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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | reputation in Greek-speaking Churches; this is obvious from its 2 1”,6 | seniority be preserved to the Churches. In general it is obvious 3 1”,6 | privileges of other provinces and churches that are subject to the 4 1”,7 | neighboring officials of the churches, and not the bishop of Caesarea, 5 1”,20| observed in common by all the churches, and not some of them by 6 1”,20| not some of them by some churches alone. For this reason the 7 1”,20| be kept in all Orthodox churches the world over, it has seemed 8 2”,2 | own diocese and go over to churches beyond its boundaries; but, 9 2”,2 | decreed in Nicaea. But the churches of God that are situated 10 2”,2 | confound the rights of the churches; but, on the contrary, in 11 2”,2 | respectively. As for the churches of God that are situated 12 2”,2 | Christians in their faith. These churches, I say, ought to be managed 13 2”,6 | Orthodox Bishops managing the churches, in an attempt designing 14 2”,6 | against those managing the churches, nor yet are all to be excluded. 15 3”,8 | those who preside over the churches in Cyprus shall retain their 16 3”,8 | to the other diocese and churches everywhere, so that none 17 4”,8 | in holy orders who are in churches belonging to poorhouses, 18 4”,8 | hospitals, or monasteries, or to churches of martyrs, they must remain 19 4”,10| to be on the roll of the churches of two different churches 20 4”,10| churches of two different churches at the same time, i.e., 21 4”,10| at the same time in the churches of two different cities ( 22 4”,10| more clergymen in other churches among those already ordained, 23 4”,24| remain inalienable from the churches to which they belong.[107]~ ~ ~ 24 4”,26| 26.~ Since in some churches, as we have been informed, 25 4”,29| invocation of the prelate churches and temples and other sacred 26 7”,7 | ecclesiastical offices in some of the churches have hence had the impudence 27 7”,8 | causes, the presidents of the churches find it impossible to hold 28 7”,16| then, that is not in the churches. Or was the arrangement 29 7”,16| church. And in general all churches have the number of deacons 30 7”,17| as Clergymen of various churches have abandoned their own 31 7”,17| have abandoned their own churches, in which they were ordained, 32 7”,17| enrolled in the others’ churches, and as a result of this 33 7”,17| clergymen to leave their churches and go to others without 34 7”,18| commanded to return to their own churches, and not to stay away from 35 7”,18| let clergymen leave their churches without cause, but not even 36 7”,18| must return again to their churches. Whoever, on the other hand, 37 7”,19| declare that the deans of churches., on every day, but more 38 7”,19| decrees that the Deans of churches, by which term is meant 39 7”,19| they congregate in the churches and listen to the divine 40 7”,27| learned that in various churches when grapes are offered 41 7”,29| to priests in Barbarian churches, so that if they are seeking 42 7”,31| And in connection with all churches where the spiritual luminaries 43 7”,58| illumination come to the catholic churches and there enjoy this gift. 44 7”,58| consequently enthroned, churches. As for anyone that fails 45 7”,62| read publicly even in the churches, but that these things must 46 7”,62| lists be read publicly in churches, but instead that they be 47 7”,65| without fail in the holy churches from the holy days of resurrected 48 7”,65| week ought to remain in the churches, taking cheer and celebrating 49 7”,69| husbands at home.”~ “As in all churches of the saints,” says Paul 50 7”,69| Paul the Apostle, “in the churches let your women remain silent. 51 7”,69| either in holy temples (churches) or outside thereof, for 52 7”,69| are forbidden to talk in churches. The greatest adornment 53 7”,69| sing and govern in their churches. Shall we Orthodox Christians 54 7”,73| Lord’s suppers, or at the churches, and that one is not to 55 7”,73| or, as we may say, in the churches. Nor must they provide soft 56 7”,73| must not eat, not only in churches, but not even in the Narthex 57 7”,73| not even in the Narthex of churches.~ ~Concord.~Likewise c. 58 7”,74| psalmody, that is done in churches is in the nature of begging 59 7”,74| that those who chant in the churches refrain from forcing their 60 7”,75| of the divine Temples and Churches, in order to keep up respect 61 8 | material, be placed in the holy churches of God upon sacred vessels 62 8”,11| appoint Stewards in their own churches. The same rule is to be 63 8”,15| Clergyman be attached to two churches. For this is a mark of commerciality 64 8”,15| clergyman in the clergy of two churches situated either in the same 65 8”,15| gain the emoluments of both churches; but what is done for the 66 8”,15| clergyman to be attached to two churches, in this imperial city at 67 8”,16| and not in bishoprics and churches. See also c. XXVII of the 68 8”,23| hardly being preached in the churches, when Dionysius of Alexandria 69 8”,23| Metropolitans with respect to the churches subject to their jurisdiction. 70 8”,23| Arian Vandals blockaded the churches of the Orthodox in Africa 71 8”,23| Council distributed the churches among the Patriarchs by 72 8”,23| be delivered to all the churches through the agency of the 73 8”,23| have arisen between the Churches of God, that not only do 74 8”,23| art in heaven,” in all the churches of the East in the year 75 8”,23| appointed to watch over churches to which they were assigned 76 8”,23| work in connection with the churches in the world. For according 77 8”,23| to impose anything upon churches outside his jurisdiction, 78 8”,23| wore polystauria in their churches. These polystauria were 79 8”,23| region in question and to the churches of the region in question, 80 8”,23| other governing officers of churches and of religious houses, 81 8”,23| globe, both to the Eastern Churches and to the Western ones; 82 8”,23| proxies, or deputies); and the churches everywhere on the face of 83 8”,23| There used to be barbarian churches situated in Libya and Barbary. 84 8”,23| Presbyters were also deans of the churches is shown by the fifteenth 85 8”,23| are also co-deans of the churches. See also the testimony 86 8”,23| conventions held outside of the churches, or, according to Balsamon, 87 8”,23| Christians assembled in common churches may stand as witnesses to 88 8”,23| baptism should be performed in churches, and not in oratories; to 89 8”,23| elected by vote in the Eastern churches even though they cannot 90 8”,23| report and decency of the Churches by making a law that women 91 8”,23| used to be kept in the churches, as is attested by St. Chrysostom 92 8”,23| the Saints, keep in their churches on a high place and with 93 8”,23| now prevailing in all the churches of God are consonant and 94 8”,23| purchases carried on in the churches of the Martyrs and Saints 95 8”,23| be buried inside the holy churches; and most especially those 96 8”,23| afterwards been buried in the churches? For the love of God, holy 97 8”,23| the dead outside of the churches. Oh, what a great evil! 98 8”,23| the “catechumena” of the churches. How much more ought the 99 8”,23| street or left at the door of churches, as happens in the case 100 8”,23| Palace, and particularly in churches, while the “Day of Resurrection” 101 8”,23| and disappeared from most churches, as we can also see for 102 8”,23| villages and in the poor churches, and there ensued a difficulty 103 8”,23| setting them up in their churches. We said hereinabove those 104 8”,23| painted on the walls of churches, and in their naves and 105 8”,23| does not want things of the churches or monasteries to be sold 106 8”,23| that things belonging to churches or monasteries must not 107 8”,23| real estate belonging to churches or monasteries may be sold

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