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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | certain areas, principally to marriage and monastic law. No council 2 4”,14| children as a result of such a marriage, if they have already had 3 4”,14| indeed, even to contract a marriage with a heretic, or a Jew, 4 4”,14| children by such an unlawful marriage must bring them into the 5 4”,14| are they to join them in marriage with a heretic, that is 6 4”,14| promise, and then let the marriage be performed. If anyone 7 4”,14| give their children (in marriage) to heretics, but rather 8 4”,14| joining their children in marriage with heretics. This same 9 4”,14| annul and invalidate any marriage contracted, not only by 10 4”,14| though St. Paul prohibits marriage with infidels, by saying: “ 11 4”,15| proceeds to give herself in marriage, thus insulting the grace 12 4”,15| joined himself with her in marriage.~(c. XIX of the 1st; cc. 13 4”,16| be permitted to engage in marriage. If, however, they be found 14 4”,16| This does not mean that the marriage tie may remain indissoluble, 15 4”,16| that the parties to the marriage are to be divorced from 16 4”,16| say of adultery, and not a marriage that occurred, according 17 4”,27| force[110] under pretense of marriage, and their accomplices and 18 7”,3 | whose wives by a second marriage have died, if they too have 19 7”,3 | have contracted but one marriage, and this with a woman that 20 7”,3 | themselves in an illegal marriage,[135] that is to say, Presbyters 21 7”,3 | obvious that their illegal marriage has been dissolved. We have 22 7”,3 | had abandoned that illegal marriage, or who had returned to 23 7”,6 | wants to contract a legal marriage with a woman before being 24 7”,13| henceforward the lawful marriage ties of sacred men become 25 7”,13| be downright scornful of marriage, which was instituted by 26 7”,13| the Apostle’s teaching: “Marriage is honorable, and the bed 27 7”,13| desire and hereby decree the marriage ties of those in holy orders 28 7”,13| we be forced to dishonor marriage, sanctioned by the laws 29 7”,13| the Apostle teaches that marriage is honorable and the marriage 30 7”,13| marriage is honorable and the marriage bed is undefiled; and again, 31 7”,25| entangled himself in an unlawful marriage, let him retain his rights 32 7”,25| obvious that any such unlawful marriage must be dissolved, and that 33 7”,25| repentant of his unlawful marriage, is not at all becoming. 34 7”,25| annulled that illegitimate marriage on account of which he has 35 7”,43| the Canons; the unlawful marriage being first dissolved. That 36 7”,52| baptism, have entered into a marriage contract with the widowed 37 7”,52| in the section concerning marriage contract, ch. 8). As for 38 7”,52| account of that unlawful marriage. This same provision, however, 39 7”,53| have canceled the unlawful marriage contract.~ ~Interpretation.~ 40 7”,53| thou shalt not take in marriage any carnal relative of thine,” 41 7”,53| separated from this unlawful marriage contract, and afterwards 42 7”,53| LXVIII decrees generally that marriage within forbidden degrees 43 7”,53| the teaching concerning marriage contracts.~ ~ ~ 44 7”,69| sanctity and sobriety of marriage, and to shun adultery as 45 7”,71| be allowed to contract a marriage with a heretical woman, 46 7”,71| no matter who, let the marriage be deemed void, and let 47 7”,71| void, and let the lawless marriage tie be dissolved. For it 48 7”,71| to each other by lawful marriage, then and in that event, 49 7”,71| anyone should do this, the marriage is to be void, and this 50 7”,91| women on the pretext of marriage, or who aid and abet those 51 7”,92| in the course of a second marriage.[231]~ ~Interpretation.~ 52 7”,97| betrothal had the force of a marriage.[250]~ ~ ~ 53 8”,23| those whose life is one of marriage and children and popular 54 8”,23| whether to allow them a marriage, or to keep them with the 55 8”,23| take virgin girls without a marriage and intercourse, place them 56 8”,23| down the principle that marriage is a consociation of a man 57 8”,23| Verses says that a chaste marriage is as much superior to that 58 8”,23| have both virginity and marriage, as virginity is superior 59 8”,23| virginity is superior to marriage; consequently, says he, 60 8”,23| want to mix virginity with marriage, honey with gall, wine with 61 8”,23| virginity is prefereable to marriage, ~On which account either 62 8”,23| fellow, ~Or make the best of marriage like a song they sing. ~ 63 8”,23| Salem. ~So much is a chaste marriage better than vacillating 64 8”,23| wanted to contract a second marriage.~ ~ [112] The principal 65 8”,23| Ecumenical Council prohibited marriage to prelates by means of 66 8”,23| even before this Council marriage was forbidden to prelates, 67 8”,23| reason that St. Paul allowed marriage was because he knew that 68 8”,23| Lord, which command that a marriage remain indissoluble. But 69 8”,23| has any fault to find with marriage or because it blames and 70 8”,23| because it blames and opposes marriage, but because it prefers 71 8”,23| not itself dissolve the marriage, but ordains any man a prelate 72 8”,23| finds free and unbound by marriage ties, of his own accord 73 8”,23| decreed in regard to the marriage of priests, since it followed 74 8”,23| Bible, which declares that a marriage must remain indissoluble; 75 8”,23| divorce in the case of the marriage of priests. But inasmuch 76 8”,23| fallen into an unlawful marriage, which is the same as saying, 77 8”,23| regard to temperance in marriage, which the deaconesses are 78 8”,23| after so many years, whose marriage after ordination would have 79 8”,23| incomparably more unlawful than the marriage of (unordained) widows, 80 8”,23| The fact, too, that the marriage of deaconesses was more 81 8”,23| was more unlawful than the marriage of widows is shown by reference 82 8”,23| compared with the wedding (or marriage), so and in like manner 83 8”,23| dissolve their unlawful marriage and hasten to confess and 84 8”,23| them to remain in peaceful marriage, to which God has called 85 8”,23| begin with; but that, if the marriage has actuality occurred, 86 8”,23| with his wisdom: “Since marriage used to be dissolved by 87 8”,23| opinion that one party to a marriage may marry again after the 88 8”,23| the cause of an honorable marriage being dishonored, and of 89 8”,23| had contracted a second marriage with Phaltiel, after pardoning 90 8”,23| Saul harried them into marriage and Melchol took that second 91 8”,23| free to contract a second marriage only when her husband dies, 92 8”,23| to dissolve the (second) marriage.~ ~ [233] In agreement 93 8”,23| to a pardon for a second marriage who are ready to let their 94 8”,23| to the sin of the second marriage committed unwittingly. Not, 95 8”,23| XLVII of Basil he abhorred marriage and wine; he used to say 96 8”,23| animate thing. They rejected marriage like Marcion, and did not 97 8”,23| the doctrine concerning marriage contracts.~ ~ [251] Hence

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