lest there be some other 30 7”,8 | every year, in whatever place the Bishop of the Metropolis 31 7”,8 | October, and as respects the place, wherever the Metropolitan 32 7”,45| 120) that a monk go to no place without permission of the 33 7”,73| the Canon means here any place dedicated to the Lord, including, 34 7”,75| were making it a market place. If, therefore, anybody 35 7”,78| that certain are wont to place a baked ring-cake on a square 36 7”,87| heavy rain, and he has no place to take refuge, he takes 37 7”,93| secretly and in another place, and not there where he 38 7”,96| between a holy and a profane place. On this account it commands 39 7”,98| meat, moreover, must take place outside of the church, and 40 8”,9 | by heretics — in such a place, that is to say, that no 41 8”,12| or benefit, even so the place must not be sold or let 42 8”,15| that everybody stay in the place whither he has been called 43 8”,18| to herself in a different place until the Bishop takes his 44 8”,23| councils commonly blame and place under a penance those clergymen, 45 8”,23| with the unmarried.~Or to place them in the middle somewhere 46 8”,23| marriage and intercourse, place them in their home permanently, 47 8”,23| Great, and enjoyed second place in the royal honor after 48 8”,23| trying to mend a tear or torn place he tear it worse than ever, 49 8”,23| examination she would provide a place in the church for each one 50 8”,23| Afterwards the prelate would place on their neck underneath 51 8”,23| and common judgment take place, the righteous are to reign 52 8”,23| resurrection, by contrast, took place for justification of souls 53 8”,23| righteous with Christ took place, being their union with 54 8”,23| St. Flavian in the fifth place, Eusebius of Dorylaeum, 55 8”,23| of Socrates in the same place. So it is this definition 56 8”,23| himself suggests in the same place), which definition and Tome 57 8”,23| delay in coming out of the place and the fact that the imperial 58 8”,23| an Orthodox Pope, whose place, as has been said, in this 59 8”,23| altogether unchanged, and which place any addition thereinto under 60 8”,23| else to be ordained in the place of a living bishop unless 61 8”,23| connection with Christ took place in nature, or in accordance 62 8”,23| actually and really took place, as the aforesaid Theodore 63 8”,23| happened to discover in one place that the letters given to 64 8”,23| St. Basil as having taken place in the metropolis of Cappadocia 65 8”,23| fall to the ground, the place itself remains sacred and 66 8”,23| head a brilliant riband in place of a wreath or garland; 67 8”,23| For when at any time or place current forms conflict with 68 8”,23| proper to concede the first place to her Bishop and to regard 69 8”,23| this means that it took place in the Fifth Indiction immediately 70 8”,23| Bishop of Corinth acted in place of the Pope at this Council, 71 8”,23| excepting only if he go to some place and therein acts instead 72 8”,23| utensils, nor has he any place in the diaconicon, according 73 8”,23| Christians not to go near any place where there are blasphemies 74 8”,23| Theotoke), let them not place the fragments in the Holy 75 8”,23| Lord’s Supper, which took place in the first instance on 76 8”,23| celebrate a liturgy in a private place (meaning a common place, 77 8”,23| place (meaning a common place, and not a prayerhouse, 78 8”,23| prelate, the particular place in which the liturgy was 79 8”,23| antimension in a special place in a house or boat separated 80 8”,23| that one chooses a cleaner place and house. That is why even 81 8”,23| desert and at an unsheltered place, used the hands of the Deacon 82 8”,23| however, and any other place where it becomes necessary 83 8”,23| effect that that house or place in which men assembled and 84 8”,23| at any time, and at any place it happens to be.~ ~ [160] 85 8”,23| or in some other sacred place that is safe and not liable 86 8”,23| unbecoming. Accordingly, if the place where the holy elements 87 8”,23| and put them in a separate place; if, on the other hand, 88 8”,23| being washed out in that place in which the holy chalices 89 8”,23| them safe and in a secure place (page 239 of Juris Graecorom). 90 8”,23| while standing on a high place in the middle; but as for 91 8”,23| sacred vestment over a clean place and upon it to place a cover, 92 8”,23| clean place and upon it to place a cover, and over the cover 93 8”,23| cover, and over the cover to place the tongs holding a portion 94 8”,23| islands, where men and women place water and various fruits 95 8”,23| priests by entering the place allotted to priests. But 96 8”,23| their churches on a high place and with respect bow down 97 8”,23| asserts that the particular place where the child was elevated 98 8”,23| Canon mentions ought to take place after midnight. Balsamon 99 8”,23| seized it, and put in its place the statue of Jupiter, as 100 8”,23| they are entitled to first place); then comes the Cross; 101 8”,23| picture than from another, or place greater trust in one than 102 8”,23| Table, and not in any other place or part of the temple, in 103 8”,23| who put them in any other place or part of the building, 104 8”,23| consecrated temple, supply the place of the consecrated Holy 105 8”,23| in order to supply the place of a consecrated Table truly 106 8”,23| as in the Table, in the place of the sheet; the other 107 8”,23| well as a suitable time and place; and it is necessary that 108 8”,23| brother goes to another place, these brethren are not

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