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deaconess 25
deaconesses 37
deaconry 1
deacons 92
dead 26
deadly 6
deal 4
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94 alexandria
94 how
92 days
92 deacons
92 remain
91 presbyter
91 regard

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1 | 15: Bishops, priests, and deacons are not to pass from one 2 1 | interest. ~Canon 18: recalls to deacons their subordinate position 3 1”,3 | divine Canons presbyters and deacons and subdeacons and all other 4 1”,15| but also presbyters and deacons must be ordained in a definite 5 1”,16| 16.~ Any Presbyters or Deacons, or other persons covered 6 1”,16| ordains for presbyters and deacons to be reinstated in the 7 1”,16| decreeing that any presbyters or deacons, or others enumerated in 8 1”,16| their fellow presbyters and deacons in the same order. That 9 1”,18| some regions and cities Deacons are giving the Eucharist 10 1”,18| learned that already some Deacons touch the Eucharist even 11 1”,18| done away with, and let Deacons conform to their own standards, 12 1”,18| let it be permissible for Deacons to sit among Presbyters, 13 1”,18| some regions and cities the deacons are giving the divine Eucharist 14 1”,18| sanctioned, that is to say, for deacons to administer, or impart, 15 1”,18| connected therewith, seeing that deacons themselves have no authority 16 1”,18| to this that some of the deacons are communing before the 17 1”,18| proceedings be eliminated, and let deacons remain within their bounds, 18 1”,18| present). But neither have deacons any right to sit among presbyters, 19 1”,18| it tends to intimate that deacons are peers of presbyters, 20 1”,18| been formulated, any of the deacons should be unwilling to submit 21 1”,18| Council has reference to those deacons who during divine service 22 4”,2 | Bishops, Presbyters, and Deacons are ordained by carrying 23 4”,9 | prescribes that if presbyters and deacons are accused, the presbyter 24 7”,3 | happen to be Presbyters or Deacons — it has seemed best to 25 7”,3 | is to say, Presbyters and Deacons and Subdeacons, not long 26 7”,3 | Presbyters, that is to say, or Deacons — before the Council was 27 7”,3 | those Presbyters, again, Deacons, and Subdeacons, on the 28 7”,7 | Since we have learned that Deacons having ecclesiastical offices 29 7”,7 | decrees that since some deacons, on account of their having 30 7”,7 | precedence over the rest of the deacons, become the last and least 31 7”,7 | least and lowest of all deacons. For the Lord teaches us 32 7”,7 | exalted. But not only must deacons not take precedence of Presbyters 33 7”,7 | neither Subdeacons ahead of Deacons, nor Anagnosts ahead of 34 7”,13| declared that Subdeacons and Deacons and Presbyters, busying 35 7”,13| who are about to become deacons and presbyters must promise 36 7”,13| decreed that subdeacons, deacons, and presbyters who come 37 7”,13| to prevent subdeacons, deacons, and presbyters from lawfully 38 7”,16| instruct us to appoint seven Deacons, the Fathers of the Council 39 7”,16| that there must be seven Deacons according to the Canon, 40 7”,16| Was it the ordination of Deacons? we well might wonder. But 41 7”,16| that neither the name of Deacons nor that of Presbyters is 42 7”,16| respects the aforesaid seven Deacons they were not selected to 43 7”,16| there should be but seven deacons, and not more, even in the 44 7”,16| assertions concerning these seven deacons contained in the Acts of 45 7”,16| Apostles, they found that these deacons were not ministers (or deacons) 46 7”,16| deacons were not ministers (or deacons) of the Mysteries, but of 47 7”,16| multitude selected these seven deacons by name, men full of Holy 48 7”,16| such a selection of the deacons, others wanting this man, 49 7”,16| goes on to say that those deacons did hold the office of either 50 7”,16| hold the office of either deacons or presbyters of the Mysteries, 51 7”,16| hereby proclaim that these deacons, as we have said, are not 52 7”,16| as we have said, are not deacons of the Mysteries, but of 53 7”,16| Justinian appointed a hundred deacons, and Heraclius more than 54 7”,16| churches have the number of deacons and of clergymen apportioned 55 8 | Copronymus in Blachernae, with deacons Epiphanius and John reading 56 8”,3 | that both presbyters and deacons are elected is made plain 57 8”,23| to ordain presbyters and deacons either in their own territory 58 8”,23| Symeon of Thessalonica says: “Deacons must not offer portions; 59 8”,23| not offer portions; all Deacons (must receive theirs) through 60 8”,23| again: “Since they (sc. deacons) have not the gracious gift 61 8”,23| sacrifice). For they are deacons solely in virtue of their 62 8”,23| noted that neither have deacons been entrusted with the 63 8”,23| perfectly decent for male deacons to be sent, on account of 64 8”,23| anything that presbyters and deacons do.” In addition Epiphanius ( 65 8”,23| made such. For neither did deacons in the ecclesiastical order 66 8”,23| bend their knee like the deacons, but only bowed their head. 67 8”,23| to hold a fan, like the deacons, but only to commune after 68 8”,23| only to commune after the deacons, and, after the prelate 69 8”,23| children begotten by priests, deacons, and subdeacons who have 70 8”,23| greed; and he prohibits deacons from practicing medicine, 71 8”,23| bishops, presbyters, and deacons had to make a definition, 72 8”,23| principle that presbyters and deacons should be obliged to abstain 73 8”,23| have ascertained that the deacons stood at the doors of the 74 8”,23| the prodigal son were the deacons and the subdeacons (because 75 8”,23| it is not true). For only deacons could wear it, on the ground 76 8”,23| prelate or priest after the deacons. See also c. LXIX of Basil, 77 8”,23| assert that these seven deacons ought not to be painted 78 8”,23| ought not to be painted as deacons of the Mysteries with a 79 8”,23| Injunctions that the seven deacons are classed with bishops 80 8”,23| the same persons were also Deacons of the Mysteries, and consequently 81 8”,23| to picture them also as Deacons of the Mysteries.~ ~ [147] 82 8”,23| other cities the number of deacons was a matter of indifference, 83 8”,23| his time, there were seven deacons, after the likeness of these 84 8”,23| Divine Dionysius, which deacons the same Dionysius calls “ 85 8”,23| of this same Council that deacons too were wont to impart 86 8”,23| second Apology, says that deacons were also wont to administer 87 8”,23| Those called among us Deacons give to each of those present 88 8”,23| company with presbyters and deacons when they have been suspended 89 8”,23| Wise says for presbyters, deacons, and subdeacons married 90 8”,23| monasteries or cells, and deacons, to cut their hair! For 91 8”,23| emperor, after from the deacons, and not at the Holy Table, 92 8”,23| But owing to the fact that deacons later became scarce and

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