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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | with regard to adherents of Paul of Samosata who wished to 2 1”,9 | charge of sins, just as St. Paul commands that a bishop should 3 1”,19| followers of the heresy of Paul of Samosata,[35] but who 4 1”,19| who have been adherents of Paul’s heresy ever since they 5 4”,14| Canon and according to St. Paul, though St. Paul prohibits 6 4”,14| to St. Paul, though St. Paul prohibits marriage with 7 4”,18| who conspired against St. Paul, as historically recorded 8 4”,18| have killed him” (sc. St. Paul). So, therefore, what the 9 6 | condemned Sergius, Pyrrhus, Paul, and Peter, all of whom 10 7 | of whom the leaders were Paul of Constantinople,[125] 11 7”,1 | Rome, Sergius, Pyrrhus, Paul, Peter, all four of whom 12 7”,12| the injunction which St. Paul addresses specially to Titus 13 7”,13| accordance with the words of St. Paul. For those who presiding 14 7”,26| garments (1 Peter 3:3); and if Paul forbids the same things 15 7”,28| quarreling, let them consider St. Paul, who baptized a whole household 16 7”,53| which is to say, divine St. Paul, who said: “But fornication 17 7”,59| spirit with Him, as St. Paul says. Balsamon states that 18 7”,60| Christ with the Devil, as St. Paul says? But we must note that 19 7”,63| and the same body, as St. Paul says, so and in like manner 20 7”,69| accordance with the words of Paul the Apostle, “let your women 21 7”,69| churches of the saints,” says Paul the Apostle, “in the churches 22 7”,69| according to the words of St. Paul, women are prohibited from 23 7”,69| outside thereof, for St. Paul does not mean by “church” 24 7”,69| discerns and believes that St. Paul’s commandments are commandments 25 7”,69| for the purpose of trying Paul the bishop of Samosat, who 26 7”,71| not be separated, as St. Paul says, and indeed even St. 27 7”,71| husband?” demands the same St. Paul, “or how knowest thou, O 28 7”,95| says the great Apostle Paul. Hence the present Canon 29 7”,95| off. But in particular St. Paul, with special regard to 30 8”,1 | into” (1 Pet. 1:12). And Paul says: “Though we, or an 31 8”,1 | cries the divine apostle Paul, who ascended into the third 32 8”,1 | revealed to us. And St. Paul anathematizes anyone, even 33 8”,1 | they have at hand, as St. Paul says, so too do we refrain 34 8”,4 | The preacher of the truth Paul, the divine Apostle, as 35 8”,4 | Interpretation.~Because great St. Paul both by word and by deed 36 8”,7 | 7.~ Paul the divine Apostle said: “ 37 8”,15| embrace the other. And St. Paul commands that everybody 38 8”,15| of the body. For even St. Paul obtained his needs and the 39 8”,23| present Canon.~ ~ [35] Paul, hailing from Samosata, 40 8”,23| and on this account called Paul of Samosata (and not because 41 8”,23| Marcellus, Photinus, and Paul of Samosata, all declare 42 8”,23| which even states that Paul used to assert that the 43 8”,23| names changed by this same Paul to Paulicians, who sprang 44 8”,23| sprang up a few years after Paul. See also the prolegomena 45 8”,23| piety blossomed after St. Paul, although even during the 46 8”,23| even during the time of St. Paul the term irreprehensible 47 8”,23| limited applicability. For St. Paul himself wrote to Titus as 48 8”,23| saying " irreproachable" St. Paul was alluding to every virtue . . . 49 8”,23| teach in church (because St. Paul expressly says, in his First 50 8”,23| Concerning deaconesses St. Paul writes in his First Epistle 51 8”,23| nor food and drink, as St. Paul said (Rom. 14:17): but, 52 8”,23| entertained the same views as Paul of Samosata. For he neither 53 8”,23| Athanasius the Great and Paul of Constantinople, they 54 8”,23| Westerners to deny Athanasius and Paul seats in the Council on 55 8”,23| acquitted Athanasius and Paul, confirmed the faith of 56 8”,23| to the Apostle (sc. St. Paul), “no law is applicable 57 8”,23| Sophia.~ ~ [58] Though Paul of Constantinople, and Athanasius 58 8”,23| Alexandria to Antioch with Paul of Ephesus Theodoret wrote 59 8”,23| comprehensive examination of St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans 60 8”,23| Dionysius of Alexandria said to Paul of Samosata: “the one who 61 8”,23| present by his legates Pearus, Paul and Eugenius at the Council 62 8”,23| holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and placed under an anathema 63 8”,23| order to shame him, as St. Paul advises. In his letter in 64 8”,23| convened in the time of Paul of Constantinople is attested 65 8”,23| their flocks, since, as St. Paul says, “he that is married 66 8”,23| interprets the saying of St. Paul (which in speaking of bishops 67 8”,23| with the injunction of St. Paul, nor does it overthrow or 68 8”,23| the above saying of St. Paul’s, that the only reason 69 8”,23| the only reason that St. Paul allowed marriage was because 70 8”,23| thus clashing with St. Paul and the Canons, including 71 8”,23| regular business, as St. Paul says, and being traffickers 72 8”,23| that the widow whom St. Paul mentions, notwithstanding 73 8”,23| necessaries of life. Just as St. Paul himself goes on to say by 74 8”,23| in accordance with St. Paul’s express command.” But 75 8”,23| accordance with that which St. Paul says, to wit: “Having been 76 8”,23| 22:12). And if, as St. Paul says, any man in general 77 8”,23| to a monk by the name of Paul says: “This is the great 78 8”,23| consent and agreement, as St. Paul says; and, if so, they must 79 8”,23| remember the saying of St. Paul, that “God hath called us 80 8”,23| according to the words of St. Paul, saying, “So then if, while 81 8”,23| that is to say), divine St. Paul on this account, in the 82 8”,23| the Lord’s supper, which Paul mentions in speaking of 83 8”,23| Corinthians was mistaken by St. Paul the Great for the divine 84 8”,23| me that St. Peter or St. Paul or an angel from heaven 85 8”,23| you, is not Peter or of Paul or of angels, or in general 86 8”,23| and whatever else St. Paul says in connection with 87 8”,23| says. (It may be that St. Paul is saying these things, 88 8”,23| in the church called St. Paul’s and that called St. Thomas’ 89 8”,23| of the Apostles Peter and Paul, painted in colors, were 90 8”,23| That is why divine St. Paul said that having a shadow 91 8”,23| baptism. For them to paint Paul the Apostle at the Assumption, 92 8”,23| Pentecost, at a time when St. Paul had not become a disciple 93 8”,23| As for this saying, St. Paul in the Acts says that the 94 8”,23| Great, asserts that St. Paul took it from the Injunctions 95 8”,23| another, at last he came to Paul the bishop of the Novatians

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