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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,20| church on Sunday and on the days of Pentecost, with a view 2 1”,20| even on Sunday and on the days from Easter to Pentecost, 3 1”,20| prayers to God on these days, not while kneeling, but 4 4 | divinity, yet in latter days born out of Mary the Virgin 5 7”,16| as follows: “And in those days, when the number of the 6 7”,16| the Acts say: “In those days, because the Christians 7 7”,19| holidays). For on these days, since Christians are wont 8 7”,26| his Homily 11 on the Six Days of Creation he says that 9 7”,28| eating dry things on other days of Great Lent, and thereafter 10 7”,51| 52.~ On all the days of the holy Lent devoted 11 7”,51| Saturday and Sunday and the days of the holy Annunciation, 12 7”,51| Interpretation.~The days of holy Lent are days of 13 7”,51| The days of holy Lent are days of mourning and of contrition 14 7”,51| commands that on the other days of Lent there shall be a 15 7”,51| Sundays, as more hilarious days and not devoted to fasting, 16 7”,51| birthdays of martyrs on fasting days in Lent, but allows it only 17 7”,51| to be held on the other days in Lent, the sole exception 18 7”,55| procedure and fast on these days (by consuming on these days 19 7”,55| days (by consuming on these days only wine, oil, and shellfish),[ 20 7”,61| kalends) were the first days of every month, on which 21 7”,63| excommunicated for forty days.~ ~Interpretation.~The present 22 7”,63| excommunicated for forty days. But if any layman chance 23 7”,65| holy churches from the holy days of resurrected Christ our 24 7”,65| Christ. Therefore during the days in question let no horse 25 7”,65| Christ.[202] Hence on these days horse racing must not be 26 7”,88| faithful celebrating the days of the soterial Passion 27 8”,16| penance. For ever since the days of old every priestly man 28 8”,21| the case may be) for some days (lest as one not accorded 29 8”,23| catechization occupied only as many days as there are in Great Lent, 30 8”,23| catechized in only seven days, and on the eighth day they 31 8”,23| propitiatory prayers for seven days, on the eighth day he is 32 8”,23| in the church for eight days, and listening every day 33 8”,23| a period of twice forty days, abstaining from meat, and 34 8”,23| and eggs, and on three days in the week (namely, Monday, 35 8”,23| and clemency). For seven days he listens to the same prayers, 36 8”,23| gravely ill and for three days was dumb, after recovering 37 8”,23| happened to be fourteen days old, by fasting and keeping 38 8”,23| must pass three times forty days of penance, and only thus 39 8”,23| penanced for only forty days; but if she had already 40 8”,23| become a monk in the last days of his life and who failed 41 8”,23| weakness of people of those days, and to the matters of Jews 42 8”,23| when asked for how many days those about to partake of 43 8”,23| cathedra) that for three days they must not have been 44 8”,23| near their wives for three days, in order to conform with 45 8”,23| Be ye ready: for three days come not at your wives” ( 46 8”,23| that men should keep these days who are about to conform, 47 8”,23| they replied that for three days they had kept from having 48 8”,23| minor premise that if three daysabstinence from carnal 49 8”,23| Communion, much more is three daysfasting sufficient therefor, 50 8”,23| holidays, but not on the other days, inferring this from that 51 8”,23| be transferred to other days, we say, principally and 52 8”,23| being held, not on some days and on other days not so, 53 8”,23| on some days and on other days not so, but not at all on 54 8”,23| so, but not at all on any days whatsoever. Consequently, 55 8”,23| when held on non-festival days. For these things are really 56 8”,23| Christians pass these six days without eating any food 57 8”,23| expressly say that on these days of the Passion one must 58 8”,23| accustomed to fast on those days, since fasting on these 59 8”,23| since fasting on these two days is laid down as a law by 60 8”,23| Himself, who said: “But days will come, when the bridegroom 61 8”,23| Many persons fast for three days during Holy Lent. Accordingly, 62 8”,23| not fast also for the two days of Great Friday and Great 63 8”,23| them to fast on these two days, than to do so on the three 64 8”,23| than to do so on the three days in question. For divine 65 8”,23| the period of the forty days of Lent is more fitting 66 8”,23| liturgy to the Romans in the days of fasting in Lent, according 67 8”,23| becoming participants also on days of fasting of the heavenly 68 8”,23| and the Devil during the days of Lent, are wont to partake 69 8”,23| eating of food on these days to be refrained from.~ ~ [ 70 8”,23| Lightning,” and the “Book of Days,” and in general all magical 71 8”,23| hungerCalandus for 12 days, Nonnus for 10 days, and 72 8”,23| for 12 days, Nonnus for 10 days, and Idus for 8 days; the 73 8”,23| 10 days, and Idus for 8 days; the three together for 74 8”,23| called the first twelve days Calends, after Calandus, 75 8”,23| after Calandus, the next ten days Nones, after Nonnus, and 76 8”,23| and the remaining eight days Ides, after Idus. According, 77 8”,23| to celebrate during these days, and were wont to do many 78 8”,23| Let Christians of these days learn from the present Canon 79 8”,23| those persons on these holy days of the Resurrection, and 80 8”,23| called in Greek “the Lord’s days”). In connection with praises 81 8”,23| the lessons of the other days of the week, in order to 82 8”,23| going to die within thirty days.” The prosmonarius was afraid 83 8”,23| All peoples pass the six days before Easter with the eating 84 8”,23| Balsamon says that in those days the Christians of old had 85 8”,23| to a large number in its days. They are alluded to in 86 8”,23| these heretics of its own days ought to be baptized, this 87 8”,23| beard as the Ancient of Days (Dan. 7:9); and the Son 88 8”,23| in which laymen in those days used to take the holy bread 89 8”,23| the finger (note that in days of yore the sign of the 90 8”,23| prophet as the Ancient of Days. Even though it be admitted 91 8”,23| teaching in the Mid-Pentecost days, at a time when the Lord 92 8”,23| consecration, and further the seven dayssacred rite carried out

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