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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | him to stop living with a woman, expressly made reference 2 1 | forbidden to dwell with any woman, except a mother, sister, 3 1”,3 | clergyman to have a strange woman in his house, and to live 4 1”,3 | wife to keep any strange woman in their house. Except that 5 1”,3 | he refuses to throw the woman out whom he has been keeping, 6 1”,3 | if a bishop lives with a woman at all, he shall be deposed.[ 7 4”,9 | or a nun, or any ascetic woman, he shall first take his 8 4”,14| Anagnost or Psalt shall take a woman of a different faith to 9 4”,14| Orthodox Christian man or woman in general with heretics. 10 4”,15| 15.~ Let no woman be ordained a deaconess 11 4”,15| present Canon commands that no woman shall be ordained a deaconess 12 4”,15| God and marries, any such woman is to be anathematized together 13 4”,16| XVIII of Basil, any such woman used to be called a virgin. 14 7”,1 | interpreted into plain English, “a woman who gives birth to God or 15 7”,3 | marriage, and this with a woman that was a widow, and likewise 16 7”,4 | carnal) intercourse with any woman that has been consecrated 17 7”,4 | commit fornication with a woman consecrated to God — that 18 7”,5 | sacerdotal list acquire a woman or housemaid except persons 19 7”,5 | are living modestly have a woman staying in their house, 20 7”,6 | a legal marriage with a woman before being admitted to 21 7”,14| Carthage also says. Nor can a woman become a deaconess until 22 7”,39| Fathers of the 4th say that a woman may be ordained a deaconess 23 7”,43| fornication, or of accepting a woman for the purpose of matrimony 24 7”,44| pious or meritorious for any woman that has already of her 25 7”,44| it is not becoming in a woman who of her own free will 26 7”,46| 47.~ Let neither any woman sleep in the men’s quarters 27 7”,46| decrees that neither may any woman in general sleep at night 28 7”,47| 48.~ As touching any woman who is the wife of a man 29 7”,47| Canon commands that any woman who is the wife of a man 30 7”,61| feminine costume, nor shall a woman put on any that befits men. 31 7”,61| xxii, v. 5) God prohibits a woman from wearing men’s clothing, 32 7”,61| wearing women’s clothing: “a woman shall not wear the apparel 33 7”,61| neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment; for all who do 34 7”,61| Gangra does not even allow a woman to wear masculine attire 35 7”,61| For it anathematizes any woman doing so, c. XIII. Read 36 7”,69| subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to exercise 37 7”,69| was not deceived, but the woman having been deceived became 38 7”,69| 2:18). This means that woman was created, not to rule 39 7”,69| and to be ruled by him. Woman is a teacher of every virtue 40 7”,69| precincts of the church. Woman’s job is to bear children 41 7”,69| and destiny of a Christian woman, just as are the priesthood 42 7”,69| the bishopric. Eve, the woman formed by God, was the first 43 7”,69| example be Mary, the New Woman and Child of God, who alone 44 7”,69| leading to many scandals, for woman’s voice is more attractive 45 7”,71| marriage with a heretical woman, nor moreover let any Orthodox 46 7”,71| moreover let any Orthodox woman be married to a heretical 47 7”,71| whether it be that an infidel woman has looked with favor upon 48 7”,71| versa an infidel man upon a woman who is a believer), let 49 7”,71| man to marry a heretical woman, or for an Orthodox woman 50 7”,71| woman, or for an Orthodox woman to get married to a heretical 51 7”,76| Zonaras says, merely meeting a woman in general on the street 52 7”,76| prohibit the bathing of a woman with a man. This disorderly 53 7”,86| 87.~ A woman who has abandoned her husband 54 7”,86| 18:22). If, therefore, a woman appears to have departed 55 7”,86| to be pardoned, while the woman deserves a penance. The 56 7”,92| convinced of his death, any woman that cohabits with another 57 7”,92| suspicion of death. The woman, on the other hand, who 58 7”,92| that if the husband of a woman departs and does not come 59 7”,92| still alive).[233] That woman, on the other hand, who ( 60 7”,97| of matrimonial union any woman betrothed to another man, 61 7”,97| to say, of a man and of a woman, and which has been duly 62 7”,97| anyone taking to wife a woman who has been engaged in 63 7”,97| man who takes to wife a woman married to another. That 64 7”,97| why a man betrothed to a woman is also called the conjugate 65 8”,18| female slave or of a free woman in a bishopric, or in a 66 8”,18| Abbot is present, let no woman perform any sort of service 67 8”,23| Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed 68 8”,23| injured by looking at the woman, it nevertheless cannot 69 8”,23| cannot be maintained that the woman is not subject to the passions 70 8”,23| words, to a desire for a woman. Hence as a result of the 71 8”,23| was a son of a Manichean woman named Callinica, according 72 8”,23| v. 12: “I suffer not a woman to teach”), how can anyone 73 8”,23| it was not proper for a woman's naked body to be seen 74 8”,23| risk of evil suspicions, a woman deaconess was sent, according 75 8”,23| uncatechized and unfaithful woman might enter (Book II, ch. 76 8”,23| necessity of denuding a woman's body, in order that it 77 8”,23| consociation of a man and a woman and a co-reception of all 78 8”,23| Jew must take a Christian woman to wife, nor must a Jewess 79 8”,23| the way to take yourself a woman to wife openly and in accordance 80 8”,23| those who ravish an ascetic woman or a woman that has taken 81 8”,23| ravish an ascetic woman or a woman that has taken the veil, 82 8”,23| Title III, Ordinance 5. The woman herself, together with her 83 8”,23| that do so. But as for any woman that merely pretends to 84 8”,23| carnal intercourse with a woman: “And David answered the 85 8”,23| by adding: “If any man or woman that believeth have widows, 86 8”,23| Council were held) that no woman should receive any ministration ( 87 8”,23| and “Art thou tied to a woman? seek not to be freed” ( 88 8”,23| much for the fact that a woman must get divorced from one 89 8”,23| tonsured, even though the woman is forty years old and of 90 8”,23| Lev. 20:27): “Any man or woman who becomes of them a ventriloquist 91 8”,23| concerning whom God says that “a woman shall not wear the apparel 92 8”,23| neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment; for all who do 93 8”,23| divine Chrysostom also says: “Woman taught once (i.e., Adam 94 8”,23| man to marry an Orthodox woman, or a Latin woman to take 95 8”,23| Orthodox woman, or a Latin woman to take an Orthodox man 96 8”,23| meaning the Puerperium of the Woman who gave birth to God in 97 8”,23| allowed to take another woman to wife; but, instead, both 98 8”,23| Title XXVIII) say that if a woman become pregnant in consequence 99 8”,23| appearance distinguishes a woman from a man. That is why 100 8”,23| he was a man, and not a woman. Those men who shave their 101 8”,23| man as distinguished from woman. The Apostles in their Injunctions, 102 8”,23| anyone that takes to wife a woman engaged to another man is 103 8”,23| 3) because although the woman with an issue of blood made 104 8”,23| says. Though, I say, the woman who had an issue of blood 105 8”,23| of fact, that work of the woman who had an issue of blood 106 8”,23| imperfect knowledge of the woman who set it up; and because 107 8”,23| condescension with the faith of the woman, and showed what has been

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