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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 Intro | hieromonk Agapios and the monk Nicodemus (St. Nicodemus 2 Intro | In 1907 the Benedictine monk, Henri Leclercq d'Ornancourt 3 4”,2 | but if he be a layman or a monk, let him be anathematized.~( 4 4”,2 | deposed, but if he is a monk or a layman, he is to be 5 4”,3 | no Bishop, Clergyman, or Monk shall henceforth be allowed 6 4”,3 | no bishop or clergyman or monk shall rent real estate or 7 4”,4 | inasmuch as some use the monk’s garb to disturb the affairs 8 4”,4 | monasteries to become a monk, without his owner’s consent 9 4”,4 | seemed reasonable that no monk, either in a village, or 10 4”,4 | monastery to be shorn as a monk without the consent of his 11 4”,7 | even the clergyman’s or monk’s habit before engaging 12 4”,9 | court with a clergyman, or a monk, or a deaconess, or a nun, 13 4”,9 | clergyman, or an abbot, or a monk, his bishop shall consider 14 4”,16| Ascetic Ordinance 21) a monk, as having reaped fruit 15 4”,24| Council will not allow a monk to take back things which 16 6 | Agatho of Rome, Peter the monk who represented the Archbishop 17 7”,23| in holy orders, nor any monk, according to the present 18 7”,32| pulpit, even though he be a monk, without having received 19 7”,39| who is about to become a monk be not less than ten years 20 7”,41| is eremites, meaning “(a monk) inhabiting the desert or 21 7”,42| admission and submission, no monk ought to be solemnized, 22 7”,43| 44.~ Any Monk that is found guilty of 23 7”,43| Interpretation.~If any monk be proved to have committed 24 7”,45| Definitions, Def. 120) that a monk go to no place without permission 25 7”,45| of the prior. As for any monk that should go away from 26 7”,48| clergyman or a layman or a monk, that is to say) to worldly 27 7”,68| however, a person is not a monk but only a novice, he cannot 28 8”,5 | but if he be a layman or a monk, let him be anathema­tized.”~( 29 8”,9 | but if he be a layman or a monk, let him be excommunicated.~( 30 8”,9 | but if he be a layman or a monk, let him be excommunicated. 31 8”,19| the position of caloyer or monk. As for those things (whether 32 8”,19| to take up his abode as a monk, the present Canon decrees 33 8”,20| dwelling together. Let no monk have the liberty to address 34 8”,20| nun, or a nun to address a monk, with a view to speaking 35 8”,20| speaking in private. Let no monk look into a nunnery, nor 36 8”,20| nor let any nun eat with a monk alone. And when the necessaries 37 8”,20| nun should want to see a monk who is her relative, let 38 8”,20| dwelling together. Let no monk have the liberty to speak 39 8”,20| with a nun, or a nun with a monk. Let no monk sleep in a 40 8”,20| nun with a monk. Let no monk sleep in a nunnery, nor 41 8”,20| take them in. But if any monk wishes to see a nun who 42 8”,21| 21.~ A monk or nun must not leave his 43 8”,21| present Canon decrees that a monk or nun must not leave that 44 8”,21| 2nd C. excommunicates any monk who departs from his monastery 45 8”,21| must not communicate with a monk unless the laity themselves 46 8”,21| his own monastery, and the monk in question, it says, shall 47 8”,23| again, during a journey a monk or a priestly man should 48 8”,23| Isaac, in admonishing a monk, tells him in addition to 49 8”,23| especially every clergyman and monk, should refrain from living 50 8”,23| Crete, in writing to some monk by the name of Dionysius, 51 8”,23| according to Cyril the monk and Theodore the anagnost 52 8”,23| prevented from becoming a monk. See also c. II of St. Sohpia, 53 8”,23| named Severus, who was a monk and became Bishop of Antioch. 54 8”,23| great Church says that a monk can neither bless a wedding 55 8”,23| convent of cenobites that monk who can keep himself uninjured 56 8”,23| Theodore that the sin which a monk commits when he marries, 57 8”,23| of his home to admit any monk that has broken his promise 58 8”,23| letter in regard to a fallen monk, on the other hand, he says 59 8”,23| he even declares that a monk who has married and fails 60 8”,23| compelled to don the habit (of a monk) even against his will, 61 8”,23| even a man who has become a monk in the last days of his 62 8”,23| him when they made him a monk, cannot discard the habit 63 8”,23| which anathematizes the monk that discards the habit 64 8”,23| the one about to become a monk or nun being adolescent, 65 8”,23| in a letter written to a monk by the name of Paul says: “ 66 8”,23| rasophore (or “wearer of the monk’s black outer garment”) 67 8”,23| having donned the rason, or monk’s habit, or the black garb 68 8”,23| become a caloyer (i.e., a monk), without so much as having 69 8”,23| having donned the rason (or monk’s habit), ought not to break, 70 8”,23| respect of the habit is not a monk (that is to say, more plainly 71 8”,23| fact that Athanasius, the monk in Athos, and devout Dunale 72 8”,23| fitting for one to become a monk, yet the period of the forty 73 8”,23| thing, because as long as a monk is in the flesh he ought 74 8”,23| another thing, because a monk ought always and at all 75 8”,23| the fact that a married monk is “canonized” by the present 76 8”,23| mourning and grief, which every monk and nun ought to be engrossed 77 8”,23| divine righteousness, which a monk or nun puts on in lieu of 78 8”,23| sanity, and the fact that the monk is ever ready to perform 79 8”,23| and boots denote that the monk must run readily on the 80 8”,23| polystaurion. It denotes that the monk takes up (cf. the Greek 81 8”,23| world must be crucified to a monk the instant he sets forth 82 8”,23| departure from it, and that monk, on the other hand, must 83 8”,23| shoulder-blades denotes that a monk must always be ready to 84 8”,23| the others, denotes that a monk is wrapped up in his mandyas 85 8”,23| nor sleeves denotes that a monk ought not to lift up a hand 86 8”,23| and to give it to the monk being tonsured by him to 87 8”,23| of one about to become a monk ought to do the same. This 88 8”,23| precisely as he became a monk — after his tonsure, of 89 8”,23| one party cannot become a monk or nun without the consent 90 8”,23| of the other, becomes a monk or nun, as the case may 91 8”,23| from one about to become a monk by mutual consent. As for 92 8”,23| such as the life lived by a monk. Chrysostom (Horn. 19 on 93 8”,23| is destined to become a monk is herself compelled to 94 8”,23| husband that he might become a monk compels her perforce to 95 8”,23| soon as divorced, become a monk or nun, respectively, each 96 8”,23| allow one party to become a monk or nun against the wishes 97 8”,23| have her husband become a monk; and if after three months 98 8”,23| nor a confessor, a plain monk may receive thoughts, but 99 8”,23| becomes plain that even a monk who is not in holy orders 100 8”,23| Novels decrees that if a monk leaves one monastery and 101 8”,23| following reasons, to wit: 1) a monk may depart from his monastery 102 8”,23| in Ext., No. 36) allows a monk to depart from his monastery 103 8”,23| from strangers. But if any monk on account of the unsettled 104 8”,23| since it is not for every monk that departure and quietude

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